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Japan’s largest Manufacturing of celebration “Maker Faire Tokyo (maker Fair Tokyo) 2015″ to Tamiya is the first time exhibitors.

Maker Faire Tokyo 2015 (abbreviation MFT2015)


■ Venue
Tokyo International Exhibition Center (commonly known as Tokyo Big Sight), Koto-ku, Tokyo Ariake 3-11-1
4 Hall, rooftop exhibit space


■ Dates
August 1, 2015 (Saturday) 12 : 00-19: 00 , 2015 August 2 (Sun) 10: 00~18: 00


■ Facebook page ” work Lab Tamiya was published in “, will be on display the work piece. Interesting Sample images and using the “fun work” series, experimental work, such as the exhibition schedule with Raspberry pi of ultra-small PC.Producers will be happy to talk to reside in the booth.

■ There is also selling
new product ” swim Manta Ray tool set , “” flywheel motor vehicle work set “the beginning, the sale of various types of machine tool products, we will do a demonstration. ※ Daily Portal Z planning “Minihebokon & water Hebokon” held! The neighbor of the Daily Portal Z booth, will be held “Hebokon tournament”. There is also the day of participation frame, and sale of machine tool kit in the Tamiya booth. Since there is still also work space, but what you can try to challenge (who do not technical force)?


■ Related site ⇒ work Lab Tamiya ⇒ Daily Portal Z “low-tech force people gather! Minihebokon-water Hebokon contestants Wanted” ⇒Maker Faire Tokyo 2015 ⇒ work Lobo Craft information

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Tamiya Yamato 1960-2010 50 years Shunsaku (13)

Also long this Web site that dormant state had been followed, and considering whether the meaning told what the 2010 year, without saying of four of five (?) I do not have a choice but to move into action. It is how important memorial year for Tamiya this year 2010, and you know so have been announced more than four months at the top page of this Web site. Tamiya plastic model for the first time ask the world, 1/800 Yamato and the May 1960 was released. Just this year in May (it is now) is what, Tamiya plastic model 50th anniversary I when such that! ! So reckless bring planning thought (?) Is “50 years of milestone,’ll let you make the first issue product of the time in their own Tamiya president!”. Fortunately, because the non-assembly of the first edition Yamato there were two in our laboratory, we were allowed to unsparingly provided. April certain day, 2010, only apo to get to met Tamiya chairman will let me take, I express to Shizuoka Tamiya headquarters. In advance to ask put in a conference room, we have arranged leave parts bag out of the box for easy assembly. Nothing you know without Tamiya president who came to the conference room to the time of promise, speechless for a moment to see what you are lined up on the table. Actually, I from where the president is entering the meeting room had been turning the movie. All from negotiations between the current planning description of in situ are left at the video. If as is here Torere is one cutting ceremony scenes, such as tree-planting ceremony, but after I was going to let you assemble towards the Tamiya staff, and went supposed to be ridiculous …. Please by all means to pay attention to chairman of talk that memory comes back to me in vivid by actually moving the hand! “What is the scoop! President is plastic model production tools you use for the first time born this time!?” one hour of video material and a large amount of near past material still image you have enjoyed this pattern is, over in the hands of masters TAC Miyamoto Director, this I have finished the work of impressive 8 minutes a little time! May 15, 2010 (Saturday), the 16th (day) limited. Tamiya Open House East Building 2F spectrum Hall and video exhibition scheduled at! Of course finished work itself is also exhibition! Those who go to the Shizuoka Hobby Show, it is also not forget to visit the Tamiya headquarters! ! (2010/05/10)


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After a long time of the update, let’s introduce the exhibition of Tamiya open house was held at the same time Shizuoka Tamiya headquarters and Shizuoka Hobby Show of this year. It is a “1,000,000 units Tiger Panther breakthrough anniversary sale”. Panther tank that was released in January 1962 will show explosive sales, while birth to Tiger tank and a synergistic effect that was released after six months, you salvation as a Tamiya was likely to fall into a management crisis of revival. And I anniversary sale has been carried out in the place where tries to round three years passed since the sale. Of ordinary laboratory was aware of the existence of the sale in since the beginning of the shame the 21st century, was a small image is an opportunity that you saw in the net auction. One day, Tamiya 1 / 21M40 Big shot (!), But I was exhibited, orange ticket unfamiliar in a corner of the exhibition image of the state, which opened the box I saw. All of the characters that are printed when the question to exhibitor in physical securities was please tell me politely. Although “This is very much!” I attempted to bid and, already in our laboratory and owns more than one M40 big shot, there is a limit in the bid of only fondness for that one ticket, sorry and it has ended in results. Our laboratory assistant that can not be give up and it is contacted again to exhibitor, “when it was such a reason, but I have sent the goods to the highest bidder, using freely because there is a picture of the ticket taken at the time of exhibition image has been sent along with the message of the to please. ” It was not a thing entirely positive contrast, the character also was a great material image that can be read in the clear. Then also we were able to get those amazing after a few years. Japan Sea side of it is Tamiya poster tattered state that had been stuck to the model shop in the old in certain provinces. Or it would place such as the 1964 year-end from the viewpoint of the lineup? Ultra S is a valuable material of class, such as sticking and dirt of paper violently, while steaming is carefully removed, framed and put on the mount, it was to have finished the restoration. Then, reel-to-reel tape recorder that hits the prize that has been resting image on the poster also obtain the same type of machine, the set is here also carefully polished “Tamiya Shunsaku Exhibition (July 2006)” I was allowed to be exhibited in. By the way, this poster and the impressions of reel-to-reel tape recorder Tamiya Shunsaku president became a look at the (at the time) “I came out is this thing also great. Hmmm, particularly to remember I wish not -” was ( ^ _ ^;). In addition to April 2008 is past time, “Tank Plastic Encyclopedia of movement of Tamiya” When I re-organized by the hand of article Roundup As we publish, we noticed that serious. It is that thing that thing that is written in this ticket and poster represents the contents of the same sale. If you think from now but is why wonder whether did not notice that this simple, even though the ticket is written, “Tiger Panther 1,000,000 units breakthrough anniversary sale”, “hit the tape recorder in the tank of Tamiya” on a poster so it was written with, would there was a prejudice from Hana it ‘s another thing. Ticket also is one of the causes also had been a store in a different place because it was the image management dimension rather than have the actual thing. But have been above all emphasized that the ticket is a stereo with one such prize “stereo one person”, why posters that the tape recorder of Dekadeka and 2, etc. prize has been greatly appeal both images and title You will also. Such in such a safely “Tank Plastic Encyclopedia of movement of the Tamiya” is I was able to introduce it have to do integrity crowded put up Japan model newspaper article announced lottery results, but just at the timing immediately after proofreading, the net auction I found a precious thing. It’s was the M48 Patton of junk state Tamiya 1/35, but also orange ticket familiar in a corner of the image in a state that opened the box you will see. You do not need to say the “There was here 100 years!” Was bid prepared with. Fortunately M40 Big shot of the popular degree different things and, it was junk, and there also be the ticket, including even its existence was not aware perhaps anyone what represent things, to bid at reasonable price that we were able. M48 is to Patton and I’m sorry, but it is the ticket was confirmed first and foremost reached the goods. Since already printing house was after the document has been sent, it was allowed to and be reflected in the fold of the reprint. Fortunately for sales also took a strong a reprint, and Yes to replace the ones that have been scanning the the original ticket “Tank Plastic Taizen movement of Tamiya” of version 2 or later (see p21). When further flow, we have finally also doing the day to get the 1 or the like prize. So After the ask towards the “everyone collectively want the exhibition to!” And Tamiya of a certain charge, and I got a reply thankfully called “Let’s create a place at the time of the upcoming Tamiya Open House”. As described above, if there is a long ~ Lee circumstances, it became possible beautifully full reproduction of “Tiger Panther 1,000,000 units breakthrough anniversary sale”. In fact those who carried the leg or will how come? Actually seemed to become even Tamiya house a little topic, it seems to have been, “What is this?” The big old old stereo. By the way, if how Tiger and Panther was 360 yen at that time to say that it has sold 1 million units sold, it will be the sales of at least 300 million 60 million yen in simple calculation. “Hmmm, perhaps Na ~? Or not it was all of the cumulative total of Tamiya tanks” I tried to ask around here also Tamiya Shunsaku president was that of the (^^ ♪. Now from 45 years ago talk it was ….


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That the four wheel drive mini “Aero Avante” in vehicle, will start a big project that dream has become a reality. Production process is delivered in video step-by-step. Also it will work even special movie. Driver enters drove to the cockpit of the four wheel drive mini, and galloping. The joy, the excitement, and the goal of this project that you share all over the world.


And four wheel drive mini is Tamiya development, sell AA batteries two and one full-length about 15cm racing hobby of having a built-in motor.
Late 80’s and the development of a social phenomenon specific boom in the late 1990s.
We counted about 100 million 75 million or more units of sales in total.
Currently popular resurgence around the 20-30 generations and parent-child layer, in recent years has been increasingly growing its popularity overseas, especially in Asia.


Product information
Copyright © 2015 TAMIYA All Rights Reserved.

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Original novelty goods

Perfect Tamiya goods to claim the hobby fan in everyday life. Cellphone and ballpoint pen, from the outdoors, such as stickers, which stocks various sizes up to the office, we offer the items that will help in a variety of scenes.

※ Tamiya original goods are all limited edition.

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Tamiya Yoshio, May 15, 1905 – November 2, 1988

Yoshio Tamiya

1905 Shizuoka Prefecture Abe-gun Toyoda village (current Shizuoka Suruga-ku, born in).
1923 Shizuoka Municipal Commercial School (now Shizuoka Commercial High School ) graduation. To help the family business of the tea industry, to learn the tea technology.
1924 and employment in the automobile repair shop.
1925 track cargo transportation industry and taxi approved the acquisition of industry. It opened automobile transportation industry a “Tamiya car company.”
1926 approved the acquisition of vans automobile industry.
1927 opened a “Tamiya bus”. Ikeda from Shizuoka Station, Fawn, do service to Otani direction.
1935 Tamiya car firm, heavy trucks introduced.
1939 Co. Joint lorry establishment.
1942 Tamiya bus, Shizuoka electric railway ( Shizuoka Railway current through the ShizuTetsu just line and integrated into). Joint lorry, Shizuoka lorry is integrated into. Withdrawal from the automotive industry.
1944 Sanwa industrial establishment. We do parts manufacture of military aircraft.
1944 draft card , but has arrived, because they were injured right foot just before, it will fail in the physical examination, it can not be enlisted.
1945 Shizuoka air raid by, all of the business facilities turn into ashes.
1946 Tamiya Shoji joint-stock company founded, I begin the lumber industry.
1947 Tamiya Shoji, providing a wooden model department.
1951 factory leakage burned down in a fire caused by.
1953 Tamiya Shoji, abolished the lumber industry, wooden model department and the allowance for scooter becomes industry of business categories.
1955 ‘s first of the moving model, wooden medium-sized tank released. To become a popular commodity.
1956 Release of wooden battleship model.
1960 plastic model production start. Initially not selling it had launched a battleship, was prepared while parallel with the wooden model.
1961 ” Panther tanks “becomes the first hit product after plastic model migration. This plastic model also starts selling in the wake.
1962 to be independent of the plastic forming department, founded the Tamiya Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. It became president.
1962 plastic injection molding machine introduced.
1964 provide a mold manufacturing sector.
1965 high-performance slot car to develop, sell.
1968 Tamiya plastics industry, complete the new plant.
1969 Tamiya plastics industry, it changed its name to the “Corporation Tamiya model”.
1973 Tamiya Shoji, headquarters and set factory completed.
1974 Tamiya was appointed to the model of the president.
1975 Tamiya model, radio control tank M4 released, and advance to the engine model industry.
1976 Tamiya model, radio control car Porsche 934 launched the turbo.
1976 Shizuoka model teaching material was appointed to the cooperative president.
Awarded the 1976 Isao five, etc. Sacred Treasure.
1978 Tamiya Plastic Co., Ltd. founded. He became chairman.
1980 Tamiya model, new building completed.
1984 Corporation Tamiya establishment. He became chairman.
1985 Tamiya Shoji extension.
1988 died.


Tamiya Yoshio autobiography: of more than 80 years Ayumi (Tamiya Shoji 1987 not for sale)

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The Kakegawa Circuit in Kakegawa City, Japan is a world class facility which offers a 320m road circuit with a long 100m straight, making it a fantastic stage for electric and glow engine radio controlled models to show off their prowess. Tamiya also caters for off-road drivers with its 150m dirt track, and has set up a rock crawling course for big-wheeled vehicles to clamber over.
By providing a venue that is not only for testing, but also for general public use, Tamiya aims to make the enjoyment of radio controlled car racing available to a wider audience.

More information

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TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) and Akio Sobue contract.
A powerful system, and challenge to the RC race of 2015!


Since the top drivers Sobue Asahi-sei and our domestic leading was concluded the electric touring car driver contract will guide you.
Please look forward to success of TRF which was further power-up in the future.


Also the ability, how not to demonstrate in the country race.


Personal Color of Sobue Asahi-sei players. In the circuit, by all means and your encouragement!

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TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) and Marc Rheinard contract renewal.
A powerful system, and challenge to the RC race of 2015!


Marc Rheinard who won the electric touring car world champion, our company is will guide because we signed a electric touring car driver contract.
Please look forward to success of TRF which was further power-up in the future.


Marc Rheihnard won the big race of local


Combination with TRF Takayuki Kono is also fun!


trf christopher krapp

TRF join Christopher Clapp players (Tamiya Racing Factory) as a new member.

World Championships, and Christopher Clapp players are active in European countries, our company is will guide because we signed a electric touring car driver contract.
Matsukura players active world champion, Mark liner de players, please stay tuned to the success of future TRF with the Sobue players.
Christopher Clapp
23 years of age
Living in Germany, Dinklage
Tamiya World Champion in 2007
2010 IFMAR World Championships 4th
2012 IFMAR World Championship 7th
Comments from Christopher Clapp player I am very excited and huge Motivated for the Next Races and Challenges. I choosed Tamiya / TRF Because They Always Have the best touring cars on the Market and best quality. For me it IS like coming home Because I Began my Racing with Tamiya chassis and Won the Tamiya World Championship 2007 in Japan. My first RACE with the Team Will BE this week at the ETS in Italy and I CAN not wait to RACE and Work with my new Team members. A big Thanks to Tamiya / TRF for giving me this opportunity and see you at the racetrack.

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