Mini 4WD Tamiya 17904 Pig Racer (Yellow / Silwolf)

Overall length = 156 mm The photo shows the assembled kit.

Enjoy Mini 4WD more easily!
It is a semi-finished type mini 4WD that even beginners and small children can easily finish. The Pig Glacer (Yellow / Jill Wolf) is a machine in which a cute pig driver rides on Jill Wolf, which is based on the image of a European GT car. The combination of a powerful silhouette and a chubby pig is comical. In addition, the body is full of energy and clear yellow, and the chassis is coordinated with pastel blue and white. I’m looking forward to racing with my friends with a gear ratio of 4: 1. Dress up with colorful stickers such as bib numbers and star marks to complete a unique machine in a world full of originality.

MA chassis pursuing drive efficiency
The chassis has a simple shape with few protrusions and adopts MA that is easy to maintain. The double shaft motor mounted in the center, the rear skid bar made of low friction resin and 6 rollers realize high performance running. It is a chassis that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from beginners to veteran racers, from street races on small courses to official competitions on large special 5-lane circuits.

Basic specifications
● Overall length 156 mm, overall width 97 mm, overall height 45 mm ● With double shaft motor ● Can be assembled by simple fitting and screwing without using adhesive.

Items to be purchased separately
● 2 AA batteries ● Nippers, Phillips screwdriver

What is Beginners Mini 4WD
We recommend “Beginners Mini 4WD” for small children and those who are trying mini 4WD for the first time. Body and chassis parts are pre-cut and assembled. Separate the tires from the runners, fit them in, screw the front and rear rollers and rear stays, and put an animal driver full of love on it to create an attractive machine. The point is that there is almost no work that requires technique or power. We have also set a sticker that you can put on any place you like.
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Details of Tamiya 58706 Thunder Shot 4WD 2022 Painted Body with some updated parts!

After the Fire Dragon, the Terra Scorcher and the Thunder Dragon, Tamiya welcomes the Thunder Shot as a reissue and updated version!

This R/C model features some basic specifications inherited from item 58361 with different CVA oil shocks and the addition of an aluminium engine mount.

Model Information:
– This R/C model assembly kit is an updated version of the Thunder Shot, the original of which was first produced in 1987. Length: 390mm, width: 240mm, height: 135mm.
– The polycarbonate body is pre-cut and pre-painted in white and blue, with a clear cover. (The body requires the application of stickers, mounting and painting of the driver figure).
– Robust ABS tub chassis is easy to maintain.
– Metal motor mount included in the kit.
– Independent 4-wheel double wishbone suspension with CVA oil dampers (*) uses front anti-roll bar for extra stability. *Changed from CVA 1st series to 2nd series oil shock absorbers for ease of installation.
– The front and rear mechanical reduction gears are sealed and contain compact and durable die-cast 3-satellite differential gears.
– Studded tyres provide excellent grip.
– Contains separate rear wing (pre-painted white).
– Includes driver figure.

540 engine included, R/C system sold separately.

Details of Tamiya 58704 1/12 Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Pick-Up Quadtrack GF-01FT

Toyota’s Land Cruiser is one of the most recognisable 4WD vehicles in the world, especially the 40, a series that was sold from 1960 to 1984.
Now, Tamiya is pleased to announce a new version: an R/C model featuring the combination of the GF-01FT 4WD chassis and track units for traction.
Model Information:
– This is a 1/12 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 337mm, width: 250mm, height: 236mm. Wheelbase: 174mm.
– This model is a reproduction of the Land Cruiser 40 Pick-Up fitted with 3-point tracks to replace the tyres.
– These tracks offer superlative traction compared to tyres and allow the model to run in snow, sand, mud and other conditions.
– The model is based on the GF-01FT gear-driven 4WD chassis, which features a monocoque chassis with traction provided by the mid-mounted engine through front and rear differentials.
– The square layout with similar wheelbase and tread size offers unique performance.
– Choose from two types of tracks; standard flat and ribbed.
– A transparent polycarbonate body and driver figure are also included.
– Please note that ball bearings for the tracks are not included.

540 motor included and R/C system sold separately.

Tamiya Grand Prix Champion Finals, Tamiya RC History and Christmas Special 2021 introducing the Tamiya Off-Road Meeting and a special talk show

Introducing the Tamiya Grand Prix Champion Finals and Tamiya RC History!
・ We will deliver the pattern of the Tamiya Grand Prix Champion deciding match 2021 held on Saturday, December 4th and Sunday, December 5th! Introducing the Jr / GT / TRF Grand Prix class as the second part. ・ In Tamiya RC History << 25 >>, you can see “Toyota Celica GT FOUR”, “Super Astute 2WD” and “Ferrari F40” released in 1991.

Christmas Special 2021 !! Introducing the Tamiya Off-Road Meeting and a special talk show!
・ We will deliver the pattern of the Tamiya Off-Road Meeting held on 12/12 (Sun)! 4 classes held (Classic Buggy, Tamtech Gear, Dragon Challenge, Super Avante) ・ As a Christmas special talk show (1) Introducing new products released in December 2021 (2) Looking back on the 2021 Tamiya RC, Maezumi , Kono, Sunahara’s Tamiya RC of the Year announced! (3) We will introduce Tamiya products that are ideal for Christmas gifts.
Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara, Takayuki Kono

Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship Kyushu Tournament, Champion Finals and Tamiya RC History

Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship Kyushu Tournament and Tamiya RC History!
・ Introducing the Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship Kyushu Tournament held in Greenland, Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture on Saturday, November 27th. ・ The Formula E class final video in which Tamiya Maezumi, also known as Paisen, participated is also released. See driving techniques on slightly slippery roads! ・ For Tamiya RC History << 23 >>, please see “Bullhead” and “Tyrell 190 Ford” released in 1990, “Nissan 300ZX IMSA / GTO” and “Jaguar XJR-12 (Daytona specification)” released in 1991. to introduce.

Introduction of Tamiya Grand Prix Champion Finals and Tamiya RC History!
・ We will deliver the pattern of the Tamiya Grand Prix Champion deciding match 2021 held on Saturday, December 4th and Sunday, December 5th! First of all, I would like to introduce the M Sports ST Grand Prix class as the first part. ・ In Tamiya RC History “24”, you can see “Barehawk 2WD”, “Honda NSX” and “Lotus 102B Judd” released in 1991. *

Tamiya Mini 4WD Live Vol.11 & Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2021 Concours d’Elegance online program

Tamiya Mini 4WD LIVE Vol.11 (December 2021)
Live program distribution “2021 / Year-end Mini 4WD Featured Items Special Feature!” Japan Cup 2021 information and condele’s schedule announced next year 2022 Explains books and comics that will be released at the end of the year, such as the mook book “Introduction to Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Condele” that understands everything, and the first volume of the mini 4WD manga “Mini 4 King” that is being serialized in Korokoro Comic. In addition, we will carefully introduce the attention-grabbing Mini 4WD related items that you want to enjoy during the year-end and New Year holidays, and the new product information that was announced in a hurry.
Cast ・ MC Guts Master Ueda

Approximately 1,600 dress-up works were posted online on SNS, and “Concours d’Elegance ONLINE” competes for ideas for dress-up of Mini 4WD, which showed great excitement. MC Guts and Mini 4WD will thoroughly introduce all 16 works that won the “NEW ERA Award” from various perspectives! The four works that won the “NEW ERA Award” at JC2021 Condele 4 will be announced, and the “NEW ERA Grand Prize”, which will be the No. 1 in the Concours d’Elegance, will be finally decided from all 16 works. “Powered by FDK Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2021 Concours d’Elegance ONLINE”
Introduction page
NEW ERA Award ・ 12 works / 16 works in total
・ Author: Mottsun @TIDALWAVE —- ・ Title: Mantarei Jr MSP ・ Author: ok ————– ———————— ・ Title: Backblader 2045 ・ Author: Daiya @TRIVALS ———— —– ・ Title: Poseidon X BAD SP ・ Author: Kojikoji ————————— ・ Title: Wild Zaurus REX ・ Author: Muka D ——————————– ・ Title: Road Storm Dragon ・Author: Shige-kun ☆ ———————— ・ Title: Mantarei Jr MSP ・ Author: RAVEN ——– ———————– ・ Title: ELEGLITTER Arcana ・ Author: Pen —————- ——————- ・ Title: Find the Era Glitter! ・ Author: DuN 4WD ————— ————- ・ Title: About Jio ・ Author: TKMT ★ ☆ ——————— —- ・ Title: Igni Racing GT ・ Author: JinFuji @ Team Sudden Sakigumi! — ・ Title: Great Emperor Full Aero Formation ・ Author: Koru no @ Mini 4WD — ——— ・ Title: Comical Pander Net