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56533 Trailer Head Matte Gear Box (1/14 RC Truck)

– The matte surface of the product by changing the molding resin, and create the atmosphere of the actual vehicle unique.
– Up by a rigid carbon reinforced, it is possible to suppress the deformation of the part, improvement of durability can be expected.
– Applicable Products: trailer head various


84376 FF03 Aluminum Bumper mount (RC Limited)

– Use in place of plastic bumper mount of FF-03 chassis kit standard (M1 parts).
– To the effect as a measure against radiation because it is possible shapes fitted with 25mm cooling fan
– Bumper mount anodized Tamiya blue.
– Applicable Products: FF-03 chassis each vehicle


6 Responses to “ Few new RC parts and new photo of 58588 Toyota FJ Cruiser CC-01 ”

  • Bucano says:

    Another XC/CC. Although the body looks neat I would rather like to see a new/better chassis.

  • says:

    If Toyota FJ is hard body and restock the hard body kits example. jeep /CRV.

    They must be hot sale items

    Rcfans from hk

  • admin says:

    The main body is lexan but so well made that it looks as a hard one.

  • Mickie says:

    Regarding 56533 Trailer Head Matte Gear Box (1/14 RC Truck)

    A Tamiya trailer has no gear box.

    A Tamiya Tractor Truck has a gear box.

    So is this news flash about a new mould for the gear box for a tractor truck so the surface will be matte instead of a gloss plastic finish?

  • admin says:

    A Tamiya trailer has no gear box.

    Wow, who would have thought of that? 😉
    In few days we surely will know more, at latest at Nuremberg fair from which we will report live.

  • admin says:

    Also with “trailer head” the truck is meant, we just added a photo of the product.