Tamiya Future RC Releases for September 2009

58421 1/10 RC Team Repsol Mitsubishi Ralliart Racing Lancer

58440 1/10 RC Lancer Evolution Mitsubishi X (DF-03Ra)

84100 1/10 RC DB01R Chassis Kit

57794 1/10 RC Cusco Dunlop Subaru Impreza XB (TT-01 TYPE-E)

Source: Tamiya, INC.

3 thoughts on “Tamiya Future RC Releases for September 2009

  1. GreatDane

    Nice to see some new Tamiya releases again.

    The Lancer sits nicely on the DF03Ra chassis, as if it was made for that body. In some way I am very keen on that rally chassis. A nice move from Tamiya utillizing the DF03 off road chassis.

    More bodies for that chassis, including some classic rally bodies as well, if you please Tamiya?

    As for the Ralliart Lancer I take it, that it rests on the DF01 chassis, the same as the Porsche Cayenne? Very nice shell that Ralliart Lancer.

    I wonder if it carries the same wheelbase as the Cayenne, which is 280 mm, or it's more likely to carry a normal Lancer wheelbase which is 257 mm'ish.

    The DB01R is alos nice, but I am not into byggies as such.

    Love the Subaru, though. Crisp shell!

    Best Regards,

    GreatDane c'',)

  2. tamiyablog.com

    I also like the DF03Ra chassis and hope for more modern and classic rally bodies for it.

    Yes, the Ralliart uses the same chassis as the Cayenne, agree nice body but quite outdated chassis.

  3. GreatDane

    I grant you that the DF01 chassis is outdated, so how about a stretched DF03Ra chassis, eh?

    I believe one of the members at tamiyaclub.com did stretched a DF03Ra, but I don't remember who. He even listed the parts needed for the built as I recall it.

    Best Regards,

    GreatDane c'',)

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