Tamiya Baron Viento Japan Cup 2019 (FM-A chassis), Tamiya Official Guidebook Mini 4WD Ultra-Speed ​​Guide (2019-2020), Mini 4WD app and some hop up parts for the Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2019

Baron Viento Japan Cup 2019 (FM-A chassis)
A special limited version of the Japan Cup based on the popular car-style mini 4WD “Baronbient”. The body is made of shock-resistant black color ABS resin, and the machine is finished in a classic and elegant machine different from the racing taste of successive Japan cup models.
The FM-A chassis with a front motor layout is used, and the battery holder and gear cover are made of low-friction resin. Also, in addition to the red-colored dish wheel, 26mm super hard low height tires printed with white wall, which is a classic style of classic cars, and metal-type stickers for exclusive use.

Tamiya Official Guidebook Mini 4WD Ultra-Speed ​​Guide (2019-2020)
The 2019-2020 version of Tamiya’s Official Mini 4WD Guide will be released to introduce the latest techniques of tune-up and dress-up! A detailed explanation of the section of the official course “Miracle Ballon Circuit 2019” of the Japan Cup 2019 is also published Many of the winners of the association are also posted. The bonus appendix comes with a specially made sticker that gathers logos of people appearing in the mook.

[Tamiya Official Guidebook Mini 4WD Ultra-Speed ​​Guide (2019-2020)]  ● Issue: Gakken Plus ● Format: A4 Wide ● Number of pages: Not determined ● Release date: May 2019, the end of the schedule ● Price: Not determined

Hyper Dash 3 Motor J-CUP 2019
Hyper Dash Motor PRO J-CUP 2019

Of course, two types of the Japan Cup commemorative motor, which has become a regular, will also appear. In order to commemorate the holding of the Japan Cup 2019, the motor full of premium feeling which made special design on the motor label and mount. Even as a souvenir, it is an item that is expected to have high demand for racing.

HG carbon multi wide stay (1.5 mm) J-CUP 2019
HG carbon multi wide rear stay (1.5 mm) J-CUP 2019 HG
13 · 19 mm roller carbon multi reinforcement plate (1.5 mm) J-CUP 2019

Three popular 1.5mm thick carbon plates (multi wide stay multi wide rear stay multi reinforcement plate) with special colors and gold prints of the Japan cup specification are available as Japan cup specifications.

Japan Cup Champion Cap 2019 is presented to the tournament winner
Continuing from last year, it is decided that New Era’s special “Japan Cup Champion Cap” will be presented to junior class, open class and champions winners in each venue and winners of the Competition De Reganz New Era Award! New Era items will be presented to the winners of the Trial Class.

App Store, Mini 4WD app for Google PlayTM (provisionally)
Tamiya x Bandai Namco Entertainment x Koro Koro Aniki’s
powerful tags are under intense development

“Mini 4WD” App Store, a new game application for Google Play under development at Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.! Full-scale races easily with a machine that is realistically reproduced with all the parts and sounds in mind. I can experience it. Please keep an eye on future trends!

● Title: Mini 4WD App (provisional)
● Genre: Mini 4WD Racing
● Delivery Platform: App Store, Google Play
● Copyright: © Shogakukan © ShoPro © TAMIYA © BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc .
● broadcasting: NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment

This year’s circuit is “Miracle Ballon Circuit 2019”
A total length of 225m “Miracle Ballon Circuit 2019” with a number of sections placed in 14 venues across the country. The official course of 2019 has three course layouts: North (North), East (East), West (West) and the division of the tournament area. The course image above is “Miracle Ballon Circuit 2019 North”. We will make timely announcements about other layout images and divisions. Look forward to the follow-up!

All three layout patterns! Check the circuit section of “North”
-“Digital Zone 2” (new section)
Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2019 Spring “Step Circuit 2019” appeared in the “Digital Zone” is a combined section that was further increased in power and more digital. Two consecutive digital dragonbacks where the machine jumps up and down after two consecutive digital corners where the machine is vigorously shaken to the left to the right are waiting for two more consecutive digital corners. It is important to prevent the deceleration here to put the machine on top speed immediately after the start. Be careful with the second and third laps as you rush into the section with speed.
● “kicker flap” (new section)
Install a flap-type device in the part where the straight with height jumps discontinuously. A light machine jumps upward without flaps falling, a heavy machine jumps parallel to the track surface with flaps falling. The weight of the machine changes the movement of the flap, and the lightweight machine has the risk of jumping off the course. The weight and angle at which the flap responds may vary from venue to venue.
● “Rising Phantom Changer” (New Section)
Rare Section “Phantom Changer” is further evolved. The caution section where speed and power are required that the machine on the speed climbs a gentle slope and lands on a wide landing, and then runs up a steep slope with an angle of 60 degrees.
● “Balancing straight” (new section)
The width of both sides of the straight course spreads, the road surface on both sides of the straight of the machine width becomes low, and if it does not run straight, the chassis contacts the road surface and significant speed loss Could lead to Only those sections that have a major impact on the running stability of the machine need careful setting.
● A 90-degree curve named “Fujitsu Pop” with the name of Fujitsu dry battery offering “Fujitsu Pop” Japan Cup. A sharp curve section that looks easy, but doesn’t look like it looks as the machine passes at high speed.
● “New Era Turn”
A corner bearing the name of the cap brand New Era that supports Champion Cap. The point is to pass the corners smoothly to accelerate the machine towards the second half of the course.
● “Flap Straight”
An area that uses special materials for the track surface that stands by straight after the up slope. What kind of material is it? Let’s wait for the appearance of the actual course!

“Trial class” new establishment! ~ New class to support your “Mini 4 wheel tried”!
A new class “trial class” for mini 4WD beginners starts!
Among those targeted for the open class, we will establish a “trial class” for those who want to participate in the tournament for the first time and want to enjoy and run “Mini 4WD” and who are not yet competitive.
In the trial class, you can enjoy the first qualifying round, the second round qualifying round, and the finals using the same circuit as the open class.
The winners of the trial class will not be represented in the Japan Cup Champions match held in October. In addition, Champions certification will not be performed.

You may practice warriors while having fun in the trial class, or you may try strong players in the open class. Japan Cup 2019 aims to be a summer festival for racers to enjoy widely!

★ Trial class Recommended for people like this!
If you just started mini 4 wheelers / If you graduated from junior class / If you are studying a tune-up on a machine / If you want to race with your favorite body or chassis /

※ Trial class, open class is one per competition Only apply and participate. We are also planning to carry out the official competitions after the Japan Cup.

Tamiya Plamodel Factory 20th Modeler’s & Sweets Decoration Contest Winning Works

Source in Japanese language: Tamiya plastic model factory Tressa Yokohama store

Tamiya Mini 4WD is hot in the Philippines

Mini 4WD is very popular now in the Philippines. The Mini 4WD specialty shop “Brick Yard”, which opened in Manila last year, is actively developing a Mini 4WD competition event locally, and more than 600 athletes take part each time the event is held. It is a big event with over 2,000 visitors, including family members and friends who come together with cheers and attendants.
In addition, the final tournament of TMAC (Tamiya Mini 4WD Asia Challenge) will be held on June 22nd and 23rd of this year, and representative players from Asian countries will gather in Manila and hot races by top racers will be unfolded It will be.

You can see Facebook of “Brick Yard” at the following link.

First photo and description of Mini 4WD Tamiya 18654 TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRT Yaris WRC (MA Chassis)

This TAMIYA Mini 4WD racer recreates the 2019 version of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRT Yaris WRC. The model is based upon the aerodynamically advanced MA Chassis.

About the MA Chassis:
The MA (Midship AERO) Chassis has its motor in the center and features a design which focuses upon achieving outstanding aerodynamic performance. It has six individual low-friction rollers, a rear skid bar and other speedy features developed thanks to years of design experience. The single-piece monocoque frame also guarantees that assembling and keeping the car well-maintained is a task that can be performed by beginners and veteran racers alike. Here, the MA chassis features a 4:1 gear ratio.

• Mini 4WD model assembly kit.
• The stylish Yaris WRC body is molded in 4 pieces (body, rear wing parts x2, nose).
• Includes stickers recreating the car’s distinctive livery.
• Silver color dish wheels are paired with Black low-profile tires.
• Type 130 double shaft motor included.
• Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).
• A wide range of Grade-Up Parts is available separately to customize your machine.

First photo of upcoming Tamiya 58669 M-08 Concept Chassis Kit

This TAMIYA high-performance rear-wheel drive R/C chassis assembly kit is constructed around a rigid monocoque with the main frame split into front and rear sections. It offers superior rear high traction drive characteristics and fuss-free maintenance of parts such as the easy-access differential. C.V.A. (Constant Volume Adjustable) oil shock-damped 4-wheel double wishbone suspension features dedicated long arms and steering linkage components for a range of setup options. A silky-smooth drivetrain utilizes full ball bearings, oil-filled gear differential unit and universal drive shafts. It can be assembled with a 210mm (S), 225mm (M) or 239mm (L) wheelbase, making it compatible with appropriately-sized existing Tamiya M-chassis body parts sets.

• 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit.
• The chassis is split into front (suspension and servo) and rear (motor and battery) sections. It can be assembled into three different wheelbases: S (210mm), M (225mm) or L (239mm).
• Rear-midship motor powers rear wheels via a differential in the Mid-Rear setup.
• Oil-filled differential gear used from the M-07.
• Features proven M-07 Concept designs: suspension arms, uprights, suspension mounts and aluminum parts.
• Includes CVA oil dampers, universal drive shafts, full ball bearings and hi-torque servo saver.
• Comes with new front suspension mounts (0 degrees) and hub carriers (2 degrees) for a total caster angle of 2 degrees.
• Compatible with M-06 Chassis bodies.
• Requires: 2-Channel Radio, servo, ESC, motor, 7.2-7.4volt battery pack & compatible charger, and body set.
• Compatible with M-07 Concept Hop-Up Option parts such as Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount (Skid Angle Adjustment) (54787), Aluminum Rear Uprights (54781) and Low-Friction King Pin Pipes (54813).

Tamiya New Item Release list for May 2019

May’s Japan new release information list has been uploaded! See below for a list of Tamiya’s new products, including a 1/12 scale masterpiece of the cheeky Honda Monkey 125!

R/C Models
 47397  1/10 R/C HKS Nissan Skyline GT-R Gr.A (TT-01 Type-E)
 54868  Open Face 5mm Reinforced Adjusters (Medium/8pcs.)
 54869  Open Face 5mm Reinforced Adjusters (Long/8pcs.)
 54872  T3-01 Aluminum Front Fork Stabilizer
 54873  WR-02CB T Parts (Wheel Rims) (Deep Gray)
 51612  1/10 Scale R/C TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TS050 HYBRID Body Parts Set
 51614  1/10 Scale R/C Ford Mustang GT4 Body Parts Set
 51618  WR-02CB T Parts (Wheel Rims) (White)
 56552  Aluminum Center Air Tank

Scale Models
 14134  1/12 Honda Monkey 125
 24349  1/24 TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TS050 HYBRID
 35366  1/35 British Tank Destroyer M10 IIC Achilles

 95480  Mini 4WD Pig Racer GT
 95483  Mach-Bullet Metallic Special (AR Chassis)
 95482  Low Friction Large Dia. Arched Tires (Maroon, 2pcs.)
 95487  Short Mass Damper Block (6x6x14mm/pcs.) (Silver)
 95488  Short Mass Damper Block (8x8x14mm/2pcs.) (Silver)
 95489  DCR-01/02 Customizing Stickers
 95490  DCR-02 Body Parts Set (Light Smoke)
 95491  Japan Cup Junior Circuit Curve Section Set (Green, 4pcs.)
 95115  Fully Cowled Mini 4WD 25th Anniv. White Tires & Black Plated Wheels

Tools & Paints
 69926  Amphibious Vehicle Set (Blue & Yellow)
 74561  Quick Hose Joint
 74562  Quick Hose Joint Plugs (2pcs.)
 82164  LP-64 Olive drab (JGSDF)
 82165  LP-65 Rubber black
 82166  LP-66 Flat flesh

Tamiya’s announcement of the 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show

The 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show
It’s nearly that time of year again, when the world descends upon Shizuoka, Japan for the annual festival of hobby and model related products that is the Shizuoka Hobby Show! Click on the links for some advance information…

■Student Day
※Only open to students attending school, prior application required.
May 8th (Wed.) 9:30~18:00

■Trade Days ※Not open to the public.
May 9th (Thu.) 9:30~16:30
May 10th (Fri.) 9:30~16:30

■Consumer Days
May 11th (Sat.) 9:00~17:00
May 12th (Sun.) 9:00~16:00
■Venue: Twin Messe Shizuoka

Click here for the official event website (Japanese language only)

The 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show promises to be a massive festival of hobby-related fun, and Tamiya’s booth will once again be the focus of attention with the display of new and recent releases in each genre. Get down to the Twin Messe venue and take a look at the new products, taking the chance to speak to Tamiya staff, as well as doing some shopping in the sales corner. The popular Tamiya Open House event will be held on the Saturday and Sunday at the Tamiya HQ, making it a packed 2 days of hobby-related fun!