Paisen RC (Satoshi Maezumi) vol.20 – Super Avante and Dragon are united ☆ ★ Super Drante (TAMIYA Super Avante × Super Storm Dragon body)

Thank you for watching ☆ ★ I’m sorry I couldn’t upload the video for a long time, 😢 We will be uploading more and more, so we are waiting for your request ☆ ★ This time, Super Storm Dragon’s It is a video of Super Drante with a body ✨ What is Drante at first? I thought, but Avante and Dragon seem to like Drante … Paisen (laughs) Everyone feels good with this body too! Please let me know if you find something like that !! 👂 It was a lot of fun to drive in the park for the first time in a long time, and it was cute to see small children 🥰 Please try driving in the nearby park! ( ⚠️ Please note that RC cars are prohibited in some parks.) I would like to continue shooting in various places, so if you have any recommended parks or spots, please comment ☆ ★ We are also looking for requests. So I’d like to see this video ~, I want you to go here ~, etc. We are waiting for comments 🔥 Thank you for watching ☆ ★ super AVANTE ↓

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