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Prototype is unveiled at Tamiya Fair 2014 of the Ground Self-Defense Force Type 10 of the RC and the display type of the 1/16 scale that is scheduled to be released in December. Parts exhibition, of course, RC model show off also demonstration run. Thrilling engine sound and gun firing, the more newly onboard “gun control system”, regardless of body posture and turret position, and big roar in the scene to be traveling toward the barrel is always in a fixed direction. I was able to a large crowd every time the demonstration run.


56036 1/16 RC Tank Series No.36 Ground Self-Defense Force Type 10 Main Battle Tank Full Operation Set [tentative name]
December released item 110,000 yen (excluding tax)


36209 1/16 Big tank series No.9 Ground Self-Defense Force 10 Formula tank (display model) [tentative name]
December be released item: tentative price 46,000 yen ※ detailed information of each product is currently in preparation.

Gun barrel control system mimics that on the real Type 10, factoring in model movement and elevation to keep main gun trained on a set point.

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Kumamon and the Let’s Play in the off-road together is the electric radio control car assembly kit of the nose that was rounded has put the “Kumamon” doll in unique agricultural tractor. Long bonnet, reproduce rear portion of the vehicle body of the driver’s seat, such as fender covering the large diameter of the rear tire a classical style to Real in polycarbonate. Was riding in the driver’s seat and behind the wheel “Kumamon” doll was set in painted finished state. Of and illustrations Kumamon that stick to the body, available in Kumamoto Prefecture of specialty tomatoes and watermelon illustrations such as also stickers. Also, as for display, painted straw hat that covered the Kumamon also I was set. Front wheel is 97mm, different tire of the rear wheel diameter 130mm front and rear are mounted on the wheel of the red color. Feet also I have put together in the color ring image of Kumamon.

Wheelie fun, rear-wheel drive chassis WR-02G of the drive wheel after mounting the tire diameters are different before and after. Employs a monocoque frame to be fixed by itself to the gear case, and enhance the rigidity by mounting the side members on the outside. The motor is mounted on the almost center of the chassis, transfer the power to the rear wheels in gear. The closed type of gear case I have a built-in Diff. And, point of the traction battery is placed vertically in the rear portion of the vehicle body. By mounting the enhanced heavy, can be dynamic wheelie traveling only by sudden acceleration. The rear prevent the fall, I was also equipped with wheelie support with a roller. In addition, the steering servo is set on the chassis center line. Adopted the isometric 2-piece tie rod, creating a handling characteristics without the habit. Suspension is high off-road four-wheel double wishbone. Gear boxes such as the assembly The pre in motor mounted state, ease of making also features.


Basic Specifications ● Length: 345mm, overall width 253mm, height 235mm ● gross weight about 1670g (RC mechanical, including battery, etc.) ● Wheelbase 170mm ● tread = Front 189mm, rear 195mm ● Tire Width / Diameter = Front 57 / 97mm, rear 58 / 130mm ● frame = resin monocoque type ● Drivetrain: rear-wheel two-wheel drive ● Suspension: Double wishbone 4-wheel independent ● Dampers: Front and Rear Friction ● steering tie rod = 2 split ● Front scheme = 3 Beberudefu ● Gear Ratio = 1: 18.3 ● Type 540 Motor ● Speed ​​controller = ESC specification (sold separately)


Intended to be a purchased separately ● Fine spec 2.4G RC electric drive set ● power supply for transmitter (AA batteries 4)



XB RC tractor Kumamonbajon (WR-02G chassis)
Already completed a full set soon traveling to enjoy, of course painted the complete vehicle body, optimal wheel to car control Trigger type of transmitter, traveling for 7.2V battery, also I have set charger. RC mecha such as Crystal exchange, without the need for band adjustment, feel free to adopt the 2.4GHz radio set to enjoy multiple units. ※ power for the transmitter (4 AA batteries) sold separately

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64392 Tamiya RC Guide Book Vol.4


Bakuso Kyodai Let’s & Go” in the 20th anniversary! Tokyo Japan Cup tournament 4

To commemorate “Bakuso brother Let’s & Go” the 20th anniversary sequel to the popular comic of “Bakuso Kyodai Let’s & Go” is published, and released, brother magazine Colo stuffed manga game hobby of “Colo Big Brother” gift and specialty original sticker towards everyone Te, you have purchased a “Korokoro brother” at sales corner of Japan Cup Tokyo Conference 4-championship to be held at the MEGAWEB to 19 days emergency decision! October gift big! To 100 people, will be presented to sign autograph of teacher that hurts illustrations by lot further. Read the “Bakuso Kyodai Let’s & Go return Racers”, so you Hashiridaso with a new Magnum! [content posted-related four wheel drive mini] cartoon: “Bakuso Kyodai Let’s & Go return Racers” (Ko-shitate TsuHiro) new super magnum completion of the “errant Tamiya × Korokoro comic large-scale projects: article! ” Appendix: “Korokoro limited four wheel drive mini super Bakuso BOX” & “Magnum wing metallic dress-up stickers”


The gift! Sticker
model stores nationwide, Japan Cup 2014 Tokyo Conference 4, towards all of your purchase, special sticker to commemorate the launch comes the “flop brother” in the Tamiya official competitions. (Size: about 105mm × 150mm) !! Do not miss this
when you purchase in ※ The above locations, please check the original sticker if they were included.


Determine a special pre-sale in the “Z wing Magnum” J-CUP final round

mini four wheel drive, which will be held on Sunday October 19, new product released November 8 “Z wing Magnum” (tax included 1,080 yen) We pre-sale at the venue of the Japan Cup Tokyo Conference & 4 championship. Do not miss this opportunity to be able to get quickly the latest machines topic.


● “Bakuso Kyodai Let’s & Go Racers return” (Koshitatetsuhiro)
● “Korokoro inaugural legend” (Nomurashinbo)
● “Duel Masters Overlord den apt!” (Fujisaki saint)
● “Monster Hunter gag” (Ishiharamakochin)
● “Kattobase! Kiyohara kun ~ Kiyohara director VS quad director ~” (Junji Kawai)
● “Future Card Buddy Fight” (Masaki Yoshida)
● “The3 persons” author draws “the world Monhan gag not hot one “(Ishiharamakochin)
● “Puzzle & Dragons birth secret story”
● “Complex Tomoo” author draws “wrestling gag” (Oda door)
youth Hen
● Absolute sacrificed Denjarasuji’s (Soyama one Kotobuki)
● hilarious zombie gags such as “bringing of the Dead” article [page]
● new Magnum super completion of the “errant Tamiya × Korokoro comic large projects! ”
● app online games, household hard new special feature
● Gundam Plastic & Cardboard Senki special feature [Appendix]
● “Korokoro limited four wheel drive mini super Bakuso BOX” & “Magnum wing metallic dress-up sticker”
● “Puzzle & Dragons of popular app “serial code” “Monster Strike” other ”
● “Gung Ho magazine” grated draw
● popular cartoonist Usa-kun said “Duel Masters Limited card”
● “Buddy Fight limited card”
● such as “Monster Hunter 4G original sticker”


RC Real Action talk show at Tamiya RC Car Festival with Dr. “Waterfall”

The Tamiya RC car festival, held a talk show creator of Tamiya RC car with Dr. “Waterfall”
He designed the finest cars of yesteryear No. 1 Tamiya electric RC cars, “Porsche RSR 934 Racing” and “Avante”, an RC car of many to visitors. Under the heading of “this from the RC and RC Real Action” according to the memorial exhibition, and talked about the RC which pursued realism.


Four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2014 Tokyo Conference & Hokkaido tournament

This is a promotional video that was aired on Tamiya booth of the 54th Japan Model Hobby Show. Image of Hokkaido and Tokyo Conference Tournament 2 has been used. Details of Fujitsu battery provides four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2014.


Four wheel drive mini Challenge Special Expert Class winning machine

It is a machine of Yamaguchi who won the Tamiya Plastic Factory Shinbashi shop four wheel drive mini Challenge Special Expert Class was held on (holiday) September 23, 2014.

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Mini 4WD Tamiya with a history of more than 30 years from the birth.
Successive machine of about 200 models will appear to the latest machine from the four wheel drive mini racer first of the video.
That four wheel drive mini ran with you at that time also, should be found among this kit.
Mini four wheel drive continues to run with you in the future. 30 years old and still going strong. Check out this video, which shows over 200 Mini 4WD cars from the original racing Mini 4WD releases to the latest machines. See some familiar faces from your Mini 4WD racing career, catch the buzz again –


Mini 4WD will keep on running with you!


175,000,000 Cars sold
Since 1982


In order of appearance:
Hot shot Jr., Hornet Jr., Fox Jr., Boomerang Jr., big wig Jr., Falcon Jr., Super Dragon Jr., Thunder Dragon Jr., Fire Dragon Jr., Saint Dragon Jr., Saint Dragon Jr. Ricky, Thunder Shot Jr., Super Sabre Jr., Emperor, burning sun, Shooting Star, Cannonball, Dancing Doll, Horizon, super Emperor, Great Emperor, Emperor Geo, Liberty Emperor, Thunder shot Black, Avante Jr., Grasshopper 2Jr., Rising Bird, Bird winning, Vanquish Jr., Sukocha Jr., Emperor (type 3), Burning Sun (Type 3), Neo Burning Sun, egress Jr ., Avante 2001Jr., Crimson Glory, Astute Jr., Manta Ray Jr., Super Astute Jr., proto Emperor ZX, Beahoku Jr., Aero Solitude, top Force Jr., top Force E Jr., Conqueror Jr., Dinah Storm Jr., super Shooting Star, Super Avante, Super Astute Jr. advance, Vanquish Jr., Sukocha Jr., egress Jr., Avante 2001Jr. (VS), Manta Ray Jr. (VS), Top Force Evo Jr. ( VS), Super Avante (VS), Maddoburu Jr., Bahakingu Jr., Avante RS, Thunder shot RS, Boomerang RS, Super Sabre RS, Vanquish RS, egress RS, Terrace code char RS (Super II), Super Avante RS ( Super II), slash Reaper, Super Dragon Premium (VS), Thunder Dragon Premium (VS), Fire Dragon Premium (VS), Saint Dragon Premium (VS), Emperor Premium (Super II), Emperor Super Premium (Super II), Horizon Premium (Super II), dash X1 Proto Emperor Premium (Super II), Great Emperor Premium (Super II), Top Force Evo RS (VS), Astute RS (Super II), Conqueror RS (VS), Dyna Storm RS (Super II), Beahoku RS (Super II), Copen RMZ (VS), Copen XMZ (Super II), Tom Godi special, Xiao Byron, big bang ghost, 10 Boomerang, Boomerang gamma Black, Astro Boomerang, Stratford vector, black stalker , Thunder boomerang double ten, Ray Hawk gamma, Tiger zap, the Big Bang Ghost GPA, Liberty Emperor GPA, Boomerang 10 GPA, Magnum Saber, Victory Magnum, Cyclone Magnum, beat Magnum, Lightning Magnum, Sonic Saber, Vanguard Sonic, Hurricane Sonic, Buster Sonic, Blitzer Sonic, Black Saber, Tridagger X, neo Tridagger ZMC, Rising trigger, spin Axe, spin Viper, Proto Saber JB, beak spider, Fighter Magnum VFX, Brocken Gigant, Ray Stinger, Brocken Gigant Black SP, Shining Scorpion, cyclone Magnum TRF, Dio Spada, gun blaster XTO, Berg Kaiser, Beak Spider Zebra, gun blaster Cusco Special, beat Magnum TRF, Fire Stinger, Dio Spada GPA, beat Magnum GPA, audio Mars Nero, Magnum Saber Premium (Super II), Sonic Saber Premium (Super II), Tridagger X Premium (Super II), Victory Magnum Premium (C super II), Vanguard Sonic Premium (C super II), Shining Scorpion Premium (Super II), Berg Kaiser Premium (Super II), Ray Stinger Premium (Super II), beak spider Premium (Super II), Max Breaker, Breaker shadow Z-3, phantom blade, knuckle Breaker, Storm cruiser, Blazing Max, knuckle Breaker black, vanishing Gaither, dessert Golem, Max Breaker TRF, Blazing Max Prism Blue SP, Blitzer Sonic Black SP, LM (Eruemu) Breaker, dessert Golem GPA, Max Breaker Black SP (Super XX), Rising Trigger White SP, Knuckle Breaker Blue SP (Super XX), phantom blade black SP (Super XX), Dyna Hawk GX, cross Tiger VR, Razor Gill, barrier Tron, synchronous master Z9, Nitro Thunder, Nitro Force, torr cruiser, Berudaga, Reiborufu, ex Florey, TRF Works Jr., Avante Mk.II, Manta Ray Mk. II, Avante XV, Neo Falcon, Keen Hawk Jr., Nitrage Jr., Thunder Shot Mk.II, bison Magnum, Sonic Rodeo, Savanna Leo, hot shot Jr. (MS), Emperor (MS), Avante Mk.3 azure, Avante Mk.3 Nero, Burning Sun (MS), Tridagger XX, Shooting Star (MS), spin Axe Mk.II, super Emperor (MS), rising edge, Astral Star, Blast Arrow, heat edge, Festa Jaunes, try Gale, Avante Aero, Aero Thunder shot, Aero Manta Ray, Shark shadow, flame Astute, Abirisuta
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84387 1/10 RC Neo Scorcher Pink Metallic


84390 1/10 RC GP TG10-Mk.2 FZ Chassis Kit

Our under development photos from Nuremberg Show 2013:
tamiya-nuremberg-fair-2013 343
tamiya-nuremberg-fair-2013 344


64389 Tamiya RC guidebook Vol.3


63476 Tamiya Model Magazine International No. 223


67114 / 67145 Tamiya mechanical pencil (Clear Blue) / (Clear Red)


Shizuoka Hobby Show Tamiya packages 2007-2014
Shizuoka Hobby Show package


Revoltech Hello Kitty Tamiya



Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix [VoI.1]


Tamiya Mini4WD Japan Cup 2014 announcement movie


Four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2014 official course “super glide circuit” on-board video camera [normal speed]


Four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2014 official course “super glide circuit” on-board video camera [slow motion]

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