Rumoured future 2007 Tamiya RC releases from Shizuoka fair (Twin Messe)

Report from Dazmeister who was there (many thanks for allowing us to publish them here):
“When I went on the Tamiya factory tour on Monday I saw the development guys working on a lexan Countach but was not allowed to take photos. Another car I saw was a Wild Willy style Tamtech gear with battery in the rear with a poorly fitting Jeep Wrangler shell, I think this was a development mule for a GB01 Wild Willy. Sometimes these things do not make it into production but this had perfect scaled down Willy/Blazer tyres so it must be a very strong possibility.

The Countach body I saw was the same dimensions as the ABS original so will be a 1/12th scale on the same chassis as the Porsche 934. When comparing the original 934 to the new Tamtech 934 by eye they look exactly the same dimensions.

When I went to the Tamiya HQ on Monday I saw a Tamtech Gear with scaled down original Willy/Blazer tyres in the development office. The chassis was GB01 with the battery pack at the pack like a Willy 2 but topped with a poorly fitting Jeep Wrangler shell. The wheels looked like scaled down Willy 1 wheels too so this must be a future 2007 release as they wouldnt make the tooling for nothing.”