Shizuoka is the capital of the model world!

By Takafumi Yabuki

Shizuoka City, which has a concentration of manufacturers such as Tamiya and Bandai Spirits and has an 80% share of the domestic shipment value of plastic models, announced on the 12th that it will install “plastic model monuments” in three locations in the city. It is said that an unveiling ceremony will be held in front of JR Shizuoka Station on the 19th.

The monument, which is about 2 meters high and is made of stainless steel, has the image of a “plastic model before assembly”. It is easy to take a commemorative photo, and the aim was to let tourists and foreigners know at a glance what Shizuoka is like. The Shizuoka Model Teaching Material Cooperative (Chairman, Shunsaku Tamiya, Chairman of Tamiya) also cooperated in the design.

The monuments located at Twin Messe Shizuoka in Suruga Ward and the south exit of JR Shizuoka Station, where the largest model exhibition in Japan, “Shizuoka Hobby Show,” will be held, will feature the characters “Model World Capital” and the city emblem of Shizuoka City. It was. In front of the station, an illustration drawn by Eiji Shimamura, who is known for the design of the plastic model box, is also attached. In front of the main building of the city hall, with the cooperation of Japan Post, the posts that can actually be used are expressed in the “before assembly” state.

In the future, he wants to cooperate with private companies to increase the number of plastic monuments that express products and corporate images. Mayor Nobuhiro Tanabe said at a press conference, “It’s better to have more monuments. I hope the company will have a win-win relationship that will attract customers.”

Source in Japanese language: Asahi Digital

This RC truck never gets old! Tamiya Super Clod Buster Black Edition video review by RC Driver

If you walk up to a random person on the street and ask if they know anyone with an RC car and what is it, there is a good chance they will say: I know someone with a Tamiya Clod Buster. The Tamiy a ClodBuster is a true icon in the RC hobby. It has been around for decades and continues to make hobbyists today excited to own one. Greg is exactly that, he’s beyond excited to have a Clod Buster back in his RC collection and the version he got his hands on is the Super Clod Buster Black Edition. This video won’t be the typical review video, but more of just talking about the Clod and what it means to Greg, what he thinks it means to hobbyists and why it’s as popular as it is. Of course we’ll show you details of the truck and even lots of action. We know you want to see it running! The Clod Buster is a true RC classic, we hope you have fun watching our fun with the truck.
Source: RC Driver YouTube channel

Yasuo Ohtsuka 1931-2021

Tamiya was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Yasuo Ohtsuka, the legendary animator. Otsuka-san had worked on the design of early Tamiya R/C cars and Mini 4WD, as well as military model figures. He is an integral part of our history and will be sorely missed, although we hope that he continues to watch over the model industry he so generously supported. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and loved ones.

Some samples of his work:

Full details photos and video of Tamiya 58693 TA08 PRO Chassis Kit

Speedy and controllable 2 belt-driven 4WD chassis in TA series!
It has been five years since the last time new number chassis in the TA 4WD R/C touring car series. The slim TA08 PRO Chassis Kit eliminates the need for an upper deck, which balances weight and rigidity. Its layout features the motor in near identical position to the TRF420, with the spur gear in front of the motor. Newly designed upper & lower arms make effective use of tire grip, equipped with laid down SSBB (Super Short Big Bore) dampers. This kit was based on Tamiya’s extensive know-how built up through our traditional chassis series and data from racing, and offers plenty of potential for tuning.

Separately Required Items
●Body ●Type 540 motor (Brushless motor is recommended) ●Tires ●R/C equipment: 2-channel R/C system with ESC and low profile servo ●Battery Pack and Charger ●Batteries for transmitter

Tamiya Introduction of TA08 PRO and TA series history & Tamiya Mini 4WD LIVE Vol.2″ Live broadcast of the Japan Cup 2020 satellite Okayama tournament venue

Introduction of TA series history ① and Tamiya RC high-tech course
-Looking back on the history of the TA series, which was the beginning of the current Tamiya touring car RC, from the first “TA-01” (released in 1991).
・ The popular Tamiya RC high-tech course explains how to make “gear differential” and how to select oil. Gear differentials are used in various types of RC, but they are an important part that greatly affects driving performance. We will generously convey professional know-how such as adjustment methods!

Introduction of TA series history ② and new products
・ The second TA series history that continues from the morning episode! .. Introducing the history of belt drive touring cars that started with TA03 (released in 1996). We look back on the chassis layout that has evolved with the times.
・ [Special news] Introducing the details of Tamiya NEW Touring RC car !!
Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara,

Tamiya Mini 4WD LIVE
Live broadcast of the Japan Cup 2020 satellite Okayama tournament venue! (plans)

A new corner “Mini 4WD Academy” has also started to deepen the knowledge of Mini 4WD.
In addition to new product information, we will be the first to introduce the latest information on YouTube Live.
You can post comments and ask questions during the live stream, so please join us in the program as well.
・ Mini 4WD public relations: Master Ueda
・ Tamiya Mini 4WD Planning and Development Staff

Tamiya RC Condele Results Announcement and Tamiya Engine Workshop Introduction & Introducing Tamiya RC March new products and 2021 Tamiya race event and Tamiya RC history

Tamiya RC Condele Results Announcement and Tamiya Engine Workshop Introduction
・ Announcement of the result of the hashtag project “#Tamiya RC Condele” !! Thank you for posting a lot of original colors, real finishes, and unique customs. Introducing a number of unique machines that are fun just to look at!
・ We will relay the “Engine RC Car Workshop” held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit from the site !!

Introduction of Tamiya RC March new products and 2021 Tamiya race event and Tamiya RC history
・ Introducing new products from Tamiya RC March 2021 !! We will also explain new tires for touring cars and M chassis.
・ Introducing the 2021 Tamiya Challenge Cup and Tamiya Grand Prix Regulations and the key points of race strategy.
・ Introduction of Tamiya RC History ⑦. “Wild Willis” used by the main character of the popular RC manga “Radicon Boy” in the 1980s will also appear !!
Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara