RCMANe Tamiya DIY RC TrackTruck TLT-01 4WS Suzuki Jimny SJ30

SA052 – Tamiya DIY RC TrackTruck TLT-01 4WS Suzuki Jimny SJ30 Tamiya Educational Construction Series On-road Truck 1/10 EP- Bodyworks by CY Ning (HK)

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A Message from Tamiya Racing Factory (TRF)

TRF has long contributed to Tamiya’s successful R/C product designs via the valuable race data gained through its racing activities in elite races such as world championships. In 2017 TRF will look to provide Tamiya R/C fans of all abilities across the world with even more comprehensive support. We will be present at official Tamiya-sanctioned events around the globe, ready to forge a closer bond with local racers and R/C fans, our goal being to provide a truly all-encompassing experience for the hobby. We look forward to your support and participation in 2017 and beyond.

Tamiya Mini 4WD work classroom

“Mini 4WD workshop class” will be held at Mini 4WD handling store.
We also have “AA batteries” for traveling on “tools” such as “Mini 4WD Limited Kit”, Driver etc. so that people who are the first to assemble can participate easily.

“Participation Award” is given to those who participated.
※ For more information such as opening times please contact each store. (Workshop will be held in each store sponsored)

Production kit
Four wheel drive mini kit “shadow Shark Italy Special”
(mini four pocket tool set, two with for the AA batteries running)

Mini four-wheel drive machine tools classroom hosting place here

More details on upcoming 63653 Tamiya RC Perfect Guide 2017

Tamiya RC Perfect Guide 2017

ITEM 63653 / B5 size 2016 December 15 (Thursday) around released 
2,160 yen (2,000 yen body price)

Issued 2017 version of Tamiya RC Perfect Guide introducing all products of Tamiya’s RC model, including F1 machine, racing buggy, big tire model, powerful trailer and tank from the touring car with rich color photos. Mazda Demio, MERCEDES-AMG GT 3, pre-assembled engine RC car, XBG Reikiri GT, which was announced at the hobby show and Tamiya fair, was published as soon as possible. In addition, popular touring cars are categorized according to actual car categories such as street model, racing model, super GT model, rally & dart, and it is easy to find favorite machines. There are guides of the main chassis and it is convenient for selecting from the chassis. In addition, from the assembly to the way to run you can master the basics of electric RC cars perfectly “Tamiya RC car starting from here!” Is a must-see for beginners. Of course, plenty of optional parts cover the color photograph with product explanation added. In addition, you can not miss the introduction page of You Tube which can check running and assembly with animation. It is a guidebook full of information indispensable for Tamiya RC fans.

● New model ● Start from here Tamiya RC car ● Tamiya RC model full lineup ● TT – 02 chassis basic tune up ● major RC model chassis guide ● Running changes! The superiority of machine setting ● Enjoy with movies! Tamiya RC car ● Option parts / catalogs ● Spare parts list

Tamiya RC race video in slow motion

【スロー映像】TAMIYA RC RACE SUPER SLOWちょっと昔の映像ですが、タミヤグランプリのマシンの走りをスローでお届け! タミヤ RCモデルカタログはこちら!http://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/archive/rc/index.htm

Posted by TAMIYA(タミヤ) on Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2016

64406 Tamiya catalog 2017 (scale model version) details

Tamiya catalog 2017 (scale model version)

Item No: 64406 2016 December 26, (Monday) around released
1,404 yen (base price of 1,300 yen)

While viewing from corner to corner carefully, choosing the next model is not a fun way to spend time for model fans. Tamiya catalog (scale model version) which is also collection of fans every year is issued. The cover of the 2017 edition is a stylish composition studded with a completed photograph of a model on a white back. Including 1/24 scale NSX and Ferrari FXX K, 1/12 Kawasaki Ninja H 2 R, 1/35 USA 155 mm self-propelled gun M 40 big shot, 1/48 Ground Self Defense Force Light Armored Vehicle, 1/48 Grumman F- 14 A Tom Cat, and even mini 4WD’s God Burning Sun and so on. Of course, I also recorded Tamiya products such as pleasant tools and tools, paint, air brushes and compressors. In addition, 1/16 · 1/35 RC tank full of scale sense and 1/14 RC trailer track are also posted. It is a book that is fully immersed in the model world of charm. Size 26 × 25.5 cm, all 93 pages.

Introduction of contents of contents

The top decorating is 1/24 NSX. Full display model which reproduced the midship mounted V6 twin turbo engine. I am also interested in shaping the distinctive floating C pillars.

The 1/12 motorcycle series is a monster bike that does not go wrong with topics such as achieving the fastest 400 km / h on the market, Kawasaki Ninja H2R. Individual style and mechanism stand out in models as well.

Large format photos of 1/35 MM series feature 1/35 USA 155 mm self-propelled gun M 40 big shot. You can also extend the image of the scenery with 8 crews full of movement.

Grumman F – 14 A Tomcat gains worldwide attention for 1/48 masterpiece series. We arranged two models of the US Navy specification and Iran Air Force specification, and also posted a model of the state where the characteristic variable wings were advanced.

The page of 1/350 warship introduces the top of Japanese battleship Yamato and air cruiser specification which can be said to be the best series masterpiece in large format photos. The power of the big model is transmitted from the magazine as well.

Mini 4WD also includes new items such as God Burning Sun, Zilborough, Tri Dagger WX, Proto Saber Evolution Premium.