Official exhibition list of new Tamiya releases at the Tamiya Fair 2016

TA07 D Parts (Suspension Arms, Medium)
1/10 R/C Mazda2 (M-05)
1/10 XB Mercedes-AMG GT3 (TT-02)

Scale Models
1/48 Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Tony)
1/48 Hayate (Frank) & Kurogane Scenery Set
1/35 German 6-Wheeled Heavy Armored Car Sd.Kfz. 231
1/35 British Cruiser Tank Mk.VI Crusader Mk.III
1/48 German Heavy Tank Destroyer Elefant Zimmerit Coating Sheet for 1/48 Scale Elefant
1/35 British Infantry Tank Mk.III Valentine Mk.II/IV
1/35 Israeli Tank M51 & Photo-Etched Parts Set (Tentative)
1/350 Scale Yukikaze Detail-Up Parts Set (Tentative)

Mini 4WD Oval Home Circuit plus Shirokumakko & Panda Racer (Finished)
Tridagger WX (AR Chassis)
Aero Manta Ray White Special (AR Chassis)
Heat Edge Green Special (MA Chassis)
Stainless Steel Screw Set (15/20/25/30mm)
HG Carbon Stay for Wide Front Sliding Damper (2mm)
HG Carbon Stay for Wide Rear Sliding Damper (2mm)

From first information who visited the fair it seems the Bigwig 2017 is not officially presented yet.
Stay tuned for more updates.


Update of special events and activities at upcoming Tamiya Fair 2016

Event Stage Tokusho & Demonstration (North Building)
11.19. (Saturday), the implementation by the famous Okoshi Tomoe’s as a woman Puromodera, the air brush painting courses easy to understand for beginners. Scale model will of course introduce tools and techniques also help to paint a mini four-wheel drive! . Tokusho by Mazda Demio development staff – the, RC fan familiar Tamiya “waterfall Doctor” also appeared. Please pay attention to the car and hobby feelings and Good talk to each Monotsukuri!
11.20. (Sunday), indispensable to the model work, carried out the introduction corner by the exhibitors of tools and brush. In addition, as a creator of apparel shopping site “ZOZOTOWN” in collaboration with Tamiya and Mr. JUN WATANABE to get started, involved in a variety of hit products as a designer of Honda Technical Research Institute, RC buggy “dual Ridge” was also responsible for the design of, Yamazaki Takayuki Mr. (pdc designworks representative) up-and-coming creators talk also enjoy on by!

11.19. (Saturday)
11:00 to 12:00 Okoshi air brush painting course of Tomoe ① Basic
13:00 to 14:00 Mazda “car and hobby lead in Monotsukuri”
14:30 to 15:30 Okoshi Tomoe of air brush painting course ② Advanced Operations

11.20. (Sunday)
10:30 to 10:50 Tool manufacturer “Shimomura Alec”
11:00 to 11:20 Tool manufacturer “Marthe Hasegawa KOSAKUJO”
11:30 to 11:45 Tool manufacturer “Mizuho”
12:30 to 12:50 Shizuoka Plastic Model Club Exhibition awards ceremony
13:00 to 14:00 JUN WATANABE & Takayuki Yamazaki Tokusho
14:30 to 14:50 Tool manufacturers “Shimomura Alec”

Mazda Demio, Roadster vehicle exhibition and Demio development staff talk show (North Building)
In accordance with the exhibition of new products of electric RC car “Mazda Demio”, the two Mazda-made customized model “Mazda Demio 15MB Racing Concept2016”, “Mazda Roadster NR-A Racing spec. will be on display (the party race specification) “. Concept car to enjoy motor sports both based on the familiar commercial vehicles. The reference of the RC cars and scale model production, please visit carefully.
In addition, from 19. (Sat) 13:00, commodity Deputy Director-Mr. Koji Noma involved in the development of the Demio Mazda, development rosacea said Akihiro Kashiwagi, for we invited the luxury guest of chief designer Mr. Ryo Yanagisawa implementing the talk show. “Sky Active Technology”, “Tamashido design”, etc., for Mazda’s vehicle development and design to receive a high reputation in the world, is a valuable opportunity to hear the story of people who are making a “real” directly. Car fan, of course, model, RC fans, please viewing by all means! (Cooperation: Mazda Motor Corporation)

Tamiya 95313 Mini 4WD Oval Home Circuit (Two-Level Lane Change) Plus Shirokumakko & Panda Racer (Finished)

Item No : 95313 November 26, 2016 (Saturday) Release ¥ 11,448 (base price of 10,600 yen) combination course of size were: 216cm × 120cm


Cute finished car with circuit set to play
Two lanes of the four wheel drive mini certified course, to the Oval home circuit three-dimensional lane change type, set the finished vehicles of four wheel drive mini Shirokumakko and four wheel drive mini panda. You can play as soon as assembling the course. Course the corner part is light blue, finishing straight and lane change part in beige, stand out well cute two of four wheel drive mini color. The lane change unit also comes with a transparent cover to prevent jumping out of the machine, used in conjunction with section 14. Expansion of the circuit in combination with your hand of course is also possible. Two of finished vehicles is assembling the chassis and body, marking also applied, Shirokumakko driver, panda driver also Zumi paint. Of course, it can also be enjoyed settings and tune up in the wealth of the grade-up parts.

Circuit Basic Specifications 
● combination course of size were: 216cm × 120cm ● course width: 11.5cm ● fence height: 5cm ● course length: about 10m ● corners with two laps is light blue, straight or lane change part handy inset is with the red and white sticker affixed to beige course ● assembly and disassembly is

Purchase separately
● 4x AA batteries

Tamiya 63651 Colo Aniki No. 7

Item No: 63651 2016 November 15 (Tuesday) Release 620 yen (base price of 574 yen)
A5 size  
Publisher Shogakukan


Large adult Colo comic! Colo Aniki No. 7

Strained was Tetsuhiro cartoon newly written by the teacher “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! return Racers” became the adult “J” is finally here! Up-and-coming manga artist Hiroyuki Takei teacher draw latest “Hyper dash! Yonkuro” the biggest enemy of the mystery is clearly! four wheel drive mini team “TMFL Nitsu star driving dynamics laboratory” is also included.
⇒ “Colo Aniki” official site is here.

Cartoon published title
● “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro” (Hiroyuki Takei original / Tokuda Zaurus)
● “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! return Racers” (palanquin was Tetsuhiro)
● “TMFL / Nitsu star driving dynamics Institute “(Kentaro Hayashi)
●” Beyblade Rising “(Takao Aoki)
●” Pokemon “(hole Kosaku Kubo)
●” ark of Y “(original / Tenju Seimaru animation / crested leopard HS)
●” fierce warrior! Goto-kun “(Oda door)
●” Colo age “(Toyota Minoru)
●” WoT Minamotobun platoon Senki “(Kobayashi Minamotobun)
●” bar code Fighter “(Toshihiro Ono)
●” 198X Memories “(Kazuo Inoue)
● “Colo inaugural legend” (Nomura Jimbo)
● “sweet gonna! man Shingo” (Moo. Nentaira)
● “death .tv” (Kanedakazuya)
● “Duel Masters Overlord Den apt !!” (Seijin Fujisaki)
● “Go Go! Gojira’ !! Matsui kun” (Junji Kawai)
● “Future card Buddyfight dark game Iden” (Masaki Yoshida)
● “Den Dji Yara to Lehman wicked” (Kazutoshi Soyama)

Aniki Special Appendix
large card Appendix
● Pokemon card game “Pikachu fly in the sky”
● Duel Masters “Spiral Gate” Bay All Chara Ver.
● Buddy Fight “Daredevil” Salamander Dragon “”
● Wikurosu “Maboroshiryu Borushakku” Aniki limited Ver.

Luxury Digital Appendix
● specter watch Punipuni “Den Dji Yara to Rinyan”
● Puzzle & Dragons limited serial code “high pre-Dora”
※ expiration date of the serial code of the appendix is April 14, 2017 23 until 59 minutes

Previous Colo Aniki information is here