Interview and video with Tamiya Porsche Turbo RSR 934 designer Fumito Taki (Dr. Waterfall), also future view of RC cars (smell module for electric cars to smell like real ones?)

The opportunity which makes the Q.1 electromotive RC car

At that time, the fact that I speed am present tremendously by the racing car of 1/8 was done. However, sound being large, in order to be able to send, because the wide place it was necessary, when the RC car is made by electromotion, that with your own hobby, proposed desired ones to the company whether it is not to be possible at the various place. Exactly, because plan of 1/12 Porsche scale model was the under way, the president this that to be a story which you say whether it cannot make the RC car, could do the RC car that as an opportunity, it is.

The point which Q.2 development anecdote suffers hardship

Because we like this work, there is no hardship, is, but because that time when it developed there was no private motor of the RC car, some motor is good from the motor for industry which is marketed? With the test machine was made in order to select the fact that you say. In a manner of speaking, it is the measurement equipment. The data was taken in various ways with that. At that time, various technical basic research was done in addition to extent and the motor where the data becomes thick. From among such, being original, it had making the RC car private motor, it is.
As a funny episode, Porsche of the actual car met to the company in order this to make the scale model it is, but riding that, it went to the demonstration where the various manufacturer of Nagoya RC gets together. So, [huruchiyun] doing this RC Porsche, when it can send the electric battery and the motor at all in the different thing, it was faster than the engine car. The person of the manufacturer of the engine car which that is “just a little demonstration you stopped and” with, there was also a kind of thing which is said.

Q.3 [tamiya] RC future view

Because it became that this Porsche anniversary model appears, when you say that smell of oil does returning to starting point once more in opportunity, interest of the RC that car, as a car, perhaps, difficult to understand, but, we would like to make the kind of model which smell of such genuine car does, when is, we would like to keep making the kind of model to which dream keeps spreading from the model.

Online translation from Tamiya’s Japanese homepage where also the videos can be found