Fall / Winter 2020 Tamiya Mini 4WD New Product Lineup by MC Guts & Mini 4WD Doctor

MC Guts and Mini 4WD introduce new Mini 4WD products in the fall and winter of 2020! We will explain thoroughly from various angles while holding the actual items and parts. Please take a look.
MC Guts / Mini 4WD Doctor

00:00 ~ Opening
★ Mini 4WD new product kit ★
03:13 ~ Honda e
10:40 ~ Neo VQS Advance Pack (VZ Chassis)
15:51 ~ Rise Emperor Black Special (MA chassis)
18:06- Mach Frame Black Special (FM-A Chassis)
22:07 ~ Copper Fang Black Special (FM-A chassis)
★ Mini 4WD new product parts ★
26:51 ~ HG Low Height Tire Aluminum Wheel II (2 Reversible)
30:30 ~ 17mm Aluminum bearing roller with plastic ring (dish) (red)
32:18 ~ High mount tube stabilizer set (black)
34:16 ~ HG 17mm all aluminum bearing roller (taper type)
36:09 ~ Ending

Official detail photos of Tamiya 42364 1/10 RC TA07 MSX Chassis Kit & Tamiya 58686 1/10 RC VQS (2020)

Tamiya 42364 1/10 RC TA07 MSX Chassis Kit

Chassis length = 370mm (including bumper) The photo shows the assembled kit.
* Body, motor, tires, wheels, RC mechanism, battery, etc. are not included in the product.

The highest peak of one-belt 4WD with improved road surface responsiveness and traction
This model further refines the driving performance of the TA07 MS, an electric RC 4WD touring car chassis that uses a highly efficient single-belt drive 4WD. The lower deck is available in 2.25mm thick carbon and 2.0mm thick aluminum suitable for high grip road surfaces to support various road surface conditions. Combined with a vertically arranged 2.0mm thick upper deck, it creates supple roll characteristics while ensuring pitching rigidity. In addition, two motor positions with different traction characteristics can be selected. As with the TRF420, the suspension mount uses a resin bush for delicate settings. The front and rear pulleys are the same as the TRF420. In addition, while making the SSBB damper a standard specification, we also prepared a carbon damper stay (3 mm thick) compatible with the TRF damper for bumpy road surfaces. [TA07 MSX kit standard parts (* = dedicated parts for this kit)]

● Carbon lower deck 2.25mm * ● Aluminum lower deck 3.0mm * ● Carbon front upper deck (2 types) 2.0mm * ● Carbon rear upper deck (2 types) 2.0mm * ● Carbon damper stay for SSBB 3.0mm * ● TRF damper Carbon damper stay 3.0mm * ● Carbon bumper support 2.0mm ● Aluminum lower bulkhead * ● Aluminum motor mount * ● TRF420 Front direct pulley ● TRF420 Aluminum direct cup ● TRF420 Gear differential ● Double cardan drive shaft 44mm ● Lightweight joint pipe for double cardan ● 44mm lightweight swing shaft (reinforced type) ● TRF420 wheel axle ● TRF super short big bore damper ● TA07 Adjustable Ackerman ● Aluminum servo mount * ● Adjustable suspension mount ● VG O ring ● Aluminum turn buckle ● 04 Hard coat aluminum pinion (27T)

Basic specifications
● Chassis length = 370mm (including bumper) ● Chassis width = 187mm ● Wheel base = 257mm * For on-road use only

Items to be purchased separately
● RC device with ESC 2-channel radio
● Recommended batteries LF2200-6.6V Racing pack ・ 9,500 yen (55102) etc.
● Recommended motor OP.1611 Brushless motor 02 with sensor 10.5T ・ 7,800 yen (54611) OP.1612 Brushless motor 02 with sensor 15.5T ・ 7,800 yen ( 54612) etc.
● Recommended tire OP.433 Fiber mold tire Medium narrow A 2 pcs, 1,200 yen (53433) OP.1952 Fiber mold C2 tire (24 mm, 2 pcs) 1,200 yen (54952) etc.
● Recommended inner OP.434 Mold inner medium narrow・ Soft (2 pcs) ・ 350 yen (53434) OP.582 Molded inner medium narrow ・ Medium (2 pcs) ・ 350 yen (53582) etc.
● Recommended body SP.1585 Raikiri GT spare body ・ 4,000 yen (51585) SP.1622 Toyota GR Supra Spare Body Set ・ 4,000 yen (51622) etc.

Tamiya 58686 1/10 RC VQS (2020)

Total length = 435 mm * All images are under development.
* Polycarbonate body is painted black and cut.

Appearance for the first time in 28 years!!
Middle class buggy that inherits the DNA of the famous car Avante] Middle class that inherits the main mechanism of Avante, a 4WD racing buggy that was developed with a view to participating in big races by concentrating Tamiya’s technology at that time This is a reprint / improved version of the electric radio control buggy released in 1988 as a model. Overall length 435 mm, overall width 235 mm, overall height 150 mm. ● Uses a lightweight and strong ABS resin monocoque chassis. It is easy to maintain, protects the RC mechanism from shocks, and makes full use of the suspension performance with a structure with little deflection. In addition, inspection hatches are installed in the front and rear gearboxes, making gear replacement work easy. ● Sharp turning performance is demonstrated by a 3-diff configuration equipped with a small planetary type diff in the front and rear and a ball thrust diff in the center. Furthermore, in addition to reliable and smooth power transmission, a universal drive shaft is used in the front and rear to improve driving reliability without worrying about falling off during driving.

Suspension that allows you to enjoy delicate settings
Double wishbone type 4-wheel independent suspension uses screw shafts for each upper arm. Delicate settings are possible by adjusting the length of the arm. In addition, it is equipped with four CVA oil dampers, front and rear stabilizers, and a front upright made of machined aluminum to tighten the suspension.

Tamiya Upcoming Releases November & December 2020

R/C Models
42364 1/10 RC TA07 MSX Chassis Kit
47453 1/10 RC Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Flower Power (M-05 Chassis)
47455 VQS (2020) High Capacity Damper Set
56363 1/14 RC Scania R470 High Line (Silver Edition) Full Operation Set
57924 1/14 RC XB Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4 MB Motorsport (TT-01 Chassis TYPE-E)
57925 1/10 RC XB Toyota GR Yaris (M-05 Chassis) Red
58682 1/10 R/C 1991 Audi V8 Touring (TT-02)
58683 1/14 RC Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4 MB Motorsport (TT-01 Chassis TYPE-E)
58684 1/10 R/C TOYOTA GR Yaris (M-05)
58686 1/10 RC VQS (2020)
51653 1/10 RC 1991 Audi V8 Touring Spare Body Set
51656 1/10 RC Toyota GR Yaris Spare Body Set
51659 C-Shaped 10-Spoke Wheels (Black) 4pcs.
54961 TC-01 Double Cardan Propeller Shaft
54962 TC-01 Carbon Front Stiffeners
54963 TC-01 Aluminum Rocker Arm Posts (4pcs.)
54974 Clear color sticker (red, orange, yellow)
54976 TRF420 Brass Bumper Posts
54978 CC-02 Reinforced rear drive shaft
54979 Soft Stabilizer Set (TA07, TB-05)
54980 SW-01 Ball caster for wheelie bar
54981 06 Hard Coat Aluminum Pinion Gear (27T)

Static Models
12057 1/12 Porsche 935 Martini
24357 1/24 Lotus Super 7 Series II
24358 1/24 Lotus Europa Special
35370 1/35 German Tank Destroyer Marder I
35374 1/35 German Panzer IV F type

15528 High mount tube stabilizer set (black)
95574 Rise-Emperor Black Special (MA)
95585 Spin viper
95586 Diomars Nero
95587 Mach Frame Black Special (FM-A)
95589 Copperfang Black Special
95580 17mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Dish Type) w/Plastic Rings (Red)
95597 HG 17mm all aluminum bearing roller (taper type)
95598 Neo VQS Advance Pack (VZ Chassis)
95602 HG Aluminum Wheels for Low Profile Tires II (Reversible, 2pcs.)
95610 Oval Home Circuit “Three-dimensional Lane Change” (with Geoglider Black Special & Hexagonite Black Special Kit)

Tools & Paints
87206 Tamiya Masking Tape 1mm
87207 Tamiya Masking Tape 2mm
87208 Tamiya Masking Tape 3mm
87209 Sumi-in paint (orange brown)

Notice of cancellation of Tamiya Fair 2020

Regarding the “Tamiya Fair” that we hold every autumn, we will cancel this year from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections.
Along with this, the following events scheduled to be held at Tamiya Fair will also be canceled this year.

Expansion scheduled events (all discontinued)
· Tamiya Grand Prix world championship
· RC tank Owners meeting
· Mini 4WD station championship
· four wheel drive mini World Challenge
· Shizuoka Plastic Model Club, such as joint exhibition

To everyone that we apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

September 25, 2020 Tamiya, Ltd

Tamiya 1/24 Skyline GT-R Street Custom build

Tamiya 1/24 NISSAN Skyline 2000GT-R Make a street custom plastic model.
● The linkage of the Mikuni Solex carburetor can be moved in conjunction with the accelerator pedal.
● The door, bonnet, trunk, and fuel lid can be opened and closed (the bonnet was originally openable, but the hinges have been remade).
● The triangular window also opens and closes.
● The head light, tail light, and instrument panel illuminate.
● You can check (insert and remove) the oil level gauge.

* It is not a complete reproduction of the actual vehicle. Think of it as an original custom specification.

In addition, the headlight lens is newly built from UV resin, the wheel uses Fujimi’s wheel kit for the rear wheel, and the tire “ADVAN HF Type D” is used from the same kit. The seat belts are remade using ribbons, the floor mats are made from epoxy putty, and so on.
For the convenience of editing, a considerable part is cut. If you want to watch the video before cutting, or if you don’t know what you are doing, please take a look at the Skyline GT-R edition of the [Creator’s perspective] series.
Or, an article with detailed explanation will be posted on the site “Illustration! Anything Production Diary” soon.

Thank you for many comments and likes in the creator’s perspective series! I couldn’t reply to all of them, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

For detailed production articles, see the site https://nandemo-seisaku.com/category/car_motorbike/gt-r-kpgc10/

Source: 図解!なんでも制作日記 YouTube channel