New Tamiya items presented at Shizuoka show at 17-18.11.

Online translation from Tamiya, INC.

RC-related commodity

★ [tamutetsukugia] 1/12 Porsche turbo RSR934 racing (kit)
★ X peck SP [tamutetsukugiadoraibusetsuto]
★ [tamutetsukugia] GB-01 chassis kit
★RCC Mazda RX-7 (TT-01)
★ (Temporary) Volkswagen Beetle (M-04L)
★XBG border phone AMG [merusedesu] C class DTM2006 (TNS-FD)
★XB M1025 Humvee
★GE.79 [tamiyahandeisutata] (single item)
★GE.80 [tamiyahandeisutatadoribungiyayunitsuto] C
★ [tamutetsukugiasupeapatsu] 15 kind
★ [tamutetsukugiaopushiyonpatsu] 7 kind
★Mobil 1 SC lightweight spare body set (RC limitation)
The part 2 kind for ★TGM-04
The option part 4 kind for ★DF-03

Scale-related commodity

1/12 Konica Minolta HONDA RC211V’ 06 (scale limitation)
1/24 SC430 Photo-Etched Parts
★1/24 Repsol HONDA RC211V’05 No.3 (finished product)
★1/24 [chimumobisuta] HONDA RC211 2006 V’05 No.15 (finished product)
★1/24 Konica Minolta HONDA RC211V’05 No.6 (finished product) 14107
★1/24 team HONDA bitter-orange juice RC211V’05 No.4 (finished product)
1/24 OPEN INTERFACE SC430 24293
1/48 F-16CJ Fighting Falcon 61098
★1/48MM English cruise tank Crusader Mk.I/II 32541
★1/48MM Soviet Field Car GAZ-67B 32542
★1/20 McLaren HONDA MP4/4 (spot production)
McLaren MP4/5 HONDA (spot production)
McLaren Mercedes MP4/13 (spot production)
McLaren MP4/6 HONDA (spot production)
★1/6 BMW R75/5 (spot production)
★1/6 BMW R90S (spot production)

Mini- four running-related commodities

★ Neo Falcon 18617
★ Poseidon X black special
★ Avante Mk.II blue plating body set
★ New Year 2007 Dangun Racer Boar 94591
★ Mini- F completion car (red) 94586
★ Mini- F completion car (blue) 94587
★ Mini- F completion car (white) 94588
★ Mini- F completion car (yellow) 94589

In addition commodity

★ Cross for [tamiya] compound (3 color sets)
★ (Temporary) [tamiya] instantaneous adhesive agent jelly type

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