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TAMIYA GP RC Car Race “World Championship 2016” – Tamiya electric RC car world championship

Recording of the live stream.

In addition to Japan 14 tournament, a collection of nine countries and regions of Asia, the United States and Canada, Europe, the representative player who has been victorious the qualifying tournament of each area, the world finals of the Tamiya electric RC car is done. Expand the super-close combat to compete for 0.001 seconds. Powerful hold sweat on hand just speedy race has seen. Live the pattern of the final race to decide the world’s best racers from Shizuoka Tamiya Fair 2016 venue in special large circuit.

Tamiya Fair 2016 TV Commercial Ad

Tamiya Fair was firmly established as the fall of hobby events in Shizuoka. Last year, we had come to your also 26,000. 18 th time to become this year, including the exhibition of new products of interest, various events that you are able to experience playing to participate in our customers, further sales and limited commodity that can only be purchased at the venue, the corner of such bargains of sale deployment will. Tamiya hobby of festival, is held again this year!

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