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56th All-Japan model Hobby Show

2439 ■Trade Day ※Not open to the public.
September 23rd (Fri.) 9:00~17:00
■Consumer Days
September 24th (Sat.) 9:30~17:00
September 25th (Sun.) 9:30~16:30
■Venue:Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 3,4
■Entrance Fee: 1,000 yen
(※Children 15 and under: free)

Click here to be taken to the official event homepage (contents are in Japanese)


Be among the first to set eyes upon new and recent releases in all of the Tamiya product ranges by visiting the show! From completed versions of model kits to rare sights such as items still under development, the All Japan Model & Hobby Show is a great chance to see what wonders Tamiya has in store. What’s more, development staff will be on hand to explain their products and answer any questions you might have. Add to that the shopping corner which will have Tamiya products on sale including limited edition event items, and this is a chance not to be missed. We look forward to seeing you at the show!


Some of the Tamiya products on display

61114_F-14A_TOMCAT_BOX_EDT■1/48 Grumman F-14A Tomcat™
First announced tentatively at this May’s Shizuoka Hobby Show, this stunning model of the famous aircraft will be appearing at the show. Tamiya designers pored over actual F-14As at a number of locations in the U.S. to make this a superbly accurate kit, complete with moving recreation of the variable sweep wings. It promises an intuitive, logical and highly involved build. Parts are included to recreate 267-gallon drop tanks and 3 varieties of air-to-air missile, as well as 2 authentic scale figures and 3 marking options including those for 2 U.S. Navy aicraft and 1 Iranian IRIAF jet. ★Length: 398mm, Max wingspan: 408mm.


18644_GODBURNINGSUN_BOXEDT■God Burning Sun (MA Chassis)
This Mini 4WD PRO model depicts the car seen in the famous Japanese Mini 4WD manga “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro!” from the CoroCoro Aniki magazine. Its design has roots in the classic Dash-2 Burning Sun, brought up to date by arch-designer Hiroyuki Takei and including twin fenders that jut forward with style. The MA Chassis is a speedy, easy-to-maintain base. ★White large-diameter 4-spoke wheels are paired with slick tires. ★Metallic stickers for decoration, plus double shaft motor included. ★Gear ratio = 4:1.


powercomp1■Spray-Work Power Air Compressor
This powerful air compressor is compatible with the range of Tamiya airbrushes and provides high pressure air output (0.4MPa) suitable for quality paint jobs on large surface areas or applying gloss coats. It also features a pressure regulator with display to allow adjustment of output for fine paint jobs. The included airbrush hanger works with its hanger switch to act as a shut-off, turning on the compressor when the airbrush is removed, and off when the airbrush is replaced again. Also included are a handy clamp and necessary hoses. ★This product is for use with 100V (50/60Hz) AC power sources only. It is compatible with separately sold Tamiya HG and Airbrush Lite series products.



42305 TRF Super Short Big Boa Damper (4 Pieces)

42306 Large-diameter Short Spring Set for Touring Car

47325 Adjustable Aluminum Wing Stay (Silver)

47327 TB-04 Carbon Damper Stay Set (for TRF-SSBB)

54725 TA07 Aluminium Motor Mount Post

54726 TA07 Front One-Way (37T) Set

54727 TA07 Aluminium Servo Mount

54728 Piston for TRF-SSBB Damper (4 Pieces)

55727 Oil Seal for TRF-SSBB Damper (4 Pieces)

Mini 4WD

95277 Geo Emperor Premium (Super II Chassis)

15503 Winning Bird Formula Clear Body Set (Polycarbonate)

15504 GP504 Super X/XX Large-diameter 5 Spark Wheel & Hard Slick Tires (Red)

15505 Mini 4WD Motor Case 2

15506 Lightweight Plastic Spacer Set (12/6.7/6/3/1.5mm)

95275 HG Large-diameter Aluminium Wheel (4 Pieces)

95276 HG Aluminium Wheel for Low-Height Tire (4 Pieces)

95278 Offset Tread Tires (Hard/Green)


Tools & Construction

69907 Clear Universal Plate L (210 x 160mm)

69906 Clear Universal Plate (2 Pieces) (Craft Kit)

70225 Shaft Drive Unit

74128 Precision Drill Bit 0.7mm (Shaft diameter 1.0mm)

74127 Precision Drill Bit 0.6mm (Shaft diameter 1.0mm)

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Been loved for more than 40 years, Tamiya RC model that is showing your excitement for now. The Tamiya RC hobby of experience events of “Tamiya RC car Festival” was held at the car of a theme park in Odaiba, Tokyo “MEGA WEB (Mega Web)”.
Experience running of the electric RC cars and “Try !! Tamiya RC”, assembled classroom “Try !! Tamiya RC School” of RC car, to steer the dump truck RC to challenge the luggage “heavy dump experience”, the RC trailer It held an event to enjoy and experience the Tamiya RC model, or the like can ride “trailer passenger experience”. It was also carried out spectacular preeminent RC car race “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” in 29 days.
Touching, riding, piloting, can enjoy the RC hobby of Tamiya “Tamiya RC Car Festival” is scheduled to be held in the future. Please your visit by all means!

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The 20th TAMIYA Fighter Cup Final 2016


From 29.- July 31, 2016 they all came back to Sonneberg! – But not only the regulars, our “Super Stock” pilots. This year flocked plenty of new faces, the TAMIYA Fighter Rookies 20 TAMIYA Fighter Cup finals. From Sonneberg Mayor Mr. Voigt the best 200 young racers were warmly welcomed. This had to be measured in 70 qualifying races with about 1,000 other children at retailers or events and qualify to get hold of the coveted “Ticket to Sonnenberg”. For the finale, some riders from Holland, Belgium and Poland were at the start.


After the check-in of the drivers, there were among others on Friday tours of the logistics center of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP and the first competition of the “rookies” in the short race (slalom). In training the children and parents of the race course and tips for Model making was brought closer. In the evening, the now traditional bonfire took place and a great firework display was the conclusion of the first event day still shot.


On Saturday things got seriously early. After the driver’s meeting the heats and race on the on-road route could be started. While the driver of the first groups to drove at ever faster lap times, prepared other drivers and teams their vehicles for the competition “Germany’s fastest Fighter Buggy” before, which took place this year for the first time.


Here, finally, the question was even clear which Fighter Buggy is the fastest well. It was allowed to tune Tamiya DT chassis. The difficulty, however, was to obtain the power to the tarmac and the model in time to a standstill. So were brought up to the afternoon of the 70 vehicles to the starting line and the 15 fastest racers qualified for the final on Sunday. The 100km / h mark was by then just missed. When choosing the most beautiful body the children were no limits in terms of creativity. The jury was very impressed with the results. Whether the Pokémon Pikachu, Scrat from Ice Age with its nut, Wickie the sailor or the fire truck – in all models put a lot of passion and technical know-how. In the evening were in the tent all the winners of the Short-Race, the body Score and On -Road rating honored. In addition, the grid of the finalists for the “fastest Germany Fighter Buggy” was announced. Then was Finally, the large Tamiya Balloon Rally started, in which there is again to win many great prizes.


On Sunday then found the race held on the off-road track of Tamiya Raceway’s. The weather was really good to us and so we had top-conditions for a successful last day of the final. In addition, the resident club, the RC-Team Sonnenberg had conjured a beautiful race-track! Group by group and participants for participants gave their best to improve the personal best in the various runs. Afternoon finally had to give everything again everyone! Place everything but had lunch first finalists for newborn competition “Germany’s fastest Fighter Buggy”. And this spectacle was then also none of those present escape. Overnight was again tinkered honed and pondered. How to tickle it again a few km / h from the Tamiya-basement? All homework had wound up the team MZ-Modellbau done with coxswain Lukas Reip whose “Fighter” with rocket propulsion as support then still broke through 100 km / h mark and in the main race 101km / h and the following show running even 103 km / h burned into the asphalt !!! A class performance to the whole team and congratulations. The fastest car with normal electric power reached by the way 97 km / h !!!


Video for fastest Fighter Buggy Germany

After all finals competitions without incident and in a friendly atmosphere were over and all waited anxiously for the award ceremony.


Before the victory ceremony, only the so-called MIXED vote had to be constructed. This is the summary of the race results. Only those who are good in both disciplines may Fighter champion be! This was this year Piotr Trella (Poland) at the rookies and Lukas Reip . In class Superstock, which also contributed to the fastest Fighter Buggy Germany


The youngest participant, “Quinten Verloessem” (4 years) traveled all the way from Holland to the final.


In addition to the race many other attractions have been offered. A large Arial at that event was blocked for cars and could be used around the clock by the children are. When the battery had to be loaded once, you could with Bobby Cars, tractors and scooters BIG test his skills at BIG course, Go left out in the BIG bouncy castle or play in SMOBY village. When Fortune could make his fortune to the test and win many great prizes Company the Simba Dickie Group. For this, we thank you very all the sponsors!


Finally, we thank all for the successful event and especially the parents of children without such a nice hobby would hardly be achieved.

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April 29, 2016, in the international racing course of the Suzuka Circuit, Aero Avante, which is manufactured in 1 “1/1 mini four-wheel drive vehicle of Project”, made a rendezvous traveling and F1 machine Tyrrell 019.
Giant Mini 4wd AERO AVANTE runs world- famous Suzuka Circuit with Formula One “Tyrell 019”.

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Tamiya Japan source


To everyone that has been affected by the Kumamoto earthquake I would like to sincerely sympathy.


Well, at our company, mini four-wheel drive of special specifications in order to cheer the Kumamoto Prefecture, “Kumamoto mini four-wheel drive (kumamon version) released”, announced to donate the full amount of the benefit in Kumamoto Prefecture beneath it, the total amount is, we will report that to ¥ 7,100,000 (Japanese Yen). This benefit was in 2016 July 15, as a donation remitted to the Kumamoto Prefecture designated account.


Thank you for your kind feelings of everyone. Thank you for your cooperation. We pray from the bottom of my heart the earliest possible restoration and reconstruction of the affected areas.


Tamiya Ltd.

Tamiya Kumamoto earthquake disaster relief funds report

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Been loved more than a year, Tamiya RC model that is showing your excitement for now. The Tamiya RC hobby of experience events of “Tamiya RC car Festival” was held at the car of a theme park in Odaiba, Tokyo “MEGA WEB (Mega Web)”.
Experience running of the electric RC cars and “Try !! Tamiya RC”, assembled classroom “Try !! Tamiya RC School” of RC car, “rock crawling experience” traveling on the rocky mountain in the RC car, can ride to RC trailer “trailer ride It held an event to enjoy and experience the Tamiya RC model, such as experience. ” It was also carried out spectacular preeminent RC car race “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” in 21 days.
Look, to experience, to participate, can enjoy the RC hobby of Tamiya “Tamiya RC Car Festival” is scheduled to be held in the future. Please your visit by all means!

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Model of Tamiya is coming to the museum.
Tamiya, which began from the wooden model will celebrate the 70 anniversary of its founding this year. “Model of Tamiya came” Exhibition plastic model from wooden model is, the model moves, such as a radio control model and mini four-wheel drive, will introduce the charm of the model culture while tracing the history of Tamiya, such as scene work of model writer. In addition, and it works exhibition towards our local model club is the venue, the popular “four wheel drive mini Workshop” as a work event of the summer vacation, the movement to make fun Robo Craft series “ROBOT classroom”, popular with women of Suites also held decoration experience make such events. Tamiya original goods such as and events product sales there is also a shopping corner. Please by all means experience the Tamiya in the museum this summer.


■ Period held
August 6, 2016 (Saturday) to September 4 (Sunday)
10:00 to 18:00 (Admission until 17:30) ※ During the exhibition days a week
■ Venue Shichinohe Municipal Takayama Uichi Memorial Museum 〒 039-2501 Aomori Prefecture kamikita district shichinohe character bear within 67-94
■ Admission general and university students 850 (650) yen in, high-production 500 (400) yen elementary school students 300 (200) yen ※ () in the advance tickets and more than 20 people in the organization, residents College student, discounted rates such as JAF member. ※ Advance tickets, you can purchase at i.JTB ticket handling of the convenience store each store. i.JTB Item Number ⇒ 0243635 ( “Ticket Pia” Can not be handling.)
■ the contents
1) Tamiya and history of the model history a model of Tamiya celebrating this year its 70th anniversary from the product of the wooden model era to the latest model introducing while tracing. At the time of the interview photos and the finished product, package, such as the original article in the exhibition. Learn more about the world of the model.
2) scene exhibition exhibition to bring together the work of scene artists decorate the magazine, such as a model professional journals. To simple work to attract people to see from the large scene work and powerful, it is the corner of the impressive perfect score.
3) Aomori Modeler’s Club Exhibition local, is the work exhibition of model club that has been active in Aomori. Cooperation: Aomori plastic Modeler’s Club
4) Summer vacation work classroom in advance please make a reservation by phone

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Prior to the 2016 September 3 (Saturday) in Tsukuba will be held at the circuit of the “27th media against Roadster 4 hour endurance race” battle, participation plan team is using the “Tamiya RC roadster” of 1/10 scale It was held at Mazda sponsored in 1 hour endurance race is July 6 (water). carview! & Minkara team also competed in the RC car of the same color ring and the genuine roadster. In the video to deliver digest the pattern of the race day.

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Author: Tsubakiyama Kazuo
Source: Car Watch


Tamiya June 29, held a new product briefing of 1/10 electric RC Car Series “TA07 PRO Chassis Kit”. TA07 PRO time release date is July 2 of the chassis kit, the price is 31,104 yen.


TA07 PRO chassis kit, chassis length 370mm, chassis width of 187mm, wheelbase 257mm. Frame material fiberglass reinforced nylon resin, shape composites type that combines Lower Deck and the upper frame. Drive system is a 4WD by horizontal motor and single-belt drive.


In the “touring car” category of Tamiya, become the seventh generation of the chassis of the TA series that follows from “TA01” appeared in 1991, with the current line-up, located in the upper level of the entry class of shaft 4WD “TT-02”, shaft both “TB-04” in the 4WD, the positioning of the chassis of the middle class.


With a briefing to introduce the history and evolution of the company’s touring car, Seiwa Suzuki of Takanori Aoki of Tamiya planning and development section Section 1 and Tamiya Planning and Development Department Section 1 is about the development concept and features of the “TA07 PRO Chassis Kit” story did.


In the development of the TA07 PRO chassis kit, it listed three goals and “element should be as a middle class machine,” “combat power more than its predecessor,” “there is no other car new features and design”, the optimization of the left and right of the roll characteristics together with the frame design and Symmetrical design in order to achieve, Giyadefu and suspension arms, adopted parts of the high-end model (TRF419 system) such as the upright. In addition, the assumption that arouse the curiosity as well as playability, remembering the functionality to choose from three motor mounting position.


In the new product briefing venue and became Tamiya Circuit, the machine is ready for three TA07 PRO chassis kit for changing the motor mounting position, which is also available time that can actually feel the difference of the running sense.


For most of the features and made motor mounting position of the product, Mr. Aoki is the difference between handling that had you feeling “today, mainly is due to gyroscopic effect of the motor. In the motor rotor is housed as a rotating object and How can have, higher is the most number of revolutions in the vehicle, it has also become a large mass as a rotating object, “and a description.


In addition, “Actually the fact that handling is changed by changing the position of the motor had been found from the time of the 2000 year. Model at the time 2000 is shaft drive various layouts such as a motor in a vertical position are mounted Although there was, in the scene, such as the world Championships and now, each manufacturer in the form such as TRF419 spoke almost the same layout has been adopted. ”


Then, for it to finish in the middle-class machines that get to enjoy a wide range of layer, Mr. Aoki is because the categories that are exhausted to know whether the run well, “the RC car enthusiasts of the world is what shape the most is the most difficult as the development of products It revealed and did was “the place.


The difference about threefold motor mounting position, Aoki said, “become a strong layout of out kicks to mount the motor behind most, point recommended if the case of the competition,” he said.


For other positions, layout Mr. Aoki to be mounted before the “most is the point unprecedented up to now, and the point of the recommended time because a higher sense of stability direction of the grip of the course layout and the road conditions are difficult you say. in addition, since the layout to be mounted on the middle can be exhibited at any time the characteristics to bend relatively light, I think that the point where the taste is divided. again, RC car enthusiasts with a self-confidence in the arm is the most behind we expect to be taken the motor layout “was and commentary.