Tamiya 92213 1/12 Datsun 280ZX Sport Version M05S

A limited edition release with an interesting combination of a vintage classic Tamiya body (from 58022 / RM Mk.II) with a modern well performing chassis (M05S), which is unfortunately front wheel drive, unlike the 1:1 Datsun 280ZX.

10 thoughts on “Tamiya 92213 1/12 Datsun 280ZX Sport Version M05S

  1. GreatDane

    Hmmm, I do not understand the idea behind this release…

    Tamiya release an old Datsun body on a chassis. No problem!

    But Tamiya release the Datsun body on a front wheel drive chassis…!?!? Very odd IMHO!

    Is Tamiya unable to make a RWD chassis based on the M05 (as the M03 became M04)?

    Best Regards,

    GreatDane c'',)

  2. tamiyablog.com

    Guess that's why its just a limited release but we also hope that a rear wheel drive M06 will come soon.

  3. tamiyablog.com

    I agree, you must consider though the body is 30 years old (compare it to the other companies bodies of that time or even recent ones – most other companies started making good looking lexan bodies only in the past few years) and as a limited release its probably more a kit for collectors and nostalgists who loved the 58022.

  4. miramar

    I would like to add that the M05 would require an equally quantity of modifications and new parts to make an RWD-chassis as the step from M03 to M04. When first seeing photos of the M05, it seemed to me that it could be, or even was intended for being built as RWD too. After studying the parts when assemblying the M05, it however became clear to me that it's purely a FWD design. As for the "new" Datsun, my guess is that Tamiya is releasing this to cater for the interest of a relatively small group of customers and mainly in Japan. Using an existing chassis and wheels in combination with an old body is pretty cost effective and easy, and it will probably come with the generic M05 manual and a photo boxart. It just might be that Tamiya is releasing it to test the response in the market and may then release further similar models if they think the market is big enough to justify it. An M05S with the body of the Golf I is easily feasible, and with an M06, a similar combination with the Renault 5 Turbo or Celica LB body would be equally possible, or even new body designs. It indeed annoys me a bit too that the power is in the "wrong end" of the Datsun, but the philosophy of M-chassis racing in Japan may justify it, and compensate greatly for the drawback of being unrealistic. Think about how the popularity of FWD soared for a short time in the late '70's in 1/12 racing, with combinations of FWD chassises with Porsche 917 and 936, Renault A442 and Mercedes 500SLC bodies (to name a few), and a FWD 280ZX suddendly doesn't seem so strange anymore!

  5. tamiyablog.com

    By the way also the HPI Cup Racer 280ZX isn't "correct" being 4WD and Tamiya had also other examples in the past with "wrong" drive layout, like VW Golf I or Willys Wheeler.

  6. TubA

    Outch! At last.
    If you guys think stranger a a Nissan 280ZX Front Driver, remember a Formula One 4×4 (F201). Pls Tamiya, don't make these mistake again ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. miramar

    @TubA: Yes, as you'll see in earlier comments, we know that Tamiya (and many other manufacturers) in the past have had models with "power at the wrong end". Also, most (4WD) touring car models depict vehicles that aren't 4WD in the real world. As for converting the M05 to RWD, you got to remember that Tamiya as a major manufacturer can't make the same compromises and shortcuts as a private hobbyist. The M05 can't easily be converted to RWD in a professional way and at a quality level Tamiya would be satisfied with, but would require a lot of additional new parts, just like when the M04 was based on some of the M03 parts.

  8. TubA

    @miramar: I really agree with all his arguments.
    While we're taking about the M06, I hope that Tamiya's engineers project the car with the same pinion options used in M05. Not like as in M03 and M04, that are differente. Here In Brazil some guy prefeer race with Front Driver other ith Rear Driver, and in M04 you can use one tooth bigger pinion. Its makes a difference on track. Best regards, Tuba ๐Ÿ™‚

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