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Total length 290m, electric car, of course data can also enjoy more than enough overwhelming power of the engine car Miya Kakegawa circuit is, all-weather support of the RC circuit It was reopened as. Back strike of 77m to the rate, the combination of a variety of corners, is one of the largest on-road circuit world. Of course, for an electric dune buggy there is off-road course, even rock crawling field for crawler machine, tap the Tamiya RC car you can enjoy Ri. Facilities enhancement, such as a power and compressors. Course use is carried out in a membership system, RC fan of you can join et anyone.
Also new women-only break space. Air conditioning in a dedicated building is also fully equipped, the relaxed atmosphere Masu your slowly your Kutsuro Giitadake in. Including the Tamiya RC car fans, who one and four wheel drive mini user of women, please enjoy the hobby life in’s new Tamiya Kakegawa circuit.

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In 1996 as the largest engine & electric RC car course world “Tamiya Kakegawa support Kitto” was created. This year marks the 20th anniversary of open, RC code of the all-weather type that can even run in the rain and then reopened as vinegar. The long-awaited circuit, the first event is “Tami ya Grand Prix All-Japan Championships Kakegawa tournament”. Tamiya Grand Prix premier class [TRF championship] and, nimble driving performance in a compact body is in addition to the electric class, such as [M-Japan championship] of charm, even engine class Kakegawa circuit of charm with plenty to enjoy will be held.

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Including the electric RC car can enjoy the overwhelming power of the engine RC car to heart’s content, of the world’s largest class Tamiya Kakegawa circuit has been renewed in the “all-weather”. The course employs a mutable island-type layout, paved road surface construction in the asphalt that was taking advantage of the many years of experience. Off-road courses and crawling field can also be enjoyed in the same way to this.
Also according to the renewal, also established women-only break space. Such as the little you face-lift and break, you can spend moments of relaxation in was fully equipped space.
RC car fan, of course, together with your family and friends, please enjoy a comfortable hobby life in’s new Tamiya Kakegawa circuit.

※ Available from June 13, 2016 (Monday).

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Thanks to Tamiya will celebrate the 70 anniversary of its founding this year. And we put the feelings of gratitude to the people who are our patronage on a daily basis, you will receive a souvenir of stuffed special design of the 70-year history.

June 11 (Saturday) Start!
Customers Tamiya product you purchase 3,000 yen or more in the first arrival will receive a commemorative sticker or decal in the shop.


This over-the-counter poster is a landmark.



● handling of the prize of sticker or decal will vary depending on the store. In addition, because the prize is by holding store-like it may have been the end, details, thank you so you will contact us in advance to hold shop like.
● The number of prizes is limited. No longer it will be as soon as the campaign ended.
※ This campaign about the inquiry Tamiya Customer Service 054-283-0003 (weekdays 8 am to 20 pm / Saturday, Sunday, and holidays 8:00 am to 17) up. ※ The photograph is an image by all prototype. The actual prize might be different.

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tamiya 844312016 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the Vaillant-liveried Tamiya Porsche 934 (Item 58001). It was the first ever Tamiya R/C car model and one which would kick off a major worldwide trend that still continues to this day. This kit is part of the celebrations of that anniversary, and recreates the 934 in distinctive Jägermeister livery. This highly detailed body runs on the short wheelbase and wide stance TA02SW chassis. The kit includes a plethora of option parts to make this a very special release.


tamiya 84431 2The TA-02SW exhibits a short-wheelbase and has a wide track to accommodate the scale form of the real sports car. It normally features a tub chassis with 4-wheel, fully independent suspension coupled with a rear ball differential and a front gear type differential. This special edition is fitted with a double deck FRP chassis for increased rigidity.

Option Parts Included:
Item 53142 Aluminum Motor Mount
Item 53166 FRP Chassis Set
Item 53194 FRP Rear Damper Stay
Item 54608 CC-01 Assembly Universal Shafts
Item 53152 Hard Propeller Shaft
Item 53193 FRP Front Damper Stay
Item 53806 Ball Diff Cup Joint for Universal Shaft



The 934 is recreated stunningly in durable polycarbonate, with separate side mirror and wing parts. Separate light cases are also included.
Comes with an LED light unit to light up headlights and taillights for the ultimate realistic appearance.
The TA02SW chassis was previously used on the 911 GT2 Racing (Items 58172, 84399 and 47321). It offers a short (236mm) wheelbase and wide tread setup; similar to that so often employed by Porsche.
This kit uses the FRP chassis set, which transforms the chassis into a double deck unit using rigid and lightweight FRP material parts.
FRP front and rear damper stays ensure optimum performance from the CVA oil damper-fitted 4-wheel double wishbone suspension.
The stainless steel propeller shaft is highly durable and offers efficient transmission of power.
Includes front and rear assembly universal shafts, which come with ball diff cup joints.
Enclosed front and rear gear cases have built-in diff gears. The rear is fitted with a ball differential.
Comes with 2-piece wheels, tires and inner sponges. The rear of the model uses wide wheels.
Full ball bearings included.


1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit
Length: 435mm
Width: 202mm
Height: 130mm


Source: Tamiya

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■ On both days 9:00 to 16:30
■ In the tour point professional staff of each department will answer questions of everyone.
■ Break is available the main building fifth floor cafeteria. Also responsible for the sale of snacks.
■ Guidance of the venue have been made ​​on the second floor of the reception.
■ Tamiya access map to the open house
■ Guidance of the 55th Shizuoka Hobby Show (Tamiya HP) in preparation

Tamiya headquarters building is welcome. We also look forward to your visit of everyone in a variety of vehicle exhibition this year. image History Museum and showrooms, etc., you can visit freely. Image Design section and, planning section will be happy to explain staff of full-time.


Visit point
Let’s go to see the “1/1 mini four-wheel drive Aero Avante”!
“When you become a mini four-wheel drive is a real car ….” Everyone once if the fan is only one machine in the world that realizes the dreams that have fantasies about. In Hobby Show period, during the exhibition to Tamiya headquarters showroom! Please have a look at this opportunity. ※ See here for 1/1 mini four-wheel drive vehicle projects.


3F other
Office Tour

visited the office usually can not be seen easily. Professional staff of each department, we will explain clearly!


Main Building 1F
Injection molding machine demonstration & mold factory tour
can be seen of the mold can process and plastic model of a possible rise situation up close.


Exhibition the 2006 model year NSX-GT (2009 years color)
headquarters 2F showroom

Make the vehicle exhibition of NSX-GT, which was active in the SUPER GT Championship. It performs a number of name game, is a machine that has a lot of fans. Please taste plenty of atmosphere of Japan premier race.
※ cooperation: (Ltd.) Team Kunimitsu race Division


Exhibition Daihatsu COPEN
headquarters front entrance

“fun I car” was made ​​in such a concept, Daihatsu Copen. Also appeared as an item of Tamiya of four wheel drive mini series. Exhibition this vehicle in the open house. Pretty, and certainly please see the sporty vehicle.
※ cooperation: Shizuoka Daihatsu Sales Co., Ltd. Kakegawa shop


East Building 2F
Let’s make Suites decoration! (Surcharge)
made ​​even, why not try to make a lifelike candy fun Suites Decoration can decorate? You can enjoy many variations in their preferences.
Time 9:15 to 16:30 (15:30 reception end), at any time at the reception venue
for ⇒ more information please click here.


Headquarters 2F showroom
doll remodeling contest exhibition

exhibition the 42nd doll remodeling contest excellent work. Subject is a contest that applicants from the topic of celebrities, characters, historical figures and historical background also added a wide range of age groups.


Head Office 5F · rooftop
RC Car experience running meetings and “Try! Tamiya RC”, enjoy the running of the new RC car “Star unit Aero Avante”!

Try to experience the fun to operate touch the RC! Tamiya RC, also carried the experience run meeting of Tamiya latest RC car “Star unit Aero Avante”. And affordable speed, that can be easily operated, okay with women and small children. Of course you are an advanced user match race also will be held.


Main Building 2F
fun-filled work square
Let’s play with the remote control robot! Challenge to the game in the popularity of Lobo craft series and tools series that was including the Mechanical Blowfish or the remote control Boxing Fighter!


Main building 5F · indoor
the four wheel drive mini Workshop held (surcharge)
!! Let playing to create a mini four-wheel drive kit was purchased on the spot at the day of sale corner, etc. (do from time to time accept.)
Completed is the machine is capable of running on a dedicated circuit. In the assembly, we will staff is allowed to gently lecture. ※ traveling in the circuit I will limit it to the machine that was assembled at the Workshop.
※ There is no installation of four wheel drive mini-free driving course.


Sales Corner
Main building 5F, Main Building 2F, East Building 5F

lastic model and RC car, mini four-wheel drive, tool kit, original goods, of course, also limited product that can not be put into the hands only in the event venue will be sold. ※ was our popular 2015, outlet sales of the product, but does not this year. Please note,.


Tamiya headquarters / Tamiya Circuit / Hobby Show venue
weekend hobby Zammai enjoyed in the Tri! Tamiya RC tour 2016 spring parent-child !!

and TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) staff, and assembly experience of RC car, traveling in the Tamiya circuit, I was planning to “try !! Tamiya RC tour 2016 spring” of Hobby Zammai over the Shizuoka Hobby show venue and Tamiya headquarters in a dedicated bus.
Enjoy the pros and cons, “the world capital of Shizuoka model” in parent and child, please enjoy the RC hobby.

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3 lane circuit in only postage charge will Moriageyo rental! Events in a four wheel drive mini!

Popular four wheel drive mini circuit rental service is powered up! Rental free of charge, but will remain, “bank approach” and “slope section” has been added as a possible simultaneous rental options. Since the race of operations manuals and is the venue rental banners such as ornamental also possible, from the running board of fellow each other congenial to various events such as companies, schools and organizations, to the realization of your four wheel drive mini planning, by all means rent Please help us to service.


Overview of the four wheel drive mini circuit rental services
[Service Basics]
Rental period up to a maximum 14 days
rental free of charge, to bear if the round-trip shipping fee only
Circuit rental can be up to three sets of
up-and-down section (bank where you can enjoy, three-dimensional circuit layout Approach Slope section) rental possible (each one set each)
and uplink and banners such as decorative items are also available for rental
are also available if you do not meet your request by ※ lending situation. Please note. [Contact lending to product information of the circuit] , ” Japan Cup Junior Circuit (Tricolor) ” – ” Junior Circuit slope section ” – ” Junior Circuit bank approach 20 section ” [lending other ornaments Contact] banner to be used for the venue decoration, climbing (Please note that there is a limited number of loans. In addition, since the climbing will be lending you only flag part, weight-flagpole, please be prepared separately). [Basic information of the circuit] , “Japan Cup Junior Circuit” a set of package size about 920㎜ × 660㎜ × 320㎜, 15kg of – “Japan Cup Junior Circuit” one set of size, 3060mm × when it is assembled as oval course 1440 mm -circuit one set of straight and curved like, is composed of 16 sections, enables enlargement of the layout changes and courses by combining multiple sets. [Four wheel drive mini circuit past lending example of] school festival, in-house events, car dealer shop events, shopping center events, neighborhood association events, such as We have been used in a wide range of events. ★ even in private race between fellow rental OK! mini four wheel drive circuit by utilizing the rental service NEZU.log’s experience report that held a private race “nostalgia-packed! Adult becomes this way and play a mini four wheel drive with full force ”


For freight
Upon use of rental service, rental fees will be free, you pay only the round trip of the freight and (shipping time: cash on delivery / return time: prepayment).
Dispatch and return is done by using the Yamato Transport service. Scheduled to arrive the driver collection of transport company at the time of the return (it is also possible to bring in your own return goods Yamato Transport to the office). Transportation fee varies depending on the destination, the number. Transportation fee when accepting the rental application, we will inform you by e-mail or telephone. Prior confirmation of the transportation fee, “Example of a weight method of conversion and freight” and below, please also refer to the “Yamato service charge table.” Yamato mail charge table http://www.Kuronekoyamato.Co.Jp/yamatobin/yamatobin_ryokin/shizuoka.html#igai ※ rental goods will be shipped from Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Please refer to the price list of your column of “other than Hamamatsu City” of the above-mentioned link [example of the weight of the conversion method and Freight charges application of (1) “Japan Cup Junior Circuit” is “60kg to” per set are you Example: Tokyo 23 Circuit 1 set the rental … one way Freight 1,944 yen district, (round trip fee 11,664 yen in the case of three sets) round trip 3,888 yen (2) to the Junior Circuit 1 set as “slope section” ” Freight will be the application of “up to 100kg” by the combined three If you want to make a bank approach 20 ” Example: freight … one way of if you want to rent a “circuit 1 set + slope + bank” in Tokyo’s 23 wards 2,592 circle, round trip 5,184 yen. ※ “Circuit + slope only”, also in the case of “Circuit + bank only”, will apply fee of “up to 100kg”. (3) In the case of “circuit 3 set + slope + bank”, and along the above (1) (2), it will be the sum of “fee of up to 100kg” + “fee of up to 60kg,” + “fee of up to 60kg.” Example: Tokyo’s 23 wards if you want to rent a “circuit 3 set + slope + bank” transportation fee … round trip 12,960 yen

The relevant information about the circuit layout event management

[Four wheel drive mini event management manual]
This is the first operation manual for people to be operating a four wheel drive mini competitions. Download the manual here (PDF file, all page 2) [circuit layout guide] is the layout plan collection in Japan Cup Junior Circuit two sets and three sets. ※ because it also contains the required layout is four or more sets as reference information, please pay attention to the necessary number of courses that have been described. Download layout plan collection here (PDF file) [circuit layout data] available in Adobe Illustrator, it is of circuit material data. Download of circuit material data here (PDF format)





Notes on the event held
When the event held Please be careful in safety management of participants and spectators. By any chance, even if the accident has occurred, such as during the event preparation and production, withdrawal, I can not assume that all the responsibilities in the Tamiya.
Events that use the Service is not an official event of Tamiya. Such as “Tamiyamini four wheel drive certified competition” in the tournament name, please refrain from it is recommend that you use a name that might be confused with our sponsored events.


Note at the time of signing up rental service
And loan period is up to 14 days.
· Please apply to up to one week before the circuit desired arrival date.
– Then for the appropriate rental your application might be refused.
(1) Application from a person who has been declared false information at the time of application
(2) Azukasuru to anti-social forces, or your application from a person who antisocial forces belongs to a corporation that is involved in management
(3) Others, apply for rental for the purpose of use in the event that the Company deems inappropriate


How to apply the circuit rental
The following application form can you’ll sign up, there is a way to have you sign up by downloading the application form mail, in FAX. For availability of rental, after confirming the content of the event, three from Tamiya we will reply within business day.

Application of the form
application form of four wheel drive mini circuit rental services in, fill out the necessary information, please apply.

Open the application form of rental services


Mail, and your application by FAX
to download the application form, please use it to print. → ” four wheel drive mini circuit rental service application form “(PDF)

Application Form Download for FAX · mailing

Mailing when the destination: Yubinbango422-8610 Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture Suruga-ku Ondabara 3-7 Corporation Tamiya special events Division mini four wheel drive circuit rental clerk
FAX of destination: FAX number 054-281-8479, Inc. Tamiya special events Division mini four wheel drive circuit rental clerk

Contact: Please tell Tamiya special events Division mini four wheel drive circuit rental clerk as “matter of circuit rental service” Contact
TEL: 054-283-0002 (excluding weekends and holidays, 8:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 5 p.m.)

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From November 19 renewal of the “Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit” (Kakegawa, Shizuoka Tan’yo 66-1) is carried out. As a result, construction work is carried out until mid-May 2016.


Tamiya Kakegawa circuit opened in 1996, it will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2016. As celebration of the year of the milestone, on-road courses and pit area are covered in a large tent, to be the world’s largest all-weather facilities to enjoy RC car without having to worry about the weather, such as rain . Circuit layout is new design, asphalt paving also that renewed.


After the circuit completed, a number of events to enjoy in Tamiya RC car are planned.

Source: Car watch

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Once a bestseller with kids, mini 4WD race cars are making a surprise return in Japan: this time, with adults.

Racers tested their cars last month at the Japan Cup in Tokyo.

A man says he never thought he would get so involved.

A woman says she’s been coming for seven years.

Mini 4WD cars had a golden age in the 1980s and 90s.

The current generation of fans is people in their 20s to 40s.

Toymaker Tamiya introduced the first 4wd mini cars in 1982.

They were notable for their high speeds.

At their peak, more than 30-million of the cars sold each year.

But interest wanted.

A Tamiya official says the new customer is an adult who enjoyed 4WD cars as a kid.

Sales began to rebound in 2005.

A shop owner says sales tripled in the last five years.

A car that sold for 20 dollars in the 1980s now goes for almost 100 dollars.

Tamiya even commissioned a full-scale version.

Its top speed is 111 miles per hour.

The car is a hit with visitors.

A Tamiya spokesman says people appreciate the craftsmanship that went into the car.

Almost 200-million mini 4WD cars have sold worldwide.

What was once old, is new again.

Source NTV / NBC News Channel

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