Upcoming Tamiya 1/16 RC U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Full-Option Kit

1/16 R/C U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Full-Option Kit
• Length: 615mm, width: 231mm, height: 190mm.
• The chassis is powered by a gearbox with Type 540 motors and features metal parts. They include: lower hull,
suspension arms, drive sprockets and more.
• Aluminum gun barrel has traverse and elevation/depression movement, thanks to a servo and Type 130 motor.
• Multi-Function Unit is made up of turret and vehicle control units. It allows control of various movements
via separately sold transmitter. These include turret rotation and gun elevation. It also ensures that a range of
realistic sound and light effects (headlights, taillights, barrel flash) are paired with model actions.
• Gun barrel control system can train the main gun in a single direction, which it remains pointed in even as
the tank moves or climbs, and the turret rotates.
• The included dual speaker offers highly realistic sounds.
• Durable resin pre-assembled tracks feature metal pins and connectors.
• Compatible with the Battle System (Item 53447) for fun and interactive battles with friends!
• Requires a 4-channel transmitter with self-neutral function, battery pack and transmitter batteries.

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    Some Asian RC shops already offer it, so guess it’s not far away, but no official dates unfortunately yet.
    Best regards

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