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Customized Tamiya Grasshopper which won the American picnic day custom design competition

Creator: Mr. Nobuhiro Hayashi
Source: Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Shimbashi

Tamiya Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2016 Finals Report

Japanese source: Game Watch

Tamiya is October 16, we held a “four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2016 championship” at Odaiba · MEGAWEB. In this tournament, the players who were winning the qualifying was held in June in Japan gather, to determine the champion to be in Japan.

The day was also done last qualifying. Qualifying of the “four wheel drive mini Japan Cup” is to join a large number also core member of society team. They are a wide range of areas, not in qualifying tournaments in one region, for example Shizuoka team performs an “expedition” to Aichi and Hiroshima tournament. Even in such a qualifying tournament, Tokyo qualifying large scale, gather users from all over the country for at this time.

For the final qualifying there is a subsequent championship, but it as also recruiting people even half the time compared to qualifying so far, over the last chance, challenge and put the fighting spirit in the previous kneaded in qualifying setting players reaches there were many.

Course “Ultra Burning Circuit 2016”, which is used in the “four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2016” is a pretty difficult course. In particular, the body moves violently up and down “di Alps” was plagued many players. Here in a place such as those more difficult previous to “Niagara slope”, climbing a steep uphill at a fairly state that speed ride was, since then become a horizontal, steep downhill is waiting.

In addition it can also be said gimmick and this time a symbol of the “vertical changer”. Is a changer for changing the course, but he does not pass through only once during the five laps, this time must rise came in the body up to a height of 170cm. To run up power is required, because the get off a considerable steep slopes and cut climbing becomes a breakneck speed, but also significantly reduced the body of stability. Of course, the other to be a dangerous place is there are a number.

This time of athletes of the “epidemic” is a “movable body”. Attach the hinges on the entire surface of the body to be attached to the chassis, but gimmick to press the vehicle body to the road surface by body movement when the vehicle body is or splashing. This was caught called “lantern”, which was making a combination of the bumper part of the vehicle body rear portion far.

A movable body is an improved version of this gimmick. Lantern was a completely different parts of it, has become integrated under the gimmick with the body. In addition the body itself are also using the polycarbonate. As a result of the rigidity of the weight reduction and body it is also secured. By the way, the nickname of the fan is also interesting that it is the “body lantern”. Think a lot of players a variety of means through the tournament, it leads to the “epidemic”, and sophisticated and will flow I felt seemed.

Was held from June but “four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2016”, athletes between 4 months or around the venue of a number, and share information among themselves, other people’s opinion on the net as a reference It is or. I felt a lot of cars to finish in the order or qualifying. Course of “capture” seems to have been pretty.

However, in the finals by the veteran who went on winning the whole country and say not only finisher, is interesting is not the case. This time can participate in the competition winners will be “Champions”, “junior class” of up to three-year junior high school, but he three championship of the “open class” of no limit has been carried out, the car that went off there were many.

‘m Still the finals of the “open class” there was most impressive is in this game. Athletes of the machine that has been victorious from all over the country will proceed to change the combines and rapidly order the stability and speed. And black Tanigawa player machine running in the top was scattered late spark, yellow Kawai players of machine. Yellow machine is hectic chase the black machine, and last, left admirably unplug the black machine that became a lost time in the “vertical changer”, the yellow machine, Kawai player became the winner.

Kawai players wrested the current appearance in front of the qualifying tournament of the finals. So that the rose to twice the podium in one day. Kawai himself also seemed to be surprised at this result. Kawai himself is like to have a community and a deep connection, it had been blessed by a lot of people.

I showed got a Kawai player of the machine after the game, but there is no body part, it is a unique appearance which is visible to the chassis bare. When the question as “Where was devised?”, And Kawai players “is where flexible”, it showed the body “twist in”. This machine has been added is large hands from the chassis, the chassis has been connected by the shaft is divided before and after, he can change the angle of the front wheels and rear wheels in accordance with the inclination of the road surface. That this mechanism leads to a more stable ride.

I had never seen such a mechanism. In Tamiya products chassis has become to one plate, or will not be a thing close to the idea of the actual vehicle of the suspension of that move disconnect it. I felt that it is a new idea in a very unique. It idea to greatly expected the coming of the four wheel drive mini “evolution”. To athletes is really amazing, mini four-wheel drive was fun and strongly felt tournament.

Thank you for 10.000 facebook likes – bonus photos of a Tamiyablog subscribers visit to Tamiya Museum in Shizuoka

Just a few days after our 10 years anniversary our much later created facebook page reached 10.000 subscribers. As a small thank you we exclusively present you the fantastic photos of the 2016 visit to the Tamiya Museum in Shizuoka of Meir Overferst, a long time subscriber of our website which we would especially like to thank.

Kihachiro Ueda (who created also boxart for Tamiya) Memorial Exhibition in Shizuoka Hobby Square


In memory of Kihachiro Ueda, who has been passed away on June 18, 2016

It became a carry to plan a meeting with the memorial exhibition to remember with the people and the bereaved family to share memories.

★ Duration from October 1 (Saturday) to October 9 (Sunday) ※ 10/3 (month) is closed day
★ Time between 11:00 to 18:00 (weekdays), 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
★ Location Shizuoka Hobby Square
★ Admission fee 500 yen (junior high school or less free)
★ Organized Shizuoka model teaching material cooperatives

※ Remember meeting: October 1 (Sat) 13:00 to 14:00 (sponsored by Ueda house)

About Memorial Exhibition
Kihachiro Ueda Mr. worked a lot of box picture water line Shirisu became a masterpiece from 1971, through the box picture of the model, such as warships and aircraft, is a painter who is loved by many fans. Vehicle, there is a force that can be beautifully depict the figure at the time of the three-dimensional finished just by looking at the excellent once drawing the forces in particular represent a “mechanic”. Excellent talent of mechanical drawing not only draw the background, it was also known as the “man to draw the seven seas” because it split draw a wave of various sea. This time, including the packing box Kihachiro Ueda’s “Shizuoka model teaching materials cooperative” companies we hosted a memorial exhibition was commercialized ordered in the work with Mr. Ueda (package), box art are the property of their respective owners in addition to exhibiting the “original” to be called, will be also allowed to display memorabilia that people with a friendship relationship, such as your family and friends was potluck. Such as through work that are not exposed to the outside usually, but there is a short period of time, prominence feelings to achievement of Mr. Kihachiro Ueda while seeing to everyone, I hope you became a memorial exhibition that bring remembrance.


Tamiya 76th Pachi Contest Winners Announced

Pachi contest to enjoy the model work of military model in the photograph. We had many of our applicants this year.
The gold medal of the scene photo department to finish like a real battlefield photo was shine the “last line of defense Italy 1944” Takashimaya Hiroshi’s. Composition to enhance the sense of realism surrounding the elephant that linger around in the center of the screen figure, billboards, buildings, etc., of course, soft natural light, also feel the beauty of delicate finish and color scheme.
Gold works photo department to compete for evaluation as a model work, there was not the first time the relevant work this time. Although the finished model itself is great, because the finish as a “photographic work” was now one step. Missing part of the vehicle, composition of deficiencies, such as the sweetness of focus, masterpiece think if giving away a little more attention to photography and photofinishing there was nothing sheets. By all means next time, please apply with an emphasis as well as the shooting and the print is also modeling. Especially work that the new product was the protagonist is welcome. From production to photograph We look forward to the masterpiece that was forcefully

40 – 30 = 10 Years Tamiyablog Anniversary


In September 2006, when the 30th anniversary Tamiya RC Porsche 934 (#49400, with Valliant scheme and TA05 based chassis) was announced, we started this fan website/blog as a place to gather interesting Tamiya related news and articles. Now, exactly 10 years later, Tamiya released their 40th anniversary RC Porsche 934 (#84431, with Jägermeister scheme and TA02SW chassis) and we have come quite some way from there.

In this period we have posted 941 articles, have had more than 4.000.000 visits and 2000 reader comments in our website and more than 6000 fans in our much later started Facebook page. We have reported live 9 times from Nuremberg Toy fair, presented a couple of dozens of our customized builds and organised an award competition for our readers. Our long term target is to be complete and easily searchable database of older and newest Tamiya related news and articles which disappear in the long run from other websites. We pay to run this site fully on our behalf since we didn’t want to clutter it with ads and also so that Tamiya stays what it always meant to us, a hobby and passion and not a business.

Since Tamiya had released their Bigwig (#58057) in 1986 to celebrate their 10th anniversary of RC, it couldn’t miss in our little 10 years celebration, as also a little self made cake (please excuse our poor cake decorating abilities, thankfully our Tamiya builds and reports are bit better). The biggest change though is the design of our website which we hope you will find easier to read, also at mobile devices.

A big thank you to all our readers, supporters, members and Tamiya who made us what we are today!

To the next 10 years,
The team of Tamiyablog

56th All Japan Model Hobby Show official Tamiya Tools & Paint list and photos

Precision drill bit 0.6mm (shaft diameter 1.0mm)
precision drill bit 0.7mm (shaft diameter 1.0mm) with a sharp edge and high rigidity, will add 0.6mm and 0.7mm in handy precision drill bit to the exact drilling. Ideal for precise shallow hole machining of plastic model. Root securely attached to a thicker pin vise than the drill part, runout difficult for the feature.
★ Craft tool series Nanba127,128 FINE PIVOT DRILL BIT 0.6Mm (SHANK DIA. 1.0Mm) (74127), FINE PIVOT DRILL BIT 0.7Mm (SHANK DIA. 1.0Mm) (74128) ★ sharp blade attached to a high-speed steel processing alms, excellent sharpness and durability. ★ it was to print the drill diameter to the shaft portion.
November 12, around released
November 9 shipping 360 yen (excluding tax)

Spray-Work Power Compressor
Spray-Work power compressor is stable blown compressor that allows the paint at a higher pressure. Polish painting of car models and motorcycle models from a wide big scale model of the painting area will be finished beautifully. It can be freely set by the pressure meter with air regulator with a drainage function. In addition, the compressor was also equipped with a hanger switch which is turned on only when you remove the air brush.
★ Tamiya air brush system Nanba53 SPRAY-WORK POWER AIR COMPRESSOR (74553) ★ maximum air pressure 0.4MPa, air discharge rate per minute 9-12 liters. ★ such as fine camouflage paint, also supports blown fine dropped the air pressure. ★ power a household outlet (AC100V, 50 / 60Hz).
October 29, around released
October 26, 34,800 yen (excluding tax)

Anti-vibration mat for compressor
Anti-vibration mat for the compressor is a rubber sponge mat to suppress the vibration laid under the compressor. There is a 10mm and a sufficient thickness, firmly absorbs the vibration of a large compressor. Since you are using the material of hardening, it is also characterized by the compressor is less likely to become unstable.
★ Tamiya air brush system Nanba54 AIR COMPRESSOR ANTI-VIBRATION MAT (74554) ★ size is the perfect size about 155 × 225 × 10mm, to power the compressor. ★ color is black.
October 29, around released
October 26, shipping 580 yen (excluding tax)

Paint Remover (250ml)
Paint Remover (250ml) acrylic, is solvent washable enamel, lacquer, each paint of polycarbonate. Less likely to damage the surface of the resin, nor does it detract from the clarity of the polycarbonate body. You can also peel off the plating if Tsukekome plating parts for about 1 hour.★ make-up material series Nanba183 PAINT REMOVER (87183) ★ also characterized by less odor in the water-soluble type. ★ You can use repeatedly for about two to three times. ★ it can not be used in ABS resin.
November 12, around released
November 9 shipping 960 yen (tax not included)