56th All Japan Model Hobby Show official Tamiya RC Model list and photos

Blackfoot (2016)
Blackfoot (2016) is intact was released basic structure of the Blackfoot in 1986, is a reprint RC car that made improvements. The characteristic resin space frame, front double wishbone, equipped with 4 independent suspension of the rear trailing arm, four fitted with excellent CVA oil dampers to shock absorption. Transmitted to the rear wheels without any loss of power, we have adopted the assembly universal shaft there is no risk of falling off.
★ 1/10 electric RC Car Series Nanba633 1/10 RC BLACKFOOT (2016) (58633) ★ total length 440mm. ★ equipped with aluminum under cover to protect the RC mechanism. ★ body angulated was form lets you feel the strength is high impact resistance ABS resin. With driver figure to increase the feeling
Now On Sale 17,800 yen (excluding tax)

Honda Civic SiR (EG6) (TT-02D chassis) drift spec
Honda Civic SiR (EG6) (TT-02D chassis) drift spec sports model in the fifth generation Honda Civic, which appeared in 1991, the SiR finished to drift specification. Chassis TT-02 is based maintainability also high shaft drive 4WD excellent steering stability. The 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension equipped with CVA Super Mini oil dampers and, full bearing of a drive system. The Sport-Tuned motor was also equipped with an aluminum motor heat sink.
★ 1/10 electric RC Car Series Nanba637 1/10 RC Honda CIVIC SiR (EG6) (TT-02D CHASSIS) DRIFT SPEC (58637) ★ total length 414mm. ★ equipped with a super drift tires mesh wheel of matte chrome-plated finish. Also it comes with ★ sticker to be finished in carbon bonnet tone.
October 8 around released
October 5 shipping 1 included input number 4 15,800 yen (excluding tax)

NSX (TT-02 chassis)
NSX (TT-02 chassis) Wakase the sports car fans around the world, is also appeared in RC early new NSX has just been officially announced in the country. Reproduced polycarbonate body the vehicle as it is a low-wide forum which honed aerodynamic. Head lamp is realistic in the combination of polycarbonate light case and stickers called “Jewel eye” on one side 6 lights. Also long distinctive door mirror of the stay provided in separate parts.
★ 1/10 electric RC Car Series Nanba634 1/10 RC NSX (TT-02 CHASSIS) (58634) ★ total length 438mm. ★ Honda specification, two types of stickers of Acura specification. ★ to mesh wheel, the tread pattern is also fitted with a realistic radial tire. ★ chassis of the shaft 4WD TT-02.
October 15, around released
October 12 shipping 1 included input number 6 12,000 yen (excluding tax)

Mazda Demio (M-05 chassis)
Mazda Demio (M-05 chassis) , including the Japan Car of the Year 2014-2015, is the award-winning Mazda compact car, Demio appeared in the electric RC car. Realistic in polycarbonate the form of lively, called “Tamashido”. Including the front and rear lights, body side that are options set by the vehicle of (Upper & Lower) graphics also available in stickers. Chassis has adopted the M-05 of the front-wheel drive.
★ 1/10 electric RC Car Series Nanba640 1/10 RC MAZDA2 (M-05 CHASSIS) (58640) ★ total length 377mm, wheelbase 239mm. ★ door mirror is provided in separate parts. ★ to 5-spoke wheel of silver color, was fitted with a 60D radial tire tread pattern has been engraved.
It will be released this winter

MAN TGX 18.540 4×2 XLX (French Blue) full operation set
MAN TGX 18.540 4×2 XLX (French Blue) full operation set to paint, including the body-related parts in a vivid French blue cab, was subjected to a top coat of urethane-based model. Beautiful body only painting of the details will be completed. In addition, it equipped with optimal MFC-03 unit in the Europe-based trailer head. Beginning a variety of sound and lights illuminate the large displacement diesel engine sound, body vibration also was reproduced. The body with lots of metal parts is also sufficient to make Gotae.
★ 1/14 RC Big Truck Series Nanba49 1/14 RC MAN TGX 18.540 4X2 XLX (FRENCH BLUE EDITION) FULL OPERATION KIT (56349) ★ total length 458mm. ★ gear change while driving can be enjoyed by the three-speed transmission. ★ stick type of 4ch transmitter and the running for the battery charger is also set. ★ trailer coupling is also possible (sold separately).
October 8 around released
October 5 shipping 1 included input number 1 88,000 yen (excluding tax)

XB NSX (TT-02 chassis)
XB NSX (TT-02 chassis) super sports world’s attention, NSX is joins the XB series. The elegant form with excellent aerodynamic and realistic in polycarbonate, painted in pearl white. Long characteristic door mirror of stay tightens the style. Chassis adopts the TT-02 of the controller Bull shaft drive 4WD. RC mechanism has little worry of interference, is a 2.4GHz specification that there is no hassle of band exchange.
★ 1/10 Expert Built series Nanba199 1/10 RC XB NSX (TT-02 CHASSIS) (57899) ★ total length 438mm. ★ to mesh wheel, the tread pattern is mounted on a realistic radial tire. ★ wheel trigger type of transmitter and the running for the 7.2V battery charger has also been set.
November 12, around released
November 9 shipping 1 included input number 2 25,800 yen (excluding tax)

TRF Super Short big bore damper (4)
TRF Super Short big bore damper (4) 6.5Mm to reduce the mounting length compared to the TRF special damper, is a high performance oil dampers was 1.2mm expanding the cylinder bore. The internal aluminum cylinder mirror processing, achieve a smooth operation is subjected to less HL coat hardness is high frictional resistance.
★ TRF series Nanba305 TRF SUPER SHORT BIG BORE DAMPER (4PCS.) (42305) ★ POM resin scraped out made pistons and aluminum spring retainer, standard equipped with a titanium-coated piston rod.
October 22 around released
October 19 shipping 8,800 yen (excluding tax)

Large-diameter short spring set for Touring Car
Large-diameter short spring set for a touring car is spring sets to match the characteristics of the TRF super short big bore damper. Characteristically has excellent steering response. Three of available hardness pulling, you can perform the setting to match the road conditions.
★ TRF series Nanba306 TOURING CAR LARGE DIAMETER SHORT SPRING SET (42306) ★ set three kinds of hardness of the spring by two each. ★ also comes with red and green tube for identification.
October 22 around released
October 19 shipping 900 yen (excluding tax)

Hop up Options
OP.1724 TA07 Aluminum servo mount … Launched in October 2,500 yen (Tax not included)
OP.1725 TA07 aluminum motor mount Post … Launched in October 800 yen (Tax not included)
OP.1726 TA07 front one-way (37T) set … Launched in October 4,400 yen (Tax not included)
OP.1727 TRF-SSBB damper oil seal (4) … Launched in October 360 yen (Tax not included)
OP.1728 TRF-SSBB damper piston (4) … Launched in October 500 yen (Tax not included)

RC Special
1/10 RC Porsche 911GT2 racing (TA02SW chassis) … Launched in October 17,800 yen (Tax not included)
TB-04 Carbon Damper Stay Set (TRF-SSBB) … Launched in October 2,800 yen (Tax not included)
Adjustable aluminum wing stay (Silver) … Released in November 2,500 yen (Tax not included)