Tamiya 1/10 RC 42103 TA05 MS chassis kit

Just when you thought the TA05 couldn’t get any better, Tamiya now brings you the next evolution of this race-spec chassis, the TA05MS. This iteration features further refinements that combines the merits of the TA05 and TRF415 to make this the best performing TA05 chassis yet!

TRF series, takeoff!
Three alphabets which become pronoun of the advanced machine, TRF is the word which points to the Tamiya racing factory. It participates to off road race mainly from the eighties end, with touring car popularity the stage of participating moves to this category. And 1996, TA03F PRO controlling All-American championships in 1997 the activity at a stroke in the start acceleration. You start pure racer “TRF404X project”, challenge to apex of the world. You collect also the data of many users in addition to the participation of the TRF member, with the sale of pure racer TRF414. Finally 2002, acquiring the throne 2004 both name and reality in the IFMAR world championship which disputes the seat RC the greatest in the world. Furthermore, victory is repeated with big race/lace e.g., 2006, it conquers also REEDY RACE 2007. Also the machine design and development of the part start on the basis of the experience which is cultivated with those races/laces. The world champion team, product line-up and the TRF series which include the know-how of TRF start.

Strongest TA05 which concentrates the know-how of TRF
The fact that it has become the series first chassis kit is TA05 MS. TRF415 of the pure racer and TA05 of isometric 2 belt drives it sets the motor helicopter loading site which decides the weight balance of the body, to intermediate position almost, upper 2mm, adopting the 2.5mm thick carbon double deck. Looking back characteristic and the good quality of the throttle response of TRF415 where TA05 is superior it was compatible at high dimension. Furthermore, the front and back wide pitch pulley, equipping front one way and the aluminum motor mount etc of cantilever center shaft specification. In addition, as for center pulley as for direct type and damper stay also front and back 3mm thick carbon make, front and back common high accuracy aluminum make bulkhead, aluminum make steering wheel arm standard equipment. It finished in the TA05 strongest machine which concentrates the know-how of TRF.

About the model
# 2mm upper and 2.5mm lower double-deck structure made from tough, lightweight carbon fiber.
# Chassis layout sees motor, battery, and other heavy components mounted low and near the center for optimum weight distribution.
# Two belt-driven 4WD system features front/rear wide pitch pulleys, and front one-way to optimize power transmission efficiency.
# High-quality front and rear aluminum bulkheads provide added strength while saving weight.
# Aluminum steering arm ensures consistent and precise steering operation.
# Front and rear damper stays are made from 3mm thick carbon fiber and also allow greater customization of suspension settings thanks to more attachment positions.
# Aluminum motor mount provides weight savings and enhanced heat dissipation.
★ Front
The aluminum steering wheel wiper which optimizes Ackermann. As for pulley also front and back wide pitch type.
★ Center
As for direct center pulley in shaft cantilever type being slim motor mount. The belt the rear is short a little setting.
★ Rear
Approximately adopting the common aluminum make bulkhead. Rear aluminum diff. joint standard equipment.

Source: Tamiya, INC.