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The battery is also a tool set of ecological snail type robot to proceed without also used motor. The has created a movement to the energy of the inertia of the flywheel to rotate (flywheel) is a power unit that. Turn the wheel instead of the charge wheel is incorporated in the power unit rotates the metal flywheel, accumulated power. The movement of the flywheel continues to rotate will advance become a power.


Is a tool set that the image of a figure of the dolphin swim vigorously moving the tail fin up and down. Underwater gear changing the rotational movement of the box into a reciprocating motion in the crank, it was the tail fin of a soft resin sheet to move up and down while Mase, also swimming as a dolphin while moving up and down head in conjunction with the movement Masu skills. Pretty pink resin sheet or a float is the image of a river dolphin. Underwater gear box and a soft resin sheet, float, etc., have been all necessary parts set, assembly is easy because it is a simple structure.

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In 1996 as the largest engine & electric RC car course world “Tamiya Kakegawa support Kitto” was created. This year marks the 20th anniversary of open, RC code of the all-weather type that can even run in the rain and then reopened as vinegar. The long-awaited circuit, the first event is “Tami ya Grand Prix All-Japan Championships Kakegawa tournament”. Tamiya Grand Prix premier class [TRF championship] and, nimble driving performance in a compact body is in addition to the electric class, such as [M-Japan championship] of charm, even engine class Kakegawa circuit of charm with plenty to enjoy will be held.

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A4 wide 92 page special supplement: mini four spray booth
Publisher: Gakken plus
ISBN: 978-4-05-611079-1

Tamiya 63636 Official book of ideas to thoroughly play in the four wheel drive mini is packed
Official Book that can be found more and more swollen new ways to enjoy the mini four-wheel drive is also appeared in 2016. Including the full measure setting of “four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2016”, the original machine making and using, such as 3D printers, such as companion and feel free to enjoy “grass race” held point of, we will introduce carefully the best season of play.
In addition, and machine-making point for beginners, also firmly commentary knack of mastering grade-up parts. Do not miss the point of spray paint by Puromodera Hasegawa master.
Special appendix, prefabricated, which is designed to fit the size of the four wheel drive mini body “mini four spray booth.” Spray paint is less likely to scatter, and supports making dress-up machine. Special interview New Japan Pro Wrestling 2 big star, Hiroshi Tanahashi players, Kazuchika Okada players appeared! Please speak passionately love to four wheel drive mini. In addition, full-color draw down is also included Special Edition of the adults of the four wheel drive mini cartoon “Nitsu star drive Mechanics Institute” (TMFL). It is a book that infinite possibilities of mini four-wheel drive is felt.


● ran through the four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2016 Ultra Burning Circuit 2016!
● Rendezvous 1/1 Aero Avante is a F1 machine!
● mini four Lehman Shizuoka Hobby Show & TAMIYA ze’s infiltrated the open house !!
● the current machine Perfect catalog
● four wheel drive mini web media should be migratory
machine making ultra-Introduction to the ● return set
● regulation together.
● try to tune up the four wheel drive mini
enjoyment of the Certified competitions ●
● Hasegawa master of spray paint magazine lessons
● 3D printer is “make” parent-child bonds
● champion machine gallery
● Special Interview New Japan Pro Wrestling Hiroshi Tanahashi Players & Kazuchika Okada player
● Freedom! Fab four wheel drive mini
● midnight set × COB Grand Prix 2016 event reports
● grass race is interesting.
● individualistic mini four-wheel drive station editorial department recommended 27
● delicious “wins meal” should mini four racers eat
● four wheel drive mini bar and café of hot air is amazing!
● manga “Nitsu star driving dynamics laboratory” Special Edition
● start! TMFL New machine


Special Appendix
● prefabricated “mini four spray booth”
supports making dress up machine!


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b1_630x355_67e9b0811199fc0fd28c06aaf594199b Fujitsu batteries offer four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2016 official course “Ultra Burning Circuit 2016” will introduce the (about 205m). Immediately after the start, suddenly appear “Quick ter down”. 90 ° bent immediately appeared 30 ° bank. Then proceed to “glide bank 45 °” input. Brake setting is tried. Furthermore Dragon back to two consecutive “Doubled Lagon”. When the clean determine the landing beyond the 180 ° corner of the plane “NEW ERA turn”. Course midfield, appeared followed by a challenge section. First, “di-Alps”. Familiar Eiger slope is increased the angle and height as “Eiger slope Evo.” Evolution. Down the angle is changed to a two-step “Eiger step”. Both machine balance is an important point. And “vertical changer”. Up to a height of about 170 centimeters lane changer is exactly sled stand wall that requires a power as possible climbs. Last occurrence of “wealth Shidori triple es”. To the left and right of the whereabouts of the game in a continuous S-shaped in-and-out are interchanged or become, is the course the last section hold sweat in hand. To determine the four wheel drive mini Japan “Ultra Burning Circuit 2016”. We look forward to your challenge!

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How to Begin Tamiya 1-72 Zero Fighter Book
Publisher: Dai Nihon Kaiga
Author: Shinji Mori
Language: Japanese
ISBN code: 9784499231886

– I’ve been made in own way so far, very much Naa not Dekiagara to good] […… there is no well can make self-confidence I want to try to make the Zero Fighter plastic model] this book is to eliminate all such your doubts and worries It is the purpose.
– Affordable size 1/72 zero expression of Tamiya collection also easy to easy to make in of carrier-based fighter twenty-one type, a three-dimorphism, the two dimorphism, the theme of the plastic model of the 4 types of fifty-two type, tools required for the manufacture and production procedure, from how to paint, Behind the publication production is summarized to actual description of the more interesting becomes zero Fighter.
– Once you have capture the Zero Fighter is often a window frame of the windshield, also to manufacture the other any reciprocating machine forte.
– A reference book to enjoy even in beginner and intermediate modeler from those who start the reciprocating airplane plastic model now.

– Full-color, 104 pages

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2010 is the “lunch break model course” that is delivered from the years with the “maestro” Komori’s graduation, it will be the last time in this. The last theme is scheduled to released in July, Tamiya’s first passenger aircraft model “1/100 Fuji Dream Airlines Embraer 175”. It will be completed within the really time. It was live on end from Tamiya plastic model factory Tressa Yokohama studio until 8 o’clock at night from 12 o’clock noon.