Some future Tamiya RC (re-)releases to be presented at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017

47329 Metal Dump Truck (GF-01)
47330 The Bigwig (2017) (re-release of 58057)
47331 Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide CC-01 (re-release of 58132 and 49490)
47348 The Grasshopper Candy Green Edt. (re-release of 84331)
47349 XV-01 Chassis Kit Long Damper Spec
58645 Subaru WRX STI 24h Nürburgring (TT-02)

New Year Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Video (2017.01.15)

0:00:00 comical 4WD (final)
0:07:52 Jr. Buggy Grand Prix (Final A main)
0:14:38 Junior Grand Prix (final B~A main)
0:28:21 touring Grand Prix (final E~A main)
1 May 15, 2017 (Sun): New year Tamiya RC car Grand Prix
■ venue: Tamiya circuit
New year Tamiya RC car Grand Prix was held . While severe chill followed, four classes such as [comical 4WD] and [touring Grand Prix] have been made. It was the race in cold but had enjoyed the race in how adults and children as well as full of energy.

Tamiya 45th doll remodeling contest winners

Works from various angles gathered – The 45th puppet remodeling contest. In the year 2016 I was excited and excited about the sports such as the Rio Olympics and the Carp’s league title. In politics, the new Tokyo Governor, the birth of the new President of the United States. It also became an endless topic with mixed hardening, such as the appearance of Japanese musicians (?) Who also gathered attention from all over the world. 1
This gold medal is unique character and challenges in the world every time Koide KazuTadashi’s was awarded. The lively animals surrounding the hero are skillfully constructed in the limited space, the drawing skill of the doll and the height of the work technique are remarkable works. Silver is Honoring the, who Shigeru Mizuki was last year entered into a miracle Hidetoshi Shuto’s work. Mr. Mr. Shido, who is good at Miki’s wandering life and the ability to dramatically summarize lovely storytellers who can not hate somewhere, a group image of youkai things. Of Bronze Kenji Nagashima’s work, your Futari familiar “Emiten” the moderator replacement has become a big topic. As well as reproducing the smiling face as a remodel, the podium with the motto of the cushion is tightening the work. Four topics won this topic award. Three of them focused on Japanese athletes. 淺木Shinshiro’s is pitching form loving spirit of dual wielding Otani players Nichihamu. Obata Keiji’s the big success in the English Premier League, artistic shoot scenes of Okazaki players. And the badminton gold Medarupea of Rio Olympics popping smile was impressive Eikichi JitsuTomo’s reproducible. The sports theme work was evaluated not only for topicality but also for the height of the observation eyes of three awardees, just because the exact skeletal expression of the doll is a point that brings out the feeling of dynamic. And another topic Award at the scene of the hit movie Shin Godzilla Sato Junya’s won. It is difficult to bring relationships between dolls or to make air feeling to put together a statue with less movement as a group image. This work gives a sense of unity as a group image by giving individuality to the facial expression of one body. Of the contest’s first challenge one color Tsuyoshi won the Effort Award in the movie Alice in Wonderland. Combining various scenes like patchwork, it is a masterpiece made carefully to small articles. Was exhibited your monkey’s local Takasakiyama is Rie Shuto . Famous food feeding is truly humorous even 1/35 size. This time I gave a special “Humor Award”. As for the base doll 1/35, new poses are increasing one after another. Actually pick it up, inflate imagination, please try to make your own doll by all means.

45th doll remodeling contest participation work brochure (PDF method)
If you would like the 45th of work brochure enclose a stamp of 140 yen in an envelope, address, name, first 45 times puppet remodeling work Brochure Please apply to the following after specifying hope and clarification. (Please contact customer service with regard to back number)
Yubinbango422-8610 Shizuoka Suruga-ku Ondabara 3-7 Corporation Tamiya customer service “doll remodeling brochure 45” engagement

Apology and correction
doll remodeling contest 45 works brochure cover the upper part There was an error in the display of the name of the work and the name of the author in the photo.
[False] Shohei Otani SHINJIRO ASAGI [positive] Shohei Ohtani SHINJIRO ASAKI
will be corrected as well as respectfully apologize.

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Work Application Guidelines

Tamiya Fair 2016 Mazda 2/Demio actual car development staff talk show video
2016 years was held in November of Tamiya Fair venue, in public the pattern of the talk show by the actual vehicle development staff of the Mazda Demio in YouTube TAMIYA Channel! . Mr. Kokihi Noma, deputy director general of product headquarters who was involved in development of Demio from Mazda, Mr. Akihiro Kashiwagi, chief development manager, Mr. Ryo Yanagisawa appeared as a luxury guest. In addition, Tamiya RC’s birth parent “Dr. Taki” appeared. From the standpoint of actual car and hobby, we will deliver valuable stories such as sticking to product development and story behind. RC fan, Mazda not a fan is a must – see!

Nostalgia drives third wave of 4WD toy cars

Source and more: The Japan News

By Hiraku Kubo / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer

Miniature four-wheel drive toy cars powered by electric motors are enjoying a third wave of popularity.

In 2012, Shizuoka-based major toy maker Tamiya Inc., which sells the mini 4WD model cars, resurrected a national race featuring the toy cars that had last been held 13 years earlier.

The popularity of mini 4WD toys has surged since the event, mainly among adults. I also found myself caught up in the excitement and sense of nostalgia, owing to my love of mini 4WD toy cars during my elementary school years.

To again experience the sound of the toys’ whirring motors, I visited a race event and a bar catering to mini 4WD enthusiasts.

On a Sunday in mid-December, children’s cheering voices filled Tamiya Plamodel Factory in Tokyo’s Shinbashi district. The toy model shop is about a five-minute walk from JR Shinbashi Station in Minato Ward, Tokyo.

The children were pumping up their fathers, shouting, “Go for the win, Dad!” and “You can finish the course!” They watched the race closely as their fathers’ mini 4WD toy cars zipped back and forth on a miniature circuit course in the store.

Mini 4WD model cars are about 15 centimeters long and about 10 centimeters wide. Activate the electric motors, and the toy cars sprint ahead at a speed of more than 20 kph. The fastest ones reach a top speed of about 40 kph.

Though many people are under the impression that mini 4WD toy cars are remote-controlled by wireless devices, in truth the cars immediately take off down the track when their motors are activated.

Nineteen parent-child teams participated in the event that day. Corkscrewing circuit courses totaling a maximum of 110 to 130 meters in length were assembled in a space equivalent to about 10 tatami mats.

After releasing their mini 4WD toy cars on the track, the parent-child teams recorded their combined times as part of a competition.

Koji Kikuchi, a 35-year-old company employee from Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, showed off what he called his “cherished ride” — a 4WD toy car he had dug out of storage at his parents’ home. “I actually assembled this machine when I was in elementary school,” he said.

Patting the head of his 6-year-old eldest son, Kosei, a first-grade elementary school student, Kikuchi added with a sheepish grin, “I joined this event hoping to show my son the joys [of 4WD cars], but I’ve gotten more into the races than he has.”

After hearing about a bar near Ikebukuro Station in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, where customers can take their mini 4WD cars for a spin while enjoying drinks, I bought my own car for ¥850 and headed for the bar.

At Dribar Ikebukuro-ten, a bar for mini 4WD fans, racing events are held two or three times a week.

Most of the customers were in their 30s and 40s stopping by on their way home from work. In addition to the counter, the bar has a permanently installed course for mini 4WD cars and a work area outfitted with drills and other tools.

When I showed my mini 4WD car to bar manager Naoto Hotoda, 36, he said, “How about replacing the motor with a high-performance one?”

Taking his advice, I replaced the motor with one sold at the bar for ¥360, then joined a time trial race in which participants were competing to record the fastest time over three circuit runs.

It had been 20 years since I last competed in a mini 4WD car race. When I placed my car on the starting line, my hands began to tremble from what must have been nerves.

When lamps signaled the start of the race, I removed my hand from the car and watched it swiftly surge ahead. However, my car built up too much momentum and went off course before clearing the third curve.

“Oops, that went off course quick,” said Hotoda, who was giving live commentary on the race. The words echoed inside the bar.

Hayato Abe, a 37-year-old hairdresser from Nerima Ward, Tokyo, who said he visits the bar frequently, comforted me. “Competing is important, but what’s more important is enjoying the activity in the same way as school club activities with teammates,” Abe said.

In the 1980s, mini 4WD toy cars were featured in manga and anime, and became highly popular among elementary school students.

Tamiya held a national racing event for elementary and junior high school students in 1988, ushering in the first popularity boom in 1989. In the middle of the 1990s, mini 4WD toy cars became popular again thanks to manga and other pop culture works. We are now in the midst of the third wave.

After Tamiya launched racing events in 2012 in which adults were able to participate, mini 4WD cars became newly popular as “a hobby for adults.” A total of about 33,000 people participated in events in 2015.

Enomoto Circuit is a store specializing in mini 4WD cars in Hachioji, Tokyo. The store has stood apart from the boom-and-bust cycle of popularity and steadily offered rare products and self-designed parts to attach to mini 4WD cars.

Mini 4WD fans thus recognize the store as a “holy site” where “everything related to mini 4WDs is available.”

Shoji Enomoto, 71, the store’s owner, said that many foreign customers have visited and taken photos with him to remember the occasion.

Enomoto, wearing a red cap and jacket that made him look like a race car driver, said, “Seeing mini 4WD cars makes everybody smile. Nationality or age don’t matter at all,” he said.

Enomoto added, “This boom will end sooner or later. But I will keep my store opened as long as I’m alive so that [mini 4WD cars] take root as a culture.”

The occupations and backgrounds of the mini 4WD car fans I met varied widely. However, all of them spoke of their affection for the toys like little boys with stars in their eyes. One enthusiast even went so far as to say collecting and racing mini 4WD cars “is my whole life.”

The pleasure of watching the tiny machines race is hard to resist. I hope everyone tries it at least once.

Tamiya New Product List February 2017

R/C Models
 84432  1/10 R/C TRF102 Chassis Kit Black Edition
 58641  1/10 R/C Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (TT-02D) Drift Spec
 42307  TRF419X Upper Arm Spacers (0.5, 0.8mm)
 42308  Silicone Oil Bottle Bag
 54730  TRF Damper Rod Guide (Hard, 4pcs.)
 54735  Mud Block Tires (CC-01) (2pcs.)
 54736  Plated Medium-Narrow Mesh Wheels 4pcs. (Gold, Offset +2)
 54743  TA07 Carbon Reinforced A Parts (Bulkheads)
 54744  TA07 Carbon Reinforced K Parts (Stiffeners)
 54745  TA07 Carbon Reinforced Lower Deck
 51590  1/10 Scale R/C Mercedes-AMG GT3 Body Parts Set
 47324  1/10 Scale R/C Raikiri GT Lightweight Body Parts Set
 47333  TT-02 A Parts (Upright) (Blue)
 47334  TT-02 A Parts (Upright) (White)
 47335  TT-02 D Parts (Motor Mount) (Blue)
 47336  TT-02 D Parts (Motor Mount) (White)
 47337  TT-02B B Parts (Upright) (Blue)
 47338  TT-02B B Parts (Upright) (White)
 47339  TT-02 Lower Deck (Hard/Blue)
 47340  TT-02 Lower Deck (Hard/White)
 47342  TRF Special Damper Black (Hard Black Coating) 4pcs.

Scale Models
 14001  1/12 Yamaha YZR500 Grand Prix Racer
 14020  1/12 Suzuki GSX750 Police Bike

 95286  Aero Thunder Shot Black Special (AR Chassis)
 95296  Dash-1 Emperor (MS Chassis) Black Special
 18706  Mini 4WD Starter Pack AR Speed Spec (Aero Avante)
 18647  Mini 4WD Starter Pack MA Power Spec (Blast Arrow)
 95297  Truckin’ Mini 4WD Sunny-Shuttle Premium (AR Chassis)
 15509  Low-Profile Offset Tread Tires (Hard/White)
 95287  Front Under Guard (Red)
 95311  13mm Dia. Guide Roller Ball Bearings (6pcs.) II
 95280  Mini 4WD Car Dimension Checker

Tools & Paints
 74131  Mini 4WD (+) Screw & Nut Driver Set PRO
 87184  Masking Tape for Curves 12mm
 69909  3-Speed Crank Axle Gearbox (Clear)
 69910  Twin Motor Gearbox (Clear)
 69911  Single Gearbox (4-Speed, Clear)
 69912  Double Gearbox (Left/Right Independent 4-Speed, Clear)