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Bible book and “run” to the series fast four wheel drive mini super popular to pursue “beauty” appeared

In the series “guide speed four wheel drive mini-super” popular, carefully the basics of mini four wheel drive to four wheel drive mini racer mook to introduce will appear at the same time two books.

Of four wheel drive mini “beauty” of the red cover you up to full use of grade-up parts from the basic of the kit assembly, to pursue a “run” of the four wheel drive mini “tune-up Introduction”, to painting techniques with an airbrush from you stick stickers blue cover to pursue a “dress-up Introduction”.
Finished on what you say both in a magazine that is easy to understand with a wealth of Photo-photo, the bible of the four wheel drive mini exactly.



Tuneup introductory fast Tamiya Official Guidebook four wheel drive mini ultra
Item No 63489 Release October 3, 2014
A5 / 148 pages / full color Gakken Publishing: issue points that fast “mini four wheel drive “Now! many suggestions or remodeling machines champion Tamiya official competitions, the remodeling of the machine four wheel drive mini racer across the country were recruited in the WEB. Description firmly along with many photos “How to install a grade-up parts, whether there is any effect”, and posted many sample remodeling example, you will learn the fun of remodeling of the four wheel drive mini. Moreover, it is a book that can be used also as the latest catalog of Grade Up Parts and four wheel drive mini kit. [Main contents] ★ chassis another tune-up guide “tips” of mastering ★ Grade Up Parts ★ “Nitsu star drive Mechanics Institute” machine gallery ★ “new mechanism” Contest announced [special supplement] Tamiya official competitions simple inspection gauge



Dress Up Introduction speed Tamiya Official Guidebook four wheel drive mini ultra
Item No 63490 Release October 3, 2014
A5 / 148 pages / full color Gakken Publishing Published: techniques for painting beautiful large public! So not just the race to compete the speed, (contest compete ideas for remodeling and beauty of the painting of the four wheel drive mini) “concours d’elegance”, there are many entries, demand of dress-up is also soaring in. It is a master of Tamiya Plastic Factory Tressa Yokohama, air brush painting surgery full-fledged from simple paint surgery Hasegawa Shinji Mr. Puromodera can do with spray up, introduce a dress-up surgery of four wheel drive mini unique different from the Plastic other will. [Main contents] ★ Shinji Hasegawa Jikiden master painting techniques one point coating method of four wheel drive mini unique ★ ★ “Nitsu star drive Mechanics Institute” flow dress up surgery ★ magazine concours d’elegance excellent work published [special supplement] Abirisuta hologram sticker

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Source Dengeki Hobby

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– Revised plastic production guidebook
It is a guide book that was clearly explained in the photograph entering how to build plastic models.
Earnest of using the airbrush from the introduction of the basic techniques of plastic made from a glossary of terms and the introduction of tools necessary for the assembly of the model, how to cut the parts when assembling the kit, such as how to use of the adhesive when combining parts painted finish, until scene works challenge, with comments on each stage.
In addition, introduction and comments about airplane model, ship model, military model, such as car model, even in genre.
It is the one book for beginner till veteran modeler, who enjoys the plastic model build.
– 162 Pages

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21145 1/12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Mat Black Completed
21146 1/12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Red Completed




Allowance day young you look to devour the “guide book, it was made ​​a remodeling plan of the car that is not in hand yet Just seen the machine that …. every day you have nothing all day and night to tune up, that moment revives clear. has been hiding in the long, long history the RC model. Tamiya celebrates 40 years from birth in this year, his . “want you to find all means, the” at that time “of only Anniversary book look back on the history of Tamiya RC, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014 Japan.

★ Electric car model mainstay of course, tanks and trucks, glider, yacht popularity until, completely covering the RC model over 1000 that have been released in the past. One book of fan must-have. (ITEM 63488)
★ Special appendix: 1 / 2Scale Tamiya RC guidebook 1978 No. 1 reprint
★ B5-size 336 page
★ Publisher: Gakken Publishing

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- New Lotus machine that has been developed to fit the 3-liter F1 regulations from 1966, type 49. By using bolted directly to the rear of the monocoque Ford DFV engine of V-type 8-cylinder, and to have a role as part of the chassis, to achieve high rigidity and significant weight of the machine. DFV engine that has been developed in parallel with the type 49 is a masterpiece engine which is the standard for F1 machine later. type 49 in 1967, won the Dutch GP is the first race, dominated the pole position in all nine races remaining. We were up four wins, including the debut.
– Reproduced 1/12 scale Lotus Type 49. We enhance the charm by adding etched parts to the model was released in 1973.
– Radiator core and brake discs, such as seat belt bracket reproduced in etched parts. Air funnels of eight metal.
– Nose cowling is removable. I enjoy the internal mechanism even after completion.
– Piping up to code and ignition fuel pipe, Ford DFV engine Gotae making is also wired enough.
– Driver with dolls.


Release date in Japan mid November 2014

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