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At Tamiya Circuit in Shizuoka Suruga-ku, endurance race has been carried out using the new product “Mazda Roadster” electric RC Car Series. For media-related companies a total of 13 team showed the fight that was incandescent participated. Full-scale RC course that was used in the television show “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” over the 1980-90’s “Tamiya Circuit”. Road paving and the layout is renewed in February this year, it’s very beautiful course. In this place which can also be said to be the Holy Land of RC course, endurance race of one hour of the Roadster only it became the inaugural. Pre-Release of the RC car “Mazda Roadster” one is provided, each team is subjected to the original color ring, various roadster entries. And “pain RC” also said the only Itasha that was attached its own character in, Hatsune Miku Cosplay Race Queen also appeared, had wowed the venue. Media against Roadster endurance race has been carried out 4-hour race with the vehicle, this time also said the RC version. Nantes also competed Mazda team participating in the actual vehicle race, how to address the serious, even while the harmonious was impressive.

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Featuring only few before unknown items like
1/10 Raikiri GT TT-02 chassis
1/14 Aero Avante SU-01 chassis
1/35 Russian Self-Propelled Gun SU-76M

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Festival of Hobby “Tamiya Fair 2015” and I will be held this year!
Tamiya Fair that was fixed completely as autumn hobby event of Shizuoka. Last year, we had come to also 26,000 customers. Also this year to become the 17th, including the exhibition of new products of interest, various events that you are able to experience playing to participate in our customers, further sales and limited commodity that can not buy only at the venue, a corner such as bargain of sale deployment to you. Tamiya hobby of festival, is held this year!

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Once a bestseller with kids, mini 4WD race cars are making a surprise return in Japan: this time, with adults.

Racers tested their cars last month at the Japan Cup in Tokyo.

A man says he never thought he would get so involved.

A woman says she’s been coming for seven years.

Mini 4WD cars had a golden age in the 1980s and 90s.

The current generation of fans is people in their 20s to 40s.

Toymaker Tamiya introduced the first 4wd mini cars in 1982.

They were notable for their high speeds.

At their peak, more than 30-million of the cars sold each year.

But interest wanted.

A Tamiya official says the new customer is an adult who enjoyed 4WD cars as a kid.

Sales began to rebound in 2005.

A shop owner says sales tripled in the last five years.

A car that sold for 20 dollars in the 1980s now goes for almost 100 dollars.

Tamiya even commissioned a full-scale version.

Its top speed is 111 miles per hour.

The car is a hit with visitors.

A Tamiya spokesman says people appreciate the craftsmanship that went into the car.

Almost 200-million mini 4WD cars have sold worldwide.

What was once old, is new again.

Source NTV / NBC News Channel

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Featured chassis:


XV-01 / XV-01T / XV-01 PRO●TA06 / TA06 PRO / TA06MS●FF-04 EVO●FF-03 / FF-03 PRO●TB-04 / TB-04 PRO●TB-EVO.6●TA05 ver.Ⅱ TRF419●TRF418●TT-02●TT-02D●TT-02 TYPE-S●TT-01●TT-01 TYPE-E / ES●TT-01D TYPE-E MF-01X●M-05 / M-05 PRO●M-05 ver.ⅡPRO●M-06 / M-06 PRO●RM-01●TRF102●F104VerⅡ/ TRF101●F104 DT-02●DT-03●DF-02●DF-03●TT-02B●TRF502X●TRF503●DB01●DB02●TRF201XMW/TRF211XM●TRF201/DN-01●CR-01


Tamiya R/C Parts Matching List 2015

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