Tamiyablog 2.0

We decided to move Tamiyablog from blogger to wordpress to enable us much more options and capabilities. Of course this way also the layout and design had to change, but it already gives some useful new features like a better blog search, an article categorization, as well as links to the last articles and comments.  The only downside we could find till now is that somehow some older comments were lost during the transfer, but you are like before welcome to post comments again. We hope you also find the advantages exceeding the habit of the old form.

One thought on “Tamiyablog 2.0

  1. Esteban

    I do like the new layout and features, but the white text on a black background is extremely difficult on the eyes. I’ve taken to highlighting the text with my cursor in order to read comfortably. Does anyone else have this issue, or should I visit my ophthalmologist? 😉

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