Photos and details of some new Tamiya Mini 4WD releases

Tamiya 18093 Koala Racer VS Chassis

This Mini 4WD race car kit includes a driver figure featuring a Koala bear. The Koala sits atop the tried and true VS chassis.

VS Chassis
The VS Chassis is a lightweight and compact chassis with a short wheelbase. Hinged gear cover and battery holders make maintenance a simple task, so this chassis really is an excellent blend of easy use and high performance!

• Mini 4WD model assembly kit. Length: 150mm, width: 97mm, height: 49mm.
• The VS Chassis is molded in White ABS.
• Comes with dedicated new sticker designs with a light green and sky-blue theme, and bamboo accents.
• Adorable Koala Racer figure comes pre-assembled and -painted.
• Large diameter narrow, lightweight Yellow wheels are paired with Green arched tires.
• Type 130 motor is included. The model features a 5:1 gear ratio.
• Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).
• A wide range of Grade-Up Parts is available separately to customize your machine.

Tamiya 95439 Gun Bluster XTO Light Blue Special FM-A Chassis (PC Body)

2019 marks 25 years since the start of the Fully Cowled Mini 4WD series, and what better way to celebrate than with a special version of the Gun Bluster XTO. It is one for the racers – it features a lightweight clear polycarbonate body, and is mounted on the cutting-edge FM-A chassis, a front motor unit with refined aerodynamics and an easy-access motor position. The muscular body comes with dedicated clear stickers.

Aerodynamic Front Motor Chassis
The FM-A chassis is a front motor unit with advanced aerodynamic themes that – thanks to its center of gravity toward the front – is at home on a whole variety of track types including those with frequent elevation changes. It comes equipped with low-friction front skid bar and roller (4 included) parts, while rear rollers are 8mm thick for superb stability. The chassis underside allows easy access to the motor and quick setup changes. Includes 3.5:1 gears and a motor.

• Mini 4WD model assembly kit.
• The FM-A Chassis and A parts are is molded in Light Blue.
• The racy Gun Bluster XTO body is molded in clear polycarbonate, which provides a weight savings of around half, compared with its plastic counterparts.
• White spiral type 6-spoke wheels are paired with hard small diameter low-profile tires (Light Blue).
• Dedicated clear stickers are included to decorate the body.
• Type 130 motor is included. The model features a 3.5:1 gear ratio.
• Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).
• A wide range of Grade-Up Parts is available separately to customize your machine.

Tamiya 95440 Dash-X1 Proto Emperor Black Premium Special Super II Chassis

This is a Black Special version of the Dash-X1 Proto-Emperor Premium (original model: Item 18074), the car piloted by Jin Kidouin in the popular Japanese Mini 4WD cartoon “Dash! Yonkuro.” The model is mounted on the adaptable and speedy Super-II Chassis.

Super-II Chassis:
The Super-II Chassis is the next generation of the Super 1 Chassis, and it features race-ready advancements such as a reinforced bumper, rear stay secured by 2 rotating switches and screw-secured cover. The chassis also offers excellent adaptability.

• Mini 4WD model assembly kit. Length: 150mm, width: 97mm, height: 50mm.
• The Super-II Chassis is molded in Yellow ABS.
• The body comes molded in Black PS.
• Comes with updated, dedicated metallic stickers with a black and old gold theme.
• Black large-diameter, lightweight narrow wheels are paired with Yellow arched tires.
• Type 130 motor is included. The model features a 4.2:1 gear ratio.
• Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).
• A wide range of Grade-Up Parts is available separately to customize your machine.

Tamiya 95456 Basic Mini 4WD Car Box with Sleeve Avante JR 30th Anniversary

This special box celebrates the Avante Jr. 30th anniversary! It is a special version of the Basic Mini 4WD Car Box, with a new design and special sleeve! The handy box lets you both store your Mini 4WD machine safely and check against official Mini 4WD dimension regulations.

• Parts are included for one box and sleeve.
• Avante name and legendary “Being nuts is NEAT!” phrase printed on the blue box.
• Made from durable cardboard. Simple fold-together assembly.
• Sleeve is made from clear PET plastic, and will keep dust away from your car.
• Approx. 105x165mm internal dimensions correspond to Mini 4WD race regulations.
• External dimensions: 110 x 175 x 53mm. Fits neatly into the Mini 4WD Portable Pit.

Details of Tamiya 64417 R/C Guide Book Volume 12 (2018 Autumn-Winter)

Released around Saturday, October 27, 2018 432 yen (main unit price 400 yen)

Tamiya RC guidebook Vol.12 published carefully selected Tamiya’s main RC model is issued. Touring cars and formula cars with high-speed driving charm, buggies that do not choose a place to run, comical models that are overflowing with action, 3-wheel RC with a new sense that the big size turns by tilting the car body and a powerful tank and trailer truck Dancing rider “, XB of completed model which you can enjoy running right out of the box, Tamiya’s main RC model is released at once. Also featured a noteworthy new product “Comical Glass Hopper” announced at the hobby show in October 2018. If you also print a popular QR code and jump to the Tamiya homepage using smartphones and mobile phones, you can enjoy RC videos. In addition, the RC start guide introduced the basis of the gear ratio setting which is the key of the machine’s tune-up. Of course, the page which becomes a reference of fans who start RC from now on such as race participation guide, introduction of popular “Try !! Tamiya RC school” is enriched. At the end of the book I also took a guide to the nationwide hobby shop and Tamiya ‘s RC circuit. All-color A4 size, 38 pages with plenty of volume.

First photo of Tamiya 58660 Dynahead 6×6 G6-01TR

Coming by years end is the new Tamiya R/C 58660 Dynahead 6×6 G6-01TR!!

The Dynahead 6×6 takes inspiration from the big trucks used in grueling off-road world of truck trials. The sleek body appears on the G6-01TR chassis, which is based upon the G6-01, with hub reduction axles providing extra height for taking on rougher terrain.

• 1/18 scale 6WD R/C model assembly kit. Length: 453mm, width: 244mm, height: 232mm. Wheelbase: 173+126mm.
• The cab-over truck body is a special design by Takayuki Yamazaki of PDC Design-works.
• Hub reduction axles raise ground clearance by 15mm; in conjunction with the traction provided by a 37.35:1 gear ratio (with kit-included 18T pinion), the Dynahead 6×6 has awesome off-road and crawling capability!
• 5-spoke wheels are paired with V-tread block tires (Item 53854) for superlative bite.
• With suspension reassembly and a separately-sold transmitter with 4WS function and R/C equipment, the rear wheels can be made steerable.
• Type 540 brushed motor included.
• Requires: 2-Channel Radio, servo, ESC (electronic speed control) 7.2volt battery pack & charger, and Tamiya PS paint.

Tamiya New Item Release list November 2018

R/C Models
42326  1/10 R/C TA07 MS Chassis Kit
47382  1/10 R/C TT-02RR Chassis Kit
48215  1/35 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 10 Tank (w/Control Unit)
47376  1/18 R/C King Yellow 6×6 (Painted Body) (G6-01)
54815  TT-02B Reinforced Gear Covers & Lower Suspension Arms (w2pcs.)
54828  On Road Racing Truck H Parts (Chrome Plated)
54832  T3-01 Rear Wide Pin Spike Tires (2pcs.)
54833  T3-01 Wheels for Rear Wide Pin Spike Tires (Chrome Plated, 2pcs.)
54837  1/8 Scale R/C Dancing Rider Lightweight Body Parts Set
54844  Marking Stickers (for 1/14 R/C On Road Racing Trucks)
51607  1/10 Scale R/C Land Rover Defender 90 Body Parts Set
51608  1/10 Scale R/C TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRT/Yaris WRC Body Parts Set

Scale Models
35363  1/35 M3A1 Scout Car
24348  1/24 Nissan 370Z Heritage edition
25182  1/35 German Tank Panther Ausf.D Special Edition
25183  1/35 German Tank Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.J Special Edition
35072  1/35 Russian Tank Destroyer SU-85
35093  1/35 Russian Tank Destroyer SU-122
35138  1/35 T34/85 Russian Medium Tank
35142  1/35 Russian Tank KV-1B Model 1940 w/Applique Armor

95422  Mini 4WD Owl Racer GT
95425  Avante Mk.III Red Special
95432  Fighter Magnum VFX Premium (Super-II Chassis)
95446  Mini 4WD Oval Home Circuit (2-Level Lane Change) plus Cyclone Magnum Prem. & Hurricane Sonic Prem.
95474  Mini 4WD Avante Jr. 30th Anniversary Special
95260  HG Carbon Rear Multi Roller Setting Stay (1.5mm)
95429  Large Dia. Stabilizer Head Set (11mm, 15mm) (Blue)
95430  Large Dia. Stabilizer Head Set (17mm) (Blue)
95435  Slimline Mass Damper Set (Silver)
95441  Mini 4WD Motor Case 2 (Smoke Colored)
95457  Mini 4WD Setting Gauge (Gold)
95458  2mm Aluminum Lock Nut (Gold, 5pcs.)
95459  2mm Aluminum Lock Nut (Dark Blue, 5pcs.)
95460  Large Dia. Narrow Fiberglass Wheels & Arched Tires (Fluorescent Pink)
95461  Low Friction Front Under Guard (Black)
95473  Mini 4WD Compact Bag (Blue)
10319  Mini 4WD Propeller Shaft C Set

Tools & Paints
70232  Chain-Program Robot
87198  Paint Retarder (Lacquer)
89982  Modeler’s Knife (Dark Yellow)
89983  Modeler’s Knife (Olive Drab)

Another release – Tamiya 47379 ProMarkt-Zakspeed AMG Mercedes C-Class (TT-01E)

Tamiya 47379 ProMarkt-Zakspeed AMG Mercedes C-Class TT-01 Type E

The Mercedes Benz ProMark from Team Zakspeed is a reissue of the TAMIYA model from the 90s. The new version is based on the proven TT-01E chassis with all-wheel drive. The body of the C-class is equipped with many additional parts, such as mirrors, rear spoiler, windscreen wiper, chromed radiator grille and Mercedes star. The 1/10 scale TAMIYA model has a powerful torque-tuned electric motor. Highlight is also the enclosed Tamiya TBLE-02S electronic speed controller with which brushed motors and gesensorte brushless motors can be operated.

– Kit model in scale 1/10, TT-01 Type E tub frame chassis
– length: 445mm, width: 186mm
– Polycarbonate body, Mercedes Benz C-Class DTM model from the 1994 season
– Body parts: mirror, pike wing, windshield wiper, radiator grille and Mercedes star
– extensive decal sheet of the team Zakspeed with the main sponsor ProMarkt
– Rims dyed in gun-metal-encapsulated 4WD all-wheel drive
– powerful 540 torque tuned electric motor
– Independent wheel suspension front and rear, differential gear v/h, double wishbone v/h
– electronic brushless/brushed speed controller
– many tuning parts optionally available

Tamiya Plamodel Factory Announcement of 19th Modellers & Suites Decoration Contest Awards

The 19th Modellers & Suites Decoration Contest held 73 works.
This time the theme is “a small world”, so many small and lovely works assembled cute.

Source and more details Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Tresa Yokohama store

Tamiya 58661 BUGGYRA FAT FOX 1/14 TT-01E photos, boxart & details

Here comes a new addition to the stable of racing trucks in the world of Tamiya R/C! This model recreates the Buggyra Racing Fat Fox piloted in the 2018 season of the European truck racing circuit by 2017 champion Adam Lacko.

• This is a 1/14 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 420mm, width: 187mm, height: 188mm.
• The Buggyra Fat Fox form is captured by a 3-piece polycarbonate body (2 cab components and body) put together using double-sided tape.
• Separate polycarbonate rear fender and coupler parts, moulded plastic side mirrors and 2-piece rear bumper.
• Included stickers recreating the sponsors and livery of the #1 truck for the 2018 season, driven by Adam Lacko.
• Black moulded wheels and 70mm diameter radial tires are specifically designed for racing truck models.
• Features moulded parts compatible with 5mm taillight LEDs in separately-sold Tamiya LED Light Unit.
• The TT-01 Type-E chassis features shaft-driven 4WD with easy handling and great customizability.
• A wide range of option parts is available to tune the TT-01 Type-E chassis.
• Torque Tuned Motor & ESC Included

First videos of the new Tamiya 70232 Chain-Program Robot & Mini 4WD design contest result announcement at the 58th All Japan Model Hobby Show 2018

本日発表の新製品「チェーンプログラムロボット工作セット」です。前、右、左のコマをチェーンのようにつなぎ合わせて「繰り返す」動作を実現。今度は首も振りますよ。12月発表予定。3,400円(税別)■第58回 全日本模型ホビーショー 2018のご案内

Gepostet von タミヤの工作Lab am Donnerstag, 27. September 2018

New product “chain program robot working set” announced today.
Realizing the “repeat” operation by connecting the front, right, and left frames like a chain. I will also shake my head this time.
It will be announced in December 3,400 yen (excluding tax)

ミニ四駆デザインコンテスト 5作品の製品化が決定!

ミニ四駆デザインコンテスト、製品化が決定したマシンはこの5台です! 9/29(土)30(日)に一般公開日される「全日本模型ホビーショー」会場ではこのほかの入賞作や応募作もパネル展示中。もちろん注目の新製品展示もたっぷり。ぜひぜひご来場ください! #ミニ四駆 #mini4wd

Gepostet von TAMIYA(タミヤ) am Freitag, 28. September 2018

The Mini 4WD Design Contest, the machines decided to be commercialized are these 5 machines! At the “All Japan Model Hobby Show” which will be open to the public on Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, 30th (Sunday), other prize-winning works and entries Also exhibiting the panel. Of course, plenty of interesting new product exhibits. Please come by all means! # Mini 4WD # mini 4wd