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April 29, 2016, in the international racing course of the Suzuka Circuit, Aero Avante, which is manufactured in 1 “1/1 mini four-wheel drive vehicle of Project”, made a rendezvous traveling and F1 machine Tyrrell 019.
Giant Mini 4wd AERO AVANTE runs world- famous Suzuka Circuit with Formula One “Tyrell 019”.

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Tamiya Japan source


To everyone that has been affected by the Kumamoto earthquake I would like to sincerely sympathy.


Well, at our company, mini four-wheel drive of special specifications in order to cheer the Kumamoto Prefecture, “Kumamoto mini four-wheel drive (kumamon version) released”, announced to donate the full amount of the benefit in Kumamoto Prefecture beneath it, the total amount is, we will report that to ¥ 7,100,000 (Japanese Yen). This benefit was in 2016 July 15, as a donation remitted to the Kumamoto Prefecture designated account.


Thank you for your kind feelings of everyone. Thank you for your cooperation. We pray from the bottom of my heart the earliest possible restoration and reconstruction of the affected areas.


Tamiya Ltd.

Tamiya Kumamoto earthquake disaster relief funds report

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Been loved more than a year, Tamiya RC model that is showing your excitement for now. The Tamiya RC hobby of experience events of “Tamiya RC car Festival” was held at the car of a theme park in Odaiba, Tokyo “MEGA WEB (Mega Web)”.
Experience running of the electric RC cars and “Try !! Tamiya RC”, assembled classroom “Try !! Tamiya RC School” of RC car, “rock crawling experience” traveling on the rocky mountain in the RC car, can ride to RC trailer “trailer ride It held an event to enjoy and experience the Tamiya RC model, such as experience. ” It was also carried out spectacular preeminent RC car race “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” in 21 days.
Look, to experience, to participate, can enjoy the RC hobby of Tamiya “Tamiya RC Car Festival” is scheduled to be held in the future. Please your visit by all means!

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Model of Tamiya is coming to the museum.
Tamiya, which began from the wooden model will celebrate the 70 anniversary of its founding this year. “Model of Tamiya came” Exhibition plastic model from wooden model is, the model moves, such as a radio control model and mini four-wheel drive, will introduce the charm of the model culture while tracing the history of Tamiya, such as scene work of model writer. In addition, and it works exhibition towards our local model club is the venue, the popular “four wheel drive mini Workshop” as a work event of the summer vacation, the movement to make fun Robo Craft series “ROBOT classroom”, popular with women of Suites also held decoration experience make such events. Tamiya original goods such as and events product sales there is also a shopping corner. Please by all means experience the Tamiya in the museum this summer.


■ Period held
August 6, 2016 (Saturday) to September 4 (Sunday)
10:00 to 18:00 (Admission until 17:30) ※ During the exhibition days a week
■ Venue Shichinohe Municipal Takayama Uichi Memorial Museum 〒 039-2501 Aomori Prefecture kamikita district shichinohe character bear within 67-94
■ Admission general and university students 850 (650) yen in, high-production 500 (400) yen elementary school students 300 (200) yen ※ () in the advance tickets and more than 20 people in the organization, residents College student, discounted rates such as JAF member. ※ Advance tickets, you can purchase at i.JTB ticket handling of the convenience store each store. i.JTB Item Number ⇒ 0243635 ( “Ticket Pia” Can not be handling.)
■ the contents
1) Tamiya and history of the model history a model of Tamiya celebrating this year its 70th anniversary from the product of the wooden model era to the latest model introducing while tracing. At the time of the interview photos and the finished product, package, such as the original article in the exhibition. Learn more about the world of the model.
2) scene exhibition exhibition to bring together the work of scene artists decorate the magazine, such as a model professional journals. To simple work to attract people to see from the large scene work and powerful, it is the corner of the impressive perfect score.
3) Aomori Modeler’s Club Exhibition local, is the work exhibition of model club that has been active in Aomori. Cooperation: Aomori plastic Modeler’s Club
4) Summer vacation work classroom in advance please make a reservation by phone

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Prior to the 2016 September 3 (Saturday) in Tsukuba will be held at the circuit of the “27th media against Roadster 4 hour endurance race” battle, participation plan team is using the “Tamiya RC roadster” of 1/10 scale It was held at Mazda sponsored in 1 hour endurance race is July 6 (water). carview! & Minkara team also competed in the RC car of the same color ring and the genuine roadster. In the video to deliver digest the pattern of the race day.

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Author: Tsubakiyama Kazuo
Source: Car Watch


Tamiya June 29, held a new product briefing of 1/10 electric RC Car Series “TA07 PRO Chassis Kit”. TA07 PRO time release date is July 2 of the chassis kit, the price is 31,104 yen.


TA07 PRO chassis kit, chassis length 370mm, chassis width of 187mm, wheelbase 257mm. Frame material fiberglass reinforced nylon resin, shape composites type that combines Lower Deck and the upper frame. Drive system is a 4WD by horizontal motor and single-belt drive.


In the “touring car” category of Tamiya, become the seventh generation of the chassis of the TA series that follows from “TA01” appeared in 1991, with the current line-up, located in the upper level of the entry class of shaft 4WD “TT-02”, shaft both “TB-04” in the 4WD, the positioning of the chassis of the middle class.


With a briefing to introduce the history and evolution of the company’s touring car, Seiwa Suzuki of Takanori Aoki of Tamiya planning and development section Section 1 and Tamiya Planning and Development Department Section 1 is about the development concept and features of the “TA07 PRO Chassis Kit” story did.


In the development of the TA07 PRO chassis kit, it listed three goals and “element should be as a middle class machine,” “combat power more than its predecessor,” “there is no other car new features and design”, the optimization of the left and right of the roll characteristics together with the frame design and Symmetrical design in order to achieve, Giyadefu and suspension arms, adopted parts of the high-end model (TRF419 system) such as the upright. In addition, the assumption that arouse the curiosity as well as playability, remembering the functionality to choose from three motor mounting position.


In the new product briefing venue and became Tamiya Circuit, the machine is ready for three TA07 PRO chassis kit for changing the motor mounting position, which is also available time that can actually feel the difference of the running sense.


For most of the features and made motor mounting position of the product, Mr. Aoki is the difference between handling that had you feeling “today, mainly is due to gyroscopic effect of the motor. In the motor rotor is housed as a rotating object and How can have, higher is the most number of revolutions in the vehicle, it has also become a large mass as a rotating object, “and a description.


In addition, “Actually the fact that handling is changed by changing the position of the motor had been found from the time of the 2000 year. Model at the time 2000 is shaft drive various layouts such as a motor in a vertical position are mounted Although there was, in the scene, such as the world Championships and now, each manufacturer in the form such as TRF419 spoke almost the same layout has been adopted. ”


Then, for it to finish in the middle-class machines that get to enjoy a wide range of layer, Mr. Aoki is because the categories that are exhausted to know whether the run well, “the RC car enthusiasts of the world is what shape the most is the most difficult as the development of products It revealed and did was “the place.


The difference about threefold motor mounting position, Aoki said, “become a strong layout of out kicks to mount the motor behind most, point recommended if the case of the competition,” he said.


For other positions, layout Mr. Aoki to be mounted before the “most is the point unprecedented up to now, and the point of the recommended time because a higher sense of stability direction of the grip of the course layout and the road conditions are difficult you say. in addition, since the layout to be mounted on the middle can be exhibited at any time the characteristics to bend relatively light, I think that the point where the taste is divided. again, RC car enthusiasts with a self-confidence in the arm is the most behind we expect to be taken the motor layout “was and commentary.

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July 21, 2016 (Thursday) to July 26 (Tuesday)  Tobu Ikebukuro 8F exhibition space (1 to 3 addresses)
10:00 am to 8:00 pm the last day until 5 pm Free admission

Want their mono one of the definitive of the model of charm and longing familiar place. Size also is small, you do not change as when the impression is that in the eyes of the real thing, is especially if those elaborated with their own hands. Exhibition crammed chock the charm of such a model, it is Tamiya Modeler’s gallery is held. Mini four-wheel drive from the scale model, of course, to display to bring together the Tamiya model to RC is also 1/1 Aero Avante the dream of four wheel drive mini fan was realized this year exhibition. In addition, also held events that you can experience the fun of the model, such as handicraft classrooms and Suites decoration production. Look, playing, shopping can also enjoy, excitement is full of exhibition.


Guidance of Tamiya Modeler’s gallery event content

“Tobu Tamiya Modeler contest” exhibitions
model fan “of the hottest Tobu Tamiya Modeler’s contest .” Scene, single item works, Suites decoration and so on, jammed piece of thought will gather under one roof. See carefully the world of model where there is only fun the number of work. In addition, on July 23 (Saturday) will do the contest winners of the awards ceremony at the venue.

■ Tobu Tamiya Modeler’s contest awards ceremony: July 23 (Saturday) at 1:00 pm than ⇒ 2016 years Tobu Tamiya Modelers Contest How to apply (deadline 7/10)

The last of “Tobu Modeler Contest” winners


1/1 Aero Avante vehicle exhibition
will showcase the 1/1 Aero Avante was born from a dream of the project to the drivable vehicle a mini four-wheel drive. This machine, which was completed in the same manufacturing process as the vehicle of the racing car has a raw form mini four-wheel drive and attention to the front and rear bumper equipped with a roller, equipped with a horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine in the rear. You can see the international racing course, a machine that was Bakusou the Suzuka Circuit up close. ⇒ 1/32 mini four-wheel drive REV series No.1 Aero Avante (AR Chassis) ⇒ Aero Avante vehicle details




Koji Ishizaka and his friends presbyopia Zu mini gallery
Koji Ishizaka actor will exhibit the work of your model club “presbyopia Zu” to serve as chairman. The only meeting of the name is taken from the street you know, “presbyopia”, everyone is just senior modeler of members. That said, just a masterpiece that comes through is how it has been produced a model while enjoying us.



Tamiya 70th anniversary sticker gift
during the period, one will receive a 3,240 yen (including tax / receipt summed Allowed) or more purchases of sticker arrival to commemorate the Tamiya 70th anniversary to 3,000 people at Tamiya Modeler’s gallery in the venue.



Held every day! Four wheel drive mini competition
will be held every day the popularity of mini four-wheel drive competition in the special circuit of the venue. Anyone addition to the three times of the competition one day can participate, we also race the name of the bear machine limitation of the “Avante”. In addition, the kit, sale of parts, of course, was also available a convenient pit space to the assembly and setting. ■ four wheel drive mini competition (except for the 7 / 23,7 / 26) four times a day held the start of the race time ● 11: 00 ~ ● 13: 30 ~ ● Avante limited race 16: 00 ~ ● 18: 30 ~※ each time first arrival 90 people (participation is free of charge) ※ will start accepting each time the race 30 minutes before the start. Avante limited race ※ is, you can participate only vehicles equipped with the body stick the “Avante” in the product name. ※ 7/23 (Sat) does not have a 13:30 time for the awards ceremony. ※ last day of 7/26 (Tuesday) There is no 16:00 and 18:30 of the times for the 17 pm closing time.



Mini 4WD Workshop
Four wheel drive mini Workshop (surcharge) every day (except Saturday) will be held. Such as that do not know about the assembly, staff will teach with care.



Beginners welcome! RC Car experience corner
in the RC experience corner, held, including the demonstration of RC trailers and RC tank of the great power, the hands-on events that you can feel the fun to steer every day. Of course, it is beginners welcome. RC, please join us also your first time of children and women.



Suites decoration production experience <7/24 held>
make sweets miniature that is popular around the woman “Suites decoration”. On July 24 (Sunday) will be held on the production experience corner (surcharge). Please to challenge in the fabrication of cute candy. ※ reservation is ■ 7/24 (day) “cupcake of macaroons” all nine meetings held (production time required 30 minutes) ● 10: 30 ~ ● 11: 10 ~ ● 12: 50 ~ ● 13: 30 ~ ● 14 : 10 ~ ● 14: 50 ~ ● 15: 30 ~ ● 16: 10 ~ ● 16: 50 ~※ each time first arrival 10 people [participation fee] 700 yen (including tax / material cost included) cooperation: pastel Suites Suites decoration experience course Join how to apply will participate accepted by ■ 7 May 12 (Tuesday) from your phone. As soon as it becomes capacity participation, please understand that I will terminate the reception. ※ participation Application / Contact Us TEL 03-5951-8664 (10:00 to 18:30) Tamiya Modeler’s gallery Contact: Takeuma (Buma) Sato



Exhibition corner
beautifully finished scale model, will show you the wonders of the model from the new products, such as this summer mechanical amazing RC model to the topic of the model. In addition, model fans across the country, such as exhibition of dolls remodeling contest Selected Works is also available masterpiece that drew out the arm.


RC model magazine published works exhibition
RC magazine “RC magazine” and RC machine that has been introduced in the paper of “RC WORLD”, model magazine “armor modeling,” “Model Art,” “Model Cars” and “Hobby Japan” exhibited at each publisher booth a model that graced the paper surface of the finished product. Course-related book sales corner is also substantial.


Sales Corner event products
look, after enjoying, of course shopping. Including plastic model and RC, original goods, and further enhancement from the latest issue of Tamiya news to the back number. Event products were also available, such as.
Please wait for the follow-up for more information!

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Total length 290m, electric car, of course data can also enjoy more than enough overwhelming power of the engine car Miya Kakegawa circuit is, all-weather support of the RC circuit It was reopened as. Back strike of 77m to the rate, the combination of a variety of corners, is one of the largest on-road circuit world. Of course, for an electric dune buggy there is off-road course, even rock crawling field for crawler machine, tap the Tamiya RC car you can enjoy Ri. Facilities enhancement, such as a power and compressors. Course use is carried out in a membership system, RC fan of you can join et anyone.
Also new women-only break space. Air conditioning in a dedicated building is also fully equipped, the relaxed atmosphere Masu your slowly your Kutsuro Giitadake in. Including the Tamiya RC car fans, who one and four wheel drive mini user of women, please enjoy the hobby life in’s new Tamiya Kakegawa circuit.

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In 1996 as the largest engine & electric RC car course world “Tamiya Kakegawa support Kitto” was created. This year marks the 20th anniversary of open, RC code of the all-weather type that can even run in the rain and then reopened as vinegar. The long-awaited circuit, the first event is “Tami ya Grand Prix All-Japan Championships Kakegawa tournament”. Tamiya Grand Prix premier class [TRF championship] and, nimble driving performance in a compact body is in addition to the electric class, such as [M-Japan championship] of charm, even engine class Kakegawa circuit of charm with plenty to enjoy will be held.

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Including the electric RC car can enjoy the overwhelming power of the engine RC car to heart’s content, of the world’s largest class Tamiya Kakegawa circuit has been renewed in the “all-weather”. The course employs a mutable island-type layout, paved road surface construction in the asphalt that was taking advantage of the many years of experience. Off-road courses and crawling field can also be enjoyed in the same way to this.
Also according to the renewal, also established women-only break space. Such as the little you face-lift and break, you can spend moments of relaxation in was fully equipped space.
RC car fan, of course, together with your family and friends, please enjoy a comfortable hobby life in’s new Tamiya Kakegawa circuit.

※ Available from June 13, 2016 (Monday).