Tamiya 48th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009 New Releases (14th-17th May 2009)

Link: at the Twin Messe-Shizuoka

update 16.04.09 highlighted in yellow.
update 21.04.09 highlighted in green (one overlooked item).
update 21.04.09 minor description corrections, and one re-release item added.
update 23.04.09 minor item number and description additions.
update 26.04.09 item number correction.
update 09.05.09 added several RC releases.
update 10.05.09 minor description correction, and several new releases added.
update 19.06.09 description corrections.


51374 Mercedes AMG DTM C Class 2008 Original-Teile Body Parts Set
51375 Cusco Dunlop Subaru Impreza Body Parts Set
51376 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Body Parts Set
51377 F104 Body Parts Set
51388 Ford Bronco Body Parts Set
54149 DB01 Aluminum Racing Steering Set (Blue)
54150 TB-03 Aluminum Motor Mount
54152 Damper Oil Air Remover (Super Long)
54157 F104 Titanium Screw Set
54158 F104 Aluminum Diff Housing Set
54159 Aluminum Horn for High Torque Servo Saver (F104)
54160 F104 Titanium Coated Kingpin Set (2 Pcs.)
54161 F104 Low Friction Suspension Ball Set
54162 F104 Carbon Rear Shaft
54163 F104 Carbon Lower Deck
54164 F104 Carbon Upper Deck
54165 F104 Soft T-Bar
54166 F104 Aluminum Motor Mount (Left & Right)
54169 F104 Aluminum Pivot Post
54170 TA05 Ver.II Low Friction Drive Belt (342mm)
54176 F104 Formula-Tuned Motor
54177 M-05 Aluminum Front Upright
54178 M-05 Aluminum Rear Upright
54179 M-05 Titanium Screw Set
57783 XB Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 Drift-Spec (TT-01D chassis)
57788 XB Xanavi NISMO GT-R R35 (TT-01E chassis)
57790 XB ORC Amemiya SCG-7 (TT-01E chassis)
57791 XB Mercedes AMG C-Class DTM 2008 Orginalteile (TT-01E)
57792 XB Toyota Aristo (TT-01E Drift chassis)
57793 XB Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (TT-01E chassis)
58431 F104 PRO Chassis Kit w/Body
58433 Mercedes AMG C-Class DTM 2008 Orginalteile (TT-01E chassis)
58435 Cusco Dunlop Subaru Impreza (TA05-IFS chassis)
58436 `73 Ford Bronco (CR-01 chassis)
58437 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (TT01-E chassis)
58438 Mini Cooper Racing (M05 chassis)
58439 Cusco Dunlop Subaru Impreza (TT-01E chassis)
58441 Buggy Champ 2009 (Rough Rider re-release)
58443 M05 PRO Chassis Kit
84057 1/12 Black Porsche 934 (TTG GT-01 chassis)
92200 Castrol Celica ‘93 (DF-03RA chassis)
92201 XB Castrol Celica ’93 (TT-01E chassis)
92202 Castrol Celica ’93 Body Parts Set
92203 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV Monte-Carlo (DF-03RA chassis)
92204 XB Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV Monte-Carlo (TT-01E chassis)
92205 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV Monte-Carlo Body Parts Set

Static Model Kits:

16019 Kawasaki Z1300 (re-release)
20058 1/20 Tyrrell P34 1976 Japan Grand Prix
24315 1/24 Nissan 370Z
32564 1/48 German Mtl.SPW. Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. D Armored Halftrack
35300 1/35 British Tank Matilda Mk. III / IV
35301 1/35 Citroen 11CV Staff Car
35302 1/35 German 3.7 Flak 37 AA Gun w/Crew
78022 1/350 Japanese Navy Cruiser Mikuma
89784 1/48 BAe Hawk Mk.66 Swiss Air Force
89785 1/35 British L.R.D.G. Chevrolet & 20mm Breda AA Gun
89786 1/48 D.H. Mosquito NF Mk.II & British 10HP Tilly
89787 1/48 Reggiane Re.2002 Ariete II
89788 1/70 Apollo Lunar Spacecraft (re-release)

Factory Finished Models:

21074 1/48 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Type 52 No.126 (Finished Model)
21077 1/24 Motul Autech GT-R (R35) (Finished Model)
21078 1/24 Xanavi NISMO GT-R (R35) (Finished Model)
26539 1/48 U.S. 2 1/2 Ton 6×6 Cargo Truck (Finished Model)
26540 1/48 Steyr Typ 1 1500A Kommandeurwagen (Finished Model)

Mini 4WD:

15395 Hex Mount Set (10, 15mm)
15396 Double Aluminum Rollers (13-12mm)
15397 Low-Height Off-Set Tread Tire
15398 Small Dia Off-Set Tread Tire
15399 MS Chassis Multi Brake Set
15400 Fluorine Coated Gear Shaft (Ribbed, 2 Pcs.)
15401 Mass Damper Set (Heavy)
15402 Light-Dash Motor PRO
18631 Spin Axe Mk.II
94686 Mini 4WD PRO Lightweight Center Chassis Set Smoke
94687 Mini 4WD Yomiuri Giants Special
94688 Mini 4WD Hanshin Tigers Special
94689 Max Braker CX09 Black Special
94692 Avante Mk.III Red Special
94693 Rear Double Aluminum Plate (for MS Chassis T-03)
94694 Small Dia Off-Set Tread Tire Soft (Clear)
94695 Small Dia Off-Set Tread Tire Hard (White)
94696 HG Carbon Reinforced FRP Wide Front Plate
94697 HG Carbon Reinforced FRP Wide Rear Plate
94698 HG Angle Adjuster Chip Set
94699 HG Threaded Bearing Bushing Set
94700 Japan Cup Junior Circuit Special Colour (Orange)
94701 Japan Cup Junior Circuit Special Colour (Yellow)

Educational Series:

70185 Mini Submarine Motor (High Speed Type)
70186 Submarine Gear Box Set
71125 Mechanical Fish
75025 Wind-Up Power Generator Set


42145 TRF Hex Driver 1.5mm
42146 TRF Hex Driver 2.0mm
42147 TRF Hex Driver 2.5mm
42148 TRF Box Wrench 5.5mm
42149 TRF Box Wrench 7.0mm
42151 TRF Spare Bit 1.5mm for Hex Driver
42152 TRF Spare Bit 2.0mm for Hex Driver
74088 Hex Wrench (4mm / 4.5mm)
74090 Fine Drill Bit (0.2mm / 2 Pcs.)
74099 Electric Screwdriver Set PT01 (Japanese market only)
74537 Spray-Work HG Airbrush (w/Integrated Cup)
87103 Craft Cotton Swab (Round, Extra Small, 50 Pcs.)
87104 Craft Cotton Swab (Round Small , 50 Pcs.)
87105 Craft Cotton Swab (Triangular Extra Small, 50 Pcs.)
87106 Craft Cotton Swab (Triangular Small, 50 Pcs.)
87107 Craft Cotton Swab (Triangular Medium, 50 Pcs.)


70187 Balsa Wood Strips 1.7×75×305mm (3 Pcs.)
87108 Diorama Texture Paint (Soil Effect, Brown)
87109 Diorama Texture Paint (Soil Effect, Dark Earth)
87110 Diorama Texture Paint (Grit Effect, Light Sand)
87111 Diorama Texture Paint (Grass Effect, Green)
89919 Polycarbonate Spray Paint Evolution Red

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