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Tamiya exhibited at Osaka Hobby Fes 2016


Also exhibited Tamiya in the largest model event “Osaka Hobby Fes” Kansai model hobby related companies 40 companies to exhibit. New product exhibition and talk show of the plastic model, happy event to model fan, such as demonstration is full. The latest product is also of course the exhibition, including the demonstration of handicraft classrooms and a dedicated tool. November 3 the date of the meeting culture of the day, please touch the fun of model culture by all means at the venue. We look forward to your visit of everyone.

“Osaka Hobby Fes”

Dates: November 3, 2016 (Kishuku)
Time held: 10:00 to 16:00 (last admission until 15:30)
Place: My Dome Osaka 2F B · C · D Hall (Chuo-ku, Osaka Honmachibashi 2-5)
Subway Sakaisuji and central line “Sakaisuji Honcho” ①⑫ No. 6-minute walk from the exit
Subway Tanimachi line and central line “Tanimachi 4-chome” ④ No. 7-minute walk from the exit
because of congestion mitigation ※, please use as much as possible public transport.
Toll: Free admission
Official site: http://osaka.hobbyfes.com/
Contact: Osaka Hobby Fes secretariat TEL: 06-6762-8075

Guidance of Tamiya booth workshop

“Let’s make mechanical Derby in parent and child.”
– Fee: parent-child pair once 1,380 yen (tax included)
and manufactured kit: Robo Craft Series Mecha Derby (with battery)
– Age: elementary school third grade or more of our customers and their parents bidder
※ sure children and parents like thank you for your participation of all together.

Holding time
30 minutes to 12:30 pm the first 10 (30 minutes pm accepts 10 through 10)
second time 13 hours, 00 minutes to 15 hours 00 minutes (for acceptance when 12 hour 30 minutes to 13)

※ of each time the reception time and handed out numbered tickets.
※ If applicants many there are times when it becomes a lottery on the spot.

Tamiya Fair 2016 Twin Messe Shizuoka Announcement

★ Dates
November 19 ( Sat ) 9:00 to 17:00
November 20 ( Sun ) 9:00 to 16:00
★ Venue
Twin Messe Shizuoka (Shizuoka Suruga-ku)

Hobby of the festival, held this year!
Tamiya Fair was firmly established as the fall of hobby events in Shizuoka. Last year, we had come to your also 26,000. 18 th time to become this year, including the exhibition of new products of interest, various events that you are able to experience playing to participate in our customers, further sales and limited commodity that can only be purchased at the venue, the corner of such bargains of sale deployment will. Tamiya hobby of festival, is held again this year! 
⇒ Last year of Tamiya Fair 2015 held report is here

New product announcement of Tamiya, exhibition (North Building)
scale model to be released and early next year from this fall, RC model, will be exhibited in one fell swoop the Tamiya new products, such as mini four-wheel drive. Spectacular lot, please see.
Tamiya Fair 2016 exhibition new product list (under construction)

World championship of electric RC car! (North Building)
In addition to Japan 14 tournament, nine countries and regions of Asia, the United States and Canada, Europe, the representative player who has been victorious the qualifying tournament of each area gathering, Tamiya electric the world finals of the RC car is done. Expand the super-close combat to compete for 0.001 seconds. Powerful hold sweat on hand just speedy race has seen. I can not help but send a cheer. Big race at large special circuit is a must see!

Four wheel drive mini station championship 2016 (19 days)
Four wheel drive mini World Challenge 2016 (20 days)” held !! (South Building)
19 (Saturday) is the national 400 stores or more, was held said 900 tournament more held in Japan finals by elected racer in the “mini four-wheel drive station Challenge”, “four wheel drive mini station championship 2016”! (3 using the lane type)
20 (Sunday) in the overseas representative racer and domestic top racer about 100 people who gathered from all over the world to fight “World Challenge 2016” held! Do not miss it!
In addition, you can run 20 days (day) only Japan Cup 2016 official course “Ultra Burning Circuit 2016” open as a course for free practice, anyone on your own machine.

The latest exhibition of the NSX (North Building)
finally appeared in the second generation, “NSX” is also the venue early to release was announced in Japan! To adopt a four-wheel drive system, called the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, Honda of the new generation of super sports machine. On-board 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo engine +1 motor to midship, such as the twin-motor unit for the front tire drive is a crystal of the state-of-the-art technology. By all means, please compare the actual vehicle and a model!
(Cooperation: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.) 

Mazda Demio, Roadster vehicle exhibition (North Building)
In accordance with the exhibition of new products, “Mazda Demio” of electric RC car, the two Mazda-made customized model “Mazda Demio 15MB Racing Concept2016”, “Mazda Roadster NR-A Racing Spec. (Party race It will showcase the specification). ” Concept car to enjoy motor sports both based on the familiar commercial vehicles. The reference of the RC cars and scale model production, please visit carefully. In addition, the implementation also talk show invited the development staff of the Demio from Mazda to 19 (Saturday). Valuable talk about the automotive development and Mazda design is the attention model, not even RC fan. Please be viewed by all means!
(Cooperation: Mazda Motor Corporation)

1/1 mini four-wheel drive vehicle projects Aero Avante exhibition (South Building)
Big project of dream of mini four-wheel drive to “Aero Avante” to the actual vehicle. Please use all means close the style of the powerful!

RC tank Owner’s meeting held !! (19 days , South Building)
Action of unique tanks of course, sound and ultimate realism that reproduces until the light charm of Tiger Ⅰ and Sherman, radio control tank such as the KV-1 is active. November 19 (Saturday) Twin Messe South Building, RC tank Owner’s meeting will be held. And tension of the match battle that takes place on a one-to-one, team tournament that combination is the key to winning is done. Tank fan of everyone, please come by all means.

Shizuoka Plastic Model Club Joint Exhibition (North Building)
Plastic dominating and also held this year around the club was a joint exhibition is in production in Japan in Shizuoka Prefecture. Airplanes, tanks, and gathered work with a focus on scale models such as car a few hundred or more points.

Tamiya product sales Corner (North Building / South Building)
Stock such as Tamiya products and original goods on sale now! Usually 15% OFF of the sales price! (Tax included) (limited edition, new products, goods except) presents a discount coupon to further use at the venue towards the purchase of 1,000 yen or more! (※ discount ticket can not be shopping at the only valid. Discount ticket only Tamiya Fair 2016 period venue.)

Self-Defense Forces Shizuoka regional cooperation headquarters corner (South Building)
familiar Self-Defense Forces Shizuoka regional cooperation headquarters in Shizuoka Hobby Show will participate again this year. On the day, a chance to see familiar a thing of the Self-Defense Forces vehicle! And, please try to talk with people of the Self-Defense Forces on this occasion. For us gently politely answer the simple question.
※ Exhibition schedule vehicle: Type 96 Armored Personnel Carrier, Light Armored Vehicle, motorcycle reconnaissance

Tamiya latest RC car “1 / 14RC Aero Avante” experience running meetings of the (free) (South Wing)
Will be held on experience running meetings of Tamiya latest RC car. Affordable speed and cute body is characterized. Since the operation is also simple, also welcome women and children. Once you are familiar with the machine control, also will be held match race. The latest RC car of Tamiya, please by all means experience.

Suites decoration production experience corner (surcharge) (South Building)
are growing in popularity among women now “Suites decoration”. Why do not you challenge from materials such as clay to the hobby that make up the lifelike candy. Girls, of course, welcome the participation of the mother. Finished work is available takeaway. Details will guide you at a later date.

In addition to this, in the venue a lot of the experience corner offers !!
RC trailer passenger experience corner (free)
Let’s ride to 1/14 size RC trailer. We will conduct the trailer passenger experience, which was intended for the following elementary school students.
Four wheel drive mini work classroom (s)
made on the spot, Let playing! ! At any time accepted! Circuit to run the completed machine is also available. For assembly, the staff will gently lecture.

Let’s enjoy in parent and child. Assembling classroom !! the latest RC touring car
such as traveling in tours and Tamiya circuit of Tamiya Fair 2016, the Hobby Zammai weekend! “Tamiya RC tour with TRF” held
spend and TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) staff, we were planning a “Tamiya RC tour with TRF” hobby Zammai. Including the RC dune buggy assembly classroom, RC running in Tamiya circuit, and Tamiya Fair grounds and the Tamiya headquarters tours can be enjoyed. Please join us in parent and child.

Exhibitor List / cooperation organization (in no particular order)
Mazda Motor Corporation / Honda Motor Co., Ltd. / UMA (moving model lovers Association) / Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. / Kondo Kagaku Co., Ltd. / Sanwa Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. / Futaba Corporation / Limited Company Mizuho / Co-Marthe Hasegawa Kousakusho / limited company Akutoten / limited company Fine Molds / SWEET (Suite) / limited company MM copy / Corporation Shimomura Alec / Corporation Shiokawa KomyoDo / Corporation central packaging / o potatoes design Co., Ltd. / Tamiya plastic model factory Shimbashi / Tamiya Plastic Factory Tressa Yokohama / Corporation Hobby Japan / Co., Ltd. Dainippon painting / limited company model Art, Inc. / Shizuoka industrial services Co., Ltd. restaurant Suruga / Shizuoka Plastic model Club joint exhibition / Self-Defense Forces Shizuoka regional cooperation headquarters / Foundation Shizuoka Tourism & Convention Association / Showa print processing Co., Ltd. / Lau pen model / (strain) modeling Village / limited company aero-based / Ltd. Ito-Yokado

Customized Tamiya Grasshopper which won the American picnic day custom design competition

Creator: Mr. Nobuhiro Hayashi
Source: Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Shimbashi

Let’s make Sea Diorama for Tamiya Japanese Navy Submarine I-400 Tutorial

Source and more: Tamiya Plamodel Factory

Author: Naho Ishii, 1991 born in Tokyo, contemporary artist.

1. Carve the unevenness of the sea
2. Trying to represent the sea surface with aluminum foil!
3. Foaming at the polyester putty
4. Black blue want to paint the sea
5. Trailer

Tamiya Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2016 Finals Report

Japanese source: Game Watch

Tamiya is October 16, we held a “four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2016 championship” at Odaiba · MEGAWEB. In this tournament, the players who were winning the qualifying was held in June in Japan gather, to determine the champion to be in Japan.

The day was also done last qualifying. Qualifying of the “four wheel drive mini Japan Cup” is to join a large number also core member of society team. They are a wide range of areas, not in qualifying tournaments in one region, for example Shizuoka team performs an “expedition” to Aichi and Hiroshima tournament. Even in such a qualifying tournament, Tokyo qualifying large scale, gather users from all over the country for at this time.

For the final qualifying there is a subsequent championship, but it as also recruiting people even half the time compared to qualifying so far, over the last chance, challenge and put the fighting spirit in the previous kneaded in qualifying setting players reaches there were many.

Course “Ultra Burning Circuit 2016”, which is used in the “four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2016” is a pretty difficult course. In particular, the body moves violently up and down “di Alps” was plagued many players. Here in a place such as those more difficult previous to “Niagara slope”, climbing a steep uphill at a fairly state that speed ride was, since then become a horizontal, steep downhill is waiting.

In addition it can also be said gimmick and this time a symbol of the “vertical changer”. Is a changer for changing the course, but he does not pass through only once during the five laps, this time must rise came in the body up to a height of 170cm. To run up power is required, because the get off a considerable steep slopes and cut climbing becomes a breakneck speed, but also significantly reduced the body of stability. Of course, the other to be a dangerous place is there are a number.

This time of athletes of the “epidemic” is a “movable body”. Attach the hinges on the entire surface of the body to be attached to the chassis, but gimmick to press the vehicle body to the road surface by body movement when the vehicle body is or splashing. This was caught called “lantern”, which was making a combination of the bumper part of the vehicle body rear portion far.

A movable body is an improved version of this gimmick. Lantern was a completely different parts of it, has become integrated under the gimmick with the body. In addition the body itself are also using the polycarbonate. As a result of the rigidity of the weight reduction and body it is also secured. By the way, the nickname of the fan is also interesting that it is the “body lantern”. Think a lot of players a variety of means through the tournament, it leads to the “epidemic”, and sophisticated and will flow I felt seemed.

Was held from June but “four wheel drive mini Japan Cup 2016”, athletes between 4 months or around the venue of a number, and share information among themselves, other people’s opinion on the net as a reference It is or. I felt a lot of cars to finish in the order or qualifying. Course of “capture” seems to have been pretty.

However, in the finals by the veteran who went on winning the whole country and say not only finisher, is interesting is not the case. This time can participate in the competition winners will be “Champions”, “junior class” of up to three-year junior high school, but he three championship of the “open class” of no limit has been carried out, the car that went off there were many.

‘m Still the finals of the “open class” there was most impressive is in this game. Athletes of the machine that has been victorious from all over the country will proceed to change the combines and rapidly order the stability and speed. And black Tanigawa player machine running in the top was scattered late spark, yellow Kawai players of machine. Yellow machine is hectic chase the black machine, and last, left admirably unplug the black machine that became a lost time in the “vertical changer”, the yellow machine, Kawai player became the winner.

Kawai players wrested the current appearance in front of the qualifying tournament of the finals. So that the rose to twice the podium in one day. Kawai himself also seemed to be surprised at this result. Kawai himself is like to have a community and a deep connection, it had been blessed by a lot of people.

I showed got a Kawai player of the machine after the game, but there is no body part, it is a unique appearance which is visible to the chassis bare. When the question as “Where was devised?”, And Kawai players “is where flexible”, it showed the body “twist in”. This machine has been added is large hands from the chassis, the chassis has been connected by the shaft is divided before and after, he can change the angle of the front wheels and rear wheels in accordance with the inclination of the road surface. That this mechanism leads to a more stable ride.

I had never seen such a mechanism. In Tamiya products chassis has become to one plate, or will not be a thing close to the idea of the actual vehicle of the suspension of that move disconnect it. I felt that it is a new idea in a very unique. It idea to greatly expected the coming of the four wheel drive mini “evolution”. To athletes is really amazing, mini four-wheel drive was fun and strongly felt tournament.