Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2010 Releases

Like in the beginning of 2009 which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, mini, anything) and which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

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57 thoughts on “Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2010 Releases

  1. Killerkip

    1:10 fiat 500 Abarth (not the asseto corse but normal abarth) body or kit
    1:1O Fiat 500 Abarth Rally

    1:10 Lamborghini gallardo (TA05V2)

    1:10 Audi R8

    Avante re-release

  2. dunebuggy71

    – SRB Ford F-150 Ranger – Re-Release
    – Super Champ – Re-Release
    – Rear Wheel Drive Short Wheelbase M-Chassis (not very realistic at the moment)
    – Blackfoot – Re-Release
    – Monster Beetle – Re-Release
    – M-Chassis Lancia Fulvia
    – M-Chassis Lotus Europe
    – Fiat Punto Abarth Rallye
    – Audi Ur-Quattro Rallye on DF-03ra
    – Ford Bronco CC-01
    – Mercedes Benz Unimog CC-01
    – M-Chassis Renault Alpine A310


    Guesses (RC):

    Avante re-release
    Astute re-release
    Blackfoot re-release
    Monster Beetle re-release
    Ford Bronco CC01
    Mercedes Benz Unimog CC01
    Renault Alpine A310 M05
    Renault 5 Turbo M05
    Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2010 M05
    Porsche 997 Sport Classic TA05v2
    Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce TA05v2
    Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro F661 F104
    Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F104
    Mercedes GP Petronas F104

    Hopes (RC):

    Modern Baja Buggy on new chassis
    Classic Dune Buggy on new chassis
    Sand Rover re-release
    Buggy Sound Module
    Porsche 959 Rally (1:10) DF03Ra
    Audi Quattro Rally DF03Ra
    Fiat 131 Rally DF03Ra
    Lancia Stratos Rally DF03Ra

  4. plum

    -Sturmtiger 1:16 full option
    -T34 1:16 full option
    -Mk I tank (WWI) 1:16 full option
    -PBR 31 Mk II Piber 1:16 RC
    -CR01 with British Quad gun tractor body
    -New Body Unimog with soft top for CR01

  5. Black Hole Sun

    – SRB F-150 Ranger re-release
    – Monster Beetle re-release
    – The Falcon re-release
    – M-06 (RWD alternative to the M-05)
    – New Blackfoot generation (ie new chassis to replace the WR-01)

    My guess this won't ever happen
    – Blackfoot re-release: the BF lineage never ended since 58058. Makes no sense to re-re the 58058.
    – Avante re-release: they already did the mk2 thing on DF-03.

  6. Anonymous

    Porsche 959 (I love to see 1/12 re-release or on Tamtech chassis)
    But 1/10 is good too, so I can run on my touring chassis.

  7. GreatDane

    Hey guys and a happy new year.

    For the most part I am with most of your guys when it comes to Lancias, Porsche, Audi and Fiat etc.

    But I would also like to see (or wish) a new european truck say a newer Mercedes or a MAN in 8×4 config.

    Add to that wish a electric 1/8 buggy from Tamiya.

    (Who would like to see Tamiya re-releasing the TGX 1/8 series in electric config? ME, me, me!)

    Must wait until the Toy Fair to see in which direction Tamiya is headed in 2010.

    Best Regards,

    GreatDane c'',)

  8. Anonymous

    – Wild One
    – Bigwig

    Ford F150 Ranger SRB
    Gallardo (TA05)
    R5 Turbo (M-chassis)

  9. Anonymous

    I would like to see these:
    Mountaineer Re-Release
    Avante Re-Release
    Blackfoot/Monster Beetle Re-Release
    Wild One Re-Release
    I will start to save money now :).

  10. Anonymous

    My guess would be.

    1/10 Porsche 959 DF03ra
    1/10 Fast Attack Vehicle
    1/10 Wild One
    1/10 Citroen C4 WRC 2009 DF03ra
    1/10 Redbull Renault 2009 F104

    Anything is possible.

  11. Anonymous


    Hello, all the best to you and a happy new year.
    My guess for a re-re are as follows:
    Ford F-150 on SRB chassis
    Celica Lombard Rally (the one before '94) on DF-03RA

    Tank like Pistenbully like Kyosho's Blizzard but with sound 2 Motors and gears and scale appearance.


    Hello Uwe, thank you, all the best to you too. If you mean the 90-94 Celica (5th generation / T180) it exists already on DF03Ra, but as a limited kit (92200).

  13. Ken

    my wish:

    1/18 challenger series (esp. VW buggy)
    1/32 "1st generation" mini 4WD (i.e. 19001-19005)
    1/10 RC Avante
    1/10 RC Fox
    1/10 RC Wild One / FAV
    1/10 RC Porsche 959 (original chassis or DF-03RA)
    1/20 RC Mammoth Dump Truck

    1/10 RC Willy's Wheeler (WR2 chassis, use smaller wheels)
    1/20 or 1/10 RC Brawn BGP001
    1/24 Hilux-style pickup
    1/24 Unimog
    Mammoth Dump Truck (similar size as 1/24 cars, but scale is "1/48"?)
    new 1/6 bikes or 1/12 big scale cars (have some new models, not keep on re-re again and again)
    1/8 RC bike…?


    Very interesting choices Ken 😎 , one little correction though, the original 959 body and chassis are 1:12, so for the DF03Ra a new body has to be made.

  15. Tortue G

    I hope more of FIA-GT / Le Mans race cars for R/C chassis:
    – 1/10 Corvette C6R GT1
    – 1/10 Aston Martin DBR9 GT1
    – 1/10 Ford GT MATECH GT1 2010 specs
    – 1/10 Audi R8 LMS GT3
    – 1/10 Nissan GT-R GT1 2010 specs
    – 1/10 Lamborghini Murcielago GT1

    – More LMP1 bodies for thee F103 GT, like Pescarolo, oreca, audi R15, etc…

  16. beermoker

    My guesses:
    – Blazing Blazer High-Lift
    – M06 Chassis (RWD) Renault 5 turbo
    – DF03RA Porsche 959
    – DF03RA Toyota Celica Gr.B
    – Cheetah rere
    – new FF03 Chassis w.Ford Focus RS
    – Porsche 959 rere

    – DF03RA Fiat 131 Rally
    – DF03RA Opel Ascona 400
    – DF03RA Lancia Stratos
    – 1:10 Wiessmann V8 Coupe
    – 2WD Desert Buggy (like SC10)

  17. ItCrashed

    TA06 instead of TA05vII
    F104 in Prototype bodies
    F104 in more official manufacturer liveries – Mercedes, Williams, Sauber, etc.
    M06 w/RWD

  18. Anonymous

    i wish for mini 4wd:

    dash 0 horizon pro
    dash 00 horizon boundless pro
    dash 001 great emperor pro
    dash x1 proto emperor pro
    proto emperor zx pro
    dash cb1 geo emperor pro
    crimson glory super fm chassis
    dash cb2 blazing sun super fm chassis
    dash 4 cannon ball pro
    dash 5 dancing doll pro

    please uncle tamiya….

  19. Anonymous

    1:10 Monster Beetle Re-Release
    1:10 Blackfoot Re-Release
    1:10 Porsche 959 Rally (I Agree)

    1:10 TRF 2WD Buggy! Please!!
    1:10 Fox Re-Release!
    1:10 Avante Re-Release
    1:10 TRF 511 New Body Shell

  20. Daniel

    Way back when Tamiya released a fully working dump truck. I would love to see that return and perhaps a whole line of construction r/c would be awesome.

    Would also be fun to see some more radical r/c designs. I love to own any of these:

    1/10 True Sandrail chassis.
    1/10 Ariel Atom
    1/10 Caterham
    1/8 4WD Electric Buggy
    Military APC or IFV type vehicles. Not Hummers or jeep type vehicles but things like Russian BTRs or the American Stryker.

  21. Anonymous

    I am still waiting for the Astute re issue but having read some of your comments/suggestions there are a few good ones there i'd love to see, namely

    Holiday Buggy/Sand Rover
    Monster Beetle
    Porsche 959
    Super Champ
    Renault 5 Turbo would be fantastic on the M05!
    Fingers crossed hey, come on Mr T!d a

  22. Coligny

    Ok, so me again… I'm ashamed not to have added like surprinsigly so many other did:

    M06 Chassis:
    Renault 5 Turbo Ragnotti Andrie Tour de Corse
    Alpine Renault 310 Calberson with Fleishmann widebody kit or the 82 Pack GT.


    on M05
    Renault Twingo GT/Rally/Gordini
    Renault Clio R3
    Renault Dacia Logan Cup
    Renault 12 Gordini

    on M06
    Renault 8 Gordini Cup
    Renault Megane Trophy 2005 or 2010 (on M06)

    AND MOST OF ALL, the return of full size 1/10 chassis designed exclusively as RWD or FWD. Yes the TT01/DF03/TA05 are bullet proof and nearly idiot proof. but sometimes a little more subtlety in the driving spec would be good.

    (But the last RC Alpine 310 was a Kyosho, so no big hopes there. As for the UR Quattro, looooong ago it was a Tamiya hardbody, but up until now it's also a lexan kit from Carlson Germany sold RTR or kit on TT01 chassis so it in fact already exist…)


    @Coligny: The old Tamiya Quattro was a lexan body like also the same chassied Ascona (just the front and rear ends where plastic parts for more detail), the Lancia 037 was a hard body.

    Guess Tamiya also don't know or just ignore the Carson "creations" as they now simply "overwrite" the 584xx numbers which Carson had used for them with their own new models (like Carson Audi Quattro GR4 had number 58448 which now is used by Tamiya Corolla Axio GT), I am glad they do πŸ™‚

  24. Carbonman


    – Wild One
    – 1/10 Audi Quattro
    – Renault R Turbo on M05

    -Avante re-re
    -Sand Rover re-re
    -GT01 porsche 908
    -GT01 porsche 936 (Tamiya read this!)

    Happy New Year from carbonman to y all

  25. Eric

    Sorry but I don't practice RC anymore.

    For plastic here is my wish list (today's dream are the reality of tomorrow…):

    1/20 formula 1
    – Red bull Racing RB5.
    – BrawGP BGP01 2009 World Champion

    1/24 Cars
    – Bugatti Veyron
    – Peugeot 908 Le Mans 09 winner
    – Ford Mustang 2010
    – Audi TT RS
    – Audi R8 GT
    – BMW M6

    1/12 Motocycle
    – Yamaha M1 2009 WC Rossi/Lorenzo
    – Ducati 1098
    – Yamaha YZF R1 Superbike 2009

    1/48 Airplane
    – Boeing B-17G
    – Dassault Rafale B/C/M
    – Lockheed F-35 Lightning II
    – Mig-25 foxbat
    – Su27 Flanker

    1/32 Airplane
    – Dassault Rafale B/C/M
    – North american P-51D treated as the Spitfire

    1/35 Military
    – AMX30 French MBT
    – Panhard VBL
    – Russian KV-85 WWII MBT
    – US M-24 Chafee

    1/350 Ships
    – USS freedom
    – HMS Dauntless
    – French navy frΓ©gate chevalier paul.


    @eric: Please don't apologize, its nice to see votes that are not only RC related, also we shouldn't forget how big and important also statics and Mini4WD are for Tamiya. Great choices by the way! 😎

  27. GreatDane


    You forgot the Tamiya 1/12 big scale cars….

    No wishes in this category that are not re-re? πŸ˜‰

    Best Regards,

    GreatDabe c'',)

  28. Eric

    A new 1/12th kit from Tamiya ?? It would be more than a dream πŸ˜‰
    So a 1/12 McLaren Mercedes MP4/23 2008 World Champion will be perfect !!

  29. GreatDane


    You are right, it would be more than a dream….;-)

    But nothing wrong in wishing a new big scale car release from Tamiya and the McLaren suits me just fine πŸ˜‰

    Best Regards,

    GreatDane c'',)

  30. leonard

    I whish…
    1/16 Dragon Wagon RC!
    1/16 wheeled WW2 vehicle RC
    allied or German

    I guess..
    1/16 Stug IV
    1/16 Jagdpanzer IV

    Slower gearboxes for the tanks would be nice!


  31. scharnhorst

    My 1/16 Militairy wishes:
    -not a tank on a already existing chassis from tamiya (like Jagdpanther on Panther and KV-2 on the KV-1.
    -Churchill tank.
    -M5 Stuart.
    -Also some more figures 1/16 would
    be cool, and more with action (shooting, hidding behind wall, running)

    1:200 Battle ships with BU would also be cool.

    What I espect:
    -T80 or T72
    -Cromwell (then there are german, american russian and britisch tanks.)

  32. wim

    WIM said:

    1-16 challenger with extra armour
    full option

    scale models:
    1-32 p-51 molded like the SPIT.
    1-48 b-17 SERIES
    1-48 SCALE DOWN THE 1-32 SPIT.
    1-48 P-38

  33. Anonymous

    1:16 berge panther
    1:16 centurion
    1:16 Diamond T
    1:16 german halftrack
    1:16 DAF YA 126
    1:16 DAF YK 314
    1:16 DAF YA 328
    1:16 DAF YB 626
    1:16 or 1:10 ALSTOR 8X8

  34. Anonymous


    1:10 NISSAN PATROL GR (CR-01)

    1:10 MERCEDES G (CR-01)

    1:10 ALFA 156 Re-Release on new FWD chassis

    1:10 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 2010 (CC-01)

  35. P

    I would really like a modern battle tank like a Russian t-90 or 72 to join the rc battle force.

    Basically I would welcome anything modern.But the Abrams looks so clean and slick from the outside. The T 90 has a lot of kit bolted to the outside giving a lot of nice details to a model.

  36. Hobby Papillon

    Hey there,

    We as European rc truckers would like to see an new tractor truck 1/14. But I believe our hopes will be filled today at Nurnberg !!

    Hobby Papillon
    Belgian rc truckdrivers !

    Best regards, Steve and Ann

  37. Lonewolf

    Wishes (RC):
    -RX-7 Savanna (FC3S)
    -Toyota Trueno / Levin (AE86)
    -Light buckets for existing shells (like the Lancia Delta and 2004 WRC Subaru Impreza)
    -Nissan Skyline (R30 and R31)
    -Nissan Silvia (PS13, S14, RPS13)
    -Nissan Sileighty and Onevia
    -Motor and ESC for drifting!

  38. Matho

    One can dream…

    Lamborghini Reventon
    Lamborghini Gallardo LP560
    Ferrari 458 Italia
    Aston Martin One-77
    Honda HSV-010 GT
    Bugatti Veyron
    McLaren F1

    2009 Yamaha M1
    2009 Ducati Desmosedici
    2009 Honda RC212V
    2009 Suzuki GSVR
    MV Augusta F4


    Hopes :

    Body RC 1/12 Porsche 959 tamiya original
    Body RC 1/12 Toyota Celica GRB original

  40. Tom E

    The MONSTER BEETLE is what I want but Im tired of waiting for the re-release..and Im not the only one who has been waiting for it and expected it for a long time now.. Im almost mad because Tamiya is so quiet, They could at least tell us if they plan on rereleasing it or not..3-4years is a long time to wait, and, yes it actually makes me pissed off that Tamiya continues to toriure me like that. SO TAMIYA, RE-RELEASE THE MONSTER BEETLE OR PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY!!!

  41. Ruan M

    MONSTER BEETLE, pretty please? Had one when I was younger, and stupidly swopped it for a car radio amplifier (!) when I got my first car …. which got stolen a week later.

  42. Sambo

    Well, actually i’d like to see the following re-release’s from Tamiya,
    Super Astute
    Avante 2001
    I know i’d buy 2 of each!!

  43. steve carr

    Monster Beetle with updated drive shafts (the hex ones lasted 30sec on mine 20yrs ago πŸ™ )
    Fox (but update the front outer suspension balls)


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