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Release date 1963/04
Released price ¥ 1300

After a long time is the emergence of big game to. 1/21 Deluxe tanks series of shining kit No. 1, M4 is Sherman (remote control). Almost a year from the smash hit of the 1/35 Panther tank that has been shipped to the New Year of 1962, where the Tiger tank, is Rommel tanks and lineup began to set, Tamiya is to start a series on one rank. Slightly from Panther tank, no two around large body was remote M4 Sherman of scale of 1/21. Although the scale of 1/35 are the legend that came out from the built-in two AA 2 batteries, or Will because this 1/21 came from a single 1 battery four built-in? It is not yet known to the surprising, but this M4 Sherman remote control version is now on sale earlier, the single version comes out is September 1965 after two years and a half. And is the M4 Sherman of this remote control version, it exist roughly divided into three types to be surprised. In our laboratory but had confirmed that there are two types (TKK45 edition and RE36 edition), sentence of a certain literature has caught the corner of the head, it had been followed by a refreshing not state. It is downstream in the M4 Sherman introduction of articles is in the “boy plastic model newspaper” of the “boy book November 1965”, “from Tamiyamokei, and of had been out before, is an improved type”. But in the previous thing any state, I did not know exactly what it is if improved. It is, I was at once resolved with a single phone in the other day. Main phone Nariyuki Mr. Nagasawa. As far as I know, it is a collector which boasts Japan’s quality. “I did you finally get the remote control Sherman from abroad, but somehow I’m situation is strange. Yeah, I’m a no remote control box also be seen.”. . . . . Soon the outcome of the interview, which flew with a digital camera is following the research announcement. They expressed their deep appreciation to Mr. Nagasawa to take this opportunity. The earliest version was ridiculous remote control box. Single one battery four are built in the lower body, and I was operated at dial (!) By issuing six of code to the outside of the vehicle. The dial-up remote control box does not have to have been introduced so far in the literature as far as I know, it seems to be whether Japan premiere. In the exactly radio-controlled idea for putting the power in the car, very but are also drawn reference placement guidelines for radio control, the price of the radio control set set at the time because you should not buy Oisoreto also adults, how this M4 Sherman There you can see what was lofty dream for children. But to infer from more than one document, also this remote control format is like working is not a certainty, at the same time gear box and single is released in 1965 becomes an integrated, single-2 battery using four push-button boiled fish paste type remote control box was improved on. Even more surprisingly, although it was front-wheel drive type gearbox is to assemble one by one the original gear, in the improved gear box will change to the rear wheel drive is integrated part (Thank Morimoto san). However, the first version and try to note despite the front-wheel drive, jagged even idler wheel is a rear wheel has been molded, or had in mind the transformation of the rear-wheel drive from the “beginning? You aside the question of, “but, by being 1/35 Panther tank mold jagged idler wheel while being front-wheel drive is also such, it standard at the time there was a mold jagged without a driving part to understand, it will be somehow convinced. And in improved, sprocket wheel is a front wheel by sliding back and forth, tension of the rubber caterpillar can now be adjusted. This was very important in the sense of smooth running. That is, in our laboratory we will classify the 1 / 21M4 Sherman as follows

Classification Remote control box Drive system Motor Battery Logo
type1 Dial-up Front-wheel drive TKK45x2 Single 1×4 Old (globe mark entering)
type2 Push button semicylindrical Rear-wheel drive TKK45x2 Single 2×4 Old (globe mark entering)
type3 Push button semicylindrical Rear-wheel drive RE36x2 Single 2×4 Old (no globe mark)


When I Himotoi past catalog is now, certainly for you, but have come up with 1/21 Sherman as coming soon on the back cover of the 1963 version of the catalog, we Yes draw a single one battery four use. Do not have a prejudice, it it is basic to better check the hand of the material. By the way, an aside, Nagasawa said the 1/21 remote M4 Sherman owns two, but I was to release one to about five years ago, was worship one day who I was left with another Once gotten Te, you may went blank has entered the car kit are two instead with empty inside. That said one has completely forgotten and that is an empty box (Since it contains the car kit in even try to have there was a moderate weight), it is a translation had ceded one only Sherman . Thing’s disappointment was considerable ones, was continued inquiry into the world of mania in his network, is this kit found in after more than three years, it also it came to Mr. of the original with a great bonus It will be. So haiku. “Collectors, sometimes Let’s open the box.”


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Source: Speedhunters

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Tamiya 41th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2002 (1)

New RC releases shown

58290 1/10 RC TOYOTA MR-S RACING (TA04-SS)
58291 1/10 RC HKS CLK (TA04-R)
58292 1/10 RC FORD FOCUS RS WRC 02 (TL-01)
58293 1/10 RC BEAMS INTEGRA (TL-01LA)
58294 1/10 RC F201 CHASSIS KIT with Original Bodies
58295 1/10 RC MINI COOPER (M-03L)
92155 TRF-2002 ESC

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Tamiya 58618 Monster Beetle 2015

The Tamiya Monster Beetle was a classic R/C phenomenon from the 1980’s. After a long absence it is back as an updated assembly kit ready to traverse back yards across the country. The model features a stylized version of the timeless Volkswagen Beetle body, mounted on an all-action 2WD chassis fitted with big tires for rough-and-tumble off-road fun. This updated version promises to be great fun for both beginners and Tamiya R/C kit veterans alike!

NEW PARTS: Rear universal drive shafts transfer power smoothly, and come with rubber boots to protect outdrives from dust.

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R/C Models
47304  1/10 R/C Fighting Buggy (2014)
47305  1/12 Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Pick-Up (Red Painted Body) (GF-01)
56346  MAN TGX 26.540 6×4 XLX (Gun Metal Edition)
54666  CC-01 Barrel Spring Set
51582  1/10 Scale R/C Petronas TOM’s RC F Body Parts Set
56536  Driver Figure for 1/14 Scale R/C Tractor Truck
56537  Aluminum Dual Servo Mount & Hi-Torque Servo Saver for Tractor Truck


Scale Models
35343  1/35 German Africa Corps Luftwaffe Artillery Crew Set
21149  1/12 Honda RS1000 ’81 No.2 (Finished Model)
24137  1/24 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
24148  1/24 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI Jägermeister
14014  1/12 Honda RS1000 Endurance Racer


19446  Great BlastSonic (AR Chassis)
15495  HG Carbon Reinforcing Plate Set(1.5mm)
95229  Mini 4WD Styling Mesh (White)

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Under Tamiya’s supervision is created a life-sized “Aero Avante”, the most popular minicar of the series.
Videos of its production process will be regularly released and a special introduction movie created.
Step into the cockpit and drive the Aero Avante. Speed through roads with the Aero Avante.
The goal is to share the joy and the delight of the experience with mini 4WD fans all around the world.

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Tetsuhiro / Shogakukan · ShoPro


Prize dedicated mini four wheel drive have gotten popular every time: Boasting a high among the popular (Planning Co., Ltd. SK Japan) “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !!” hero HoshiUmaTsuyoshi Magnum series. Cyclone Magnum that was released in the past, followed by Victory Magnum, finally Magnum Saber appeared, which is also the first round of full cowl mini four wheel drive. Its name is also “Magnum Saber First Impact”.
Body color four colors of red, blue, gray-white. Each it will expand in four types in combination with chassis tires of two colors. Please pay attention to the common original sticker and gold-plated wheel.


From late July, it appeared as a crane game prize in amusement arcades nationwide. Handling store, etc., refer to the details, SK Japan of prize information site “take character”. Co., Ltd. SK Japan prize information site “take Chara”


Inquiries regarding this matter
, Ltd. SK Japan TEL 03-5806-2122 AM Division Product Planning Division, addressed to
SK Japan website