New official Tamiya TRF site opening at August 1st

Up-to-date news of TRF departure we can reach

The Tamiya RC work steam, the official home page of TRF opens more and more. The front residence supervised completely “the speed of TRF, please observes to page which expresses strength” design and color errand. Because it develops large number we prepare the information which furthermore makes RC life such as introduction and challenge cup information of the “TRF project shop” pleasant in the Japanese entire country including the up-to-date news regarding TRF, by all means viewing. In addition, when you are admitted to the cheer group “TRF project supporter” of TRF which starts collection on the sight from the middle of August, besides the fact that the supporter limited T shirt and member proof are given, you can view “DRIVER`S VOICE” due to the TRF member who fights at the many places of the world. Because with this, also speedy article renewal from the race/lace meeting place and test actual place is in the midst of planning, in the pleasure. Because service for the supporter is the schedule which in the future it keeps expanding, the family and the friend and together, by all means admission.

TRF official sight contents introduction

News such as TOPICS ⇒ up-to-date topic and information of challenge cup opening understands at the glance.
Introduction and former game history of about TRF ⇒ TRF member are introduced.
It develops in TRF PROJECT ⇒ entire country “the TRF project shop” list and the cheer group “TRF project supporter” of TRF large collection.
INSIDE REPORT ⇒ race/lace and up-to-date development are explained from the gaze of TRF.
DRIVER `S VOICE ⇒ project supporter private page. Not only [satoshi] and [kiyokazu], the mark, the overseas TRF driver such as Victor every day is put together.

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