Tamiya 58452 Sand Scorcher 2010 Boxart

As Tamiyablog is meanwhile known for being early with information and pictures of new items, you may have wondered why we haven’t yet posted any of the available pictures. Well, as much as we would have liked to post pictures, we will follow our golden rule of not posting any information that hasn’t yet been verified. As such, none of the pictures available at the time of writing this would qualify, as they are showing disturbing discrepancies from what we expect the actual Sand Scorcher 2010 to look like. We will post pictures as soon as verified and credible pictures get available.

EDIT: Please see “comments” for further details behind our restrictive use of available pictures (written before the first pictures of the actual Sand Scorcher 2010 were available).

Boxart source: Tamiya Inc.

9 thoughts on “Tamiya 58452 Sand Scorcher 2010 Boxart

  1. Live_Steam_Mad

    Yep, we've seen what we think is a picture of the protoype body without paint as held up to the camera by the CEO of Tamiya Germany, and what we think is a picture from the show itself showing the new shell on display but the latter picture is blurry. They both show the rear wings as being different to the original!

  2. Live_Steam_Mad

    Yes on TC we have seen what we think is a prototype bodyshell as held up to the camera by the CEO of Tamiya Germany and also what we think is a picture of the bodyshell from the Tamiya Fair itself but the latter pic' is blurry, but both pictures seem to me to indicate that the rear wings have been changed. I hope I'm wrong! Regards, Alistair G.

  3. miramar

    Well, with the existence of the Buggy Champ 2009, we indeed expect the Sand Scorcher 2010 to come with exactly the same chassis, but of course with the Sand Scorcher type wheels and tires, front body mount and exhaust.

    As for the body, we don't yet know if it will get Sand Scorcher type or Monster Beetle type fenders and if any of the small body details of the original will be omitted or not, but we feel very confident it will have "generic" stickers instead of the authentical stickers of the orgininal Sand Scorcher. Also, we expect an actual "2010" model presented by Tamiya (Japan) to be painted in TS Pure White (and French blue) and not the slightly yellow older TS Racing White. Furthermore, we expect the clear parts to be without yellowing and being untinted. All pictures known to us so far don't fulfil these expectations and we thus strongly believe that they don't show the "2010" in the final "series production" look.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi all rc-entusiasts!

    By now I think it´s safe to say that the body will be the "Blitzer Beetle"-type with different fenders as it´s shown at tamiyausa.com.
    Personly I think it´s very disapointing. It looks like the "poor mans Scorchers" which has been arround on Tamiyaclub for ages. It looks cheap. What were they thinking? Even the Hi-lux had it´s body rereleased!
    This could have been something really cool but now it´s just a Buggy Champ with Blitzer Beetle body.
    Too bad.

  5. tamiyablog.com


    we can see your point of view but at Tamiyablog we feel differently. I think we are very spoiled with the great re-releases (which company does something similar?) and if the Sand Scorcher was announced before the Buggy Champ re-release or even more few years ago, no one would mind even if it would be only 80% of the original. Now it is probably more then 90% same to the original and some people complain. Some years ago the owner of Tamiyaclub had done a prank saying Tamiya will re-release the Sand Scorcher with a Blitzer Beetle body and all the people were so excited (no one of course complained) and were so disappointed and partially angry when it was said that it was just a joke. Also in the end where is the limit to say what is original and what not? A 2010 release can never be a 1979 original and can never fully replace an original from both materialistic and sentimental point of view. Also what means "looks cheap"? Looks are subjective and people tend in the beginning to prefer things that they are used to. Who knows, in some years we might find the look of the '79 Sand Scorcher "weird"? Also the Hilux Hilift body is very different to the original 58028 Hilux and different even to the Mountaineer body its supposed to "replace". We love the re-releases as they have several functional improvements and allow people to built, run and modify the kits they couldn't afford in their childhood without the regret of diminishing discontinued kits and parts. In the end the market will prove Tamiya right, there is also currently a poll in Tamiyaclub which shows that the great majority will buy the re-released Sand Scorcher http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=53731 . Also even in the vintage Tamiya fan dominated Tamiyaclub currently the modern F350 is already on total second place! http://tamiyaclub.com/cars_stats.asp We are sure the modern SRBs will have a similar fate. People who only want the 1979 one should be also happy as now also originals will be cheaper to obtain.

    Best regards,

  6. Anonymous

    I think that the new re-release is great. And for us that were just simply to young to even think of affording the original, time has made it even more un-affordable for the regular person. I know they are collectible but $1500? Even if I could afford it I would never make such a purchase on a rc car. Dont get me wrong I have sunk alot of money in this hobby and have no regrets. So Tamiya keep it up and re-release as many as you wish. Think about it the body may be monster beetle'ish but it could be worse it could have been lexan. So thank you Tamiya.

    Jeff D.

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