Tamiya Drifter Japanese Style

Since I am long fascinated by the fantastic creative Japanese drifter bodies and drifting style, I wanted also to make a drifter in that style, hope I succeeded at least a bit. Chassis is a Tamiya TA03F Pro which is great for drifting due to its front motor and weight balance, body is a Tamiya Nismo Silvia with custom decals and paint, tires are Tamiya Driftech on gold painted wheels.

6 thoughts on “Tamiya Drifter Japanese Style

  1. Coligny

    Judging by the body, she didn't see a lot of action yet…

    Do you have tip to put assembly universal shaft on ta03/ff/CC instead of the dogbone misery ? Tamiya don't make them and no other brand produce anything related…

  2. miramar

    If you're not satisfied with the pre-assembled TA02/TA03 universal shafts and want to fit assembly type universal shafts on a TA03, there are indeed limited options. If the bodies you use on it are wide enough, you can mount TA01/DF01 front uprights (and the longer kingpins) and use assembly type universals. This will result in the same front width as the TA02W. To get the same width in the rear, you would just have to replace the short TA03 wheelaxles with the longer ones, unless your TA03 already has them.

  3. Panda

    @Miramar:- one slight oversight… drifter protocol is to have all the RHS graphics "mirrored" reverse 😉

    @Coligny:- MIP makes CVDs for TA03. May be no longer in production but they do appear every so often; or piece them together from shafts + rebuild kit.

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