New releases at the All Japan Plamodel Radicon Show (Updated Sept. 28)

Recently, Tamiyablog presented information about some future RC-models from Tamiya. Since then, several sources have announced further new items, which we haven’t listed as the information was relatively easily available for anyone with a minimum of dedication. However, with Tamiya’s most recent announcement in Japanese for the All Japan Plamodel Radicon Show in October, we feel obliged to list a few future releases. Some of the items listed for the fair are deliberately not listed below as they have been known for some time before Tamiya’s most recent announcement and partially presented by Tamiyablog in previous posts. Furthermore, some of the listed items may be limited edition items available only at the fair and/or on the Japanese market only. Descriptions will be updated and corrected, and pictures posted as soon as further information gets available to us.

Radio Control:

42138 1/10 TRF416 World Edition Chassis Kit
84056 1/10 F103 Chassis Kit 15th Anniversary

84032 1/10 F103RM (w/L-body) (Limited Edition)
58417 1/10 Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo’07 (DF-03Ra Chassis)

58419 1/10 NISMO R34 GT-R Z tune (TT-01D Chassis)
58420 1/10 TB-03D Chassis Kit (drift version of the TB-03 Chassis)

58424 1/10 Takata NSX 2008 (TB-03)
57780 1/10 XB Lamborghini Countach LP500S (TT-01E) (XB version of # 58413)
54120 Aluminum Horn for High-Torque Servo Saver (M-Chassis)
42124 HP Motor Transpeed Brushless 3.5T
42125 HP Motor Transpeed Brushless 6.5T
42126 HP Motor Transpeed Brushless 7.5T
42127 HP Electronic Speed Controller Volac Brushless
42131 HL Cylinder TRF Special Dampers (2 Pcs.)
42132 HL Cylinder for Aeration Dampers (Front, 2 Pcs.)
42134 HL Cylinder for M Chassis Aluminum Dampers (2 Pcs.)
42135 HP Battery Charger
42136 Stable Power Supply 24A
54119 DB01 Assembly WO Universal Shaft (Rear)
54117 CR-01 Cliff Crawler Tires (2 Pcs.)
54121 Aluminum Horn for High-Torque Servo Saver

Static Models:

12040 1/12 Porsche 934 Turbo RSR Jägermeister with photo-etched parts (re-release of # 12020, Cartograf decals.)
24310 1/24 Sauber-Mercedes C9 1988 (re-release of # 24091)
24311 1/24 Martini Porsche 935 Turbo (re-release of # 24001)
16033 1/6 Honda CB1100R (re-release of # 16022, with Cartograf decals.)
35294 1/35 Italian Semovente M40 Self-Propelled Gun (improved re-release of # 35078)
35296 1/35 Italian Tank Carro Armato M13/40 (improved re-release of # 35034)
35295 1/35 German Heavy Tank Destroyer Jagdtiger (completely new molds)
35297 1/35 German 8-Wheeled Armored Car Sd.kfz.232 “Africa Corps” (modified re-release of # 35036)
21073 1/48 Fieseler Fi 156C Storch (Finished version of # 61100)
26535 1/48 Russian Field Car GAZ-67B (Finished version of # 32542)
12628 1/350 Japanese Navy Submarine I-400 Detail-Up Parts Set (for # 78019 & 89776)
61104 1/48 Folke-Wulf Fw190 F-8/9 w/Bomb Loading Set (probably based on # 61039)
89782 1/48 German 3 Ton 4×2 Cargo Truck Kfz.305 (Opel Blitz)

Mini 4WD and Educational Series:

94676 New Year’s Limited Edition 2009 “Year of the Ox”
94671 Neo Falcon Special White Edition (based on # 18617)
75024 Solar Power Generator Set
18630 Mini 4WD Pro Dash-3 Shooting Star (MS Chassis)
94673 Avante Mk.III Azure (Finished version of # 18626)
94674 Avante Mk.III Nero (Finished version of # 18627)
15383 Mini 4WD F Grease (Fluorpolymer Compound)15382 Bumperless N-03/T-03 Units

74534 Spray-Work Painting Booth (Twin Fan)
85083 TS83 Spray Paint Metal Silver
85084 TS84 Spray Paint Metal Gold
74084 Mini Bending Pliers for Photo-Etched Parts