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Celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, Tamiya RC model that is showing even more of climax. Was held in Tamiya RC hobby of experience event “Tamiya RC Car Festival” is the car in Tokyo Odaiba theme park “MEGA WEB (Mega Web)”.
Electric RC car of experience running “Tri !! Tamiya RC” and RC car assembly classroom “Tri !! Tamiya RC School”, traveling a rocky mountain in the RC car “rock crawling experience”, it is possible to ride in RC trailer “trailer ride experience “and the like will be held an event that can be enjoyed to experience the Tamiya RC model. Spectacular outstanding RC car race “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” on Sunday also took place.
Look, to experience, to participate, you can enjoy the Tamiya RC Hobby “Tamiya RC Car Festival” will be held at the following dates in the future.

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Held in May 16, 2015

More information here (in Japanese language)

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Japan Cup 2015 Commemorative! Four wheel drive mini special program


MC guts and mini four doctor, is a must-see of the contents of the players to compete the capture method of the four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2015 “Hyper Dash Circuit 2015″ from thorough commentary! Novice in Japan Cup until the veteran racer. At the same time, also four wheel drive mini updates to this summer!


Four wheel drive mini finals Report! Junior class Shimbashi Tamiya plastic model factory adult club four wheel drive mini


Junior class of normal motor rules in the September 13, 2014 Tamiya plastic model factory Shinbashi
And deliver the qualifying and finals in the comments live!

Since April 2014 the second time of war.
Although the last time was the participation in the first month of the four wheel drive mini, and participation of gained experience from there this time. The result is the expectation!

Straight is entirely turf course!
More than half of the course? But I feel turf.
Or brake and minimum ground clearance setting point? !


Slow Motion Hyper Dash circuit 2015 onboard camera video


Every year, it shows a large upsurge “mini four wheel drive Japan Cup”. 2015 mini four wheel drive Japan’s honor “Japan Cup” is such “open class (elementary school four or more year)” and “Junior class (less than 3-year junior high school from 4 grade),” “Champions (Champions Qualified Person)” held. Each class winner will be given the right to participate in the championship held on October 18. Also held other family class to enjoy the race in families. Aiming mini four wheel drive champion, please join us

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ITEM 64397

Tamiya RC guidebook Vol.5 that was posted carefully selected major RC model of Tamiya is issued. buggy that does not choose the place running, action full of running is fun comical model, high-speed travel with an attractive touring car and formula car, of the finished model that immediately ran to enjoy out big size force of trailer trucks and tank, from box XB etc., and published once a major RC model of Tamiya. New product of attention that has been published in May 2015 of the Hobby Show also we’ve posted. QR code is also printing of popular. If jump to Tamiya home page using the smart phone or mobile phone, you can also enjoy the RC of the video. Other, introduction chassis another parts for the basic guide and performance-up of assembly, such as the participants race guide, also pages that now serves as a reference of the fans to start the RC enhancement. Nationwide and hobby shops at the end, Tamiya RC circuit were also assistance. All color A4 size, hearty all 38 pages.



Suzuki Jimny (JB23) and of adopting the new 4WD chassis, assembled Brand New models in which the 4 AA batteries to run power, even Lightning Force published.


Introducing introductory 4WD buggy popular chassis, optional parts that can be used in TT-02B in color.



From feel free to play model to race for the model, the lineup of off-road car which is rich in variety.




As RC Start guide, carefully explained in conjunction with the use of tool the point of assembly.


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