Tamiya 58496 Fast Attack Vehicle 2011 Re-Release Details

Seems it will be a close re-release 🙂 More details and photos will be added as soon as we get them.

The military look 2WD is equipped with a machine gun as the popular racing Fast Attack buggy gets reprinted. RC frame battery box mounted on a lower position and mechanical equipment of four-wheel independent suspension front and rear trailing arms. Front wheel direction ribbed tires and excellent block pattern tires attached to the rear wheels, so you can enjoy off-road driving from the road to nimble.

8 thoughts on “Tamiya 58496 Fast Attack Vehicle 2011 Re-Release Details

  1. admin Post author

    Guess the original battery box which was low and accessed from the bottom.

  2. Paul573

    If this is a genuine re-re FAV (and not some godforsaken mish mash on a “modern” chassis then I am seriously interested, especially as it would surely be a dead cert that the Wild One would follow eventually.


    I *really* want a Wild One -I may end up buying the FAV purely for the nostagia. I remember seeing it on my Birthday visit to Hamleys back in early 86. Thought it looked amazing but was attracted away to the Hornet and Hotshot -which I recieved!
    Many other models came into the fore -got those too, and after a year or so FAV pretty much vanished from RIKO/Beatties and Hamleys.

    Now after some 25 years or so I will most likely get one.
    However a Wild One would be amazing!

  4. Alex

    Just bought a new build old FAV happy to have the old one .and looking forward to the re-re for running purpose:-)

  5. Big Bad Dan

    Any news on a re-release of the wild one.. What I really need is a frame.. Any suggestions?

  6. admin Post author

    Tamiya wouldn’t “kill” the sales of the FAV by releasing it directly after but like with the other “twin” re-releases wait a bit, so you also would need to wait.


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