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Once a bestseller with kids, mini 4WD race cars are making a surprise return in Japan: this time, with adults.

Racers tested their cars last month at the Japan Cup in Tokyo.

A man says he never thought he would get so involved.

A woman says she’s been coming for seven years.

Mini 4WD cars had a golden age in the 1980s and 90s.

The current generation of fans is people in their 20s to 40s.

Toymaker Tamiya introduced the first 4wd mini cars in 1982.

They were notable for their high speeds.

At their peak, more than 30-million of the cars sold each year.

But interest wanted.

A Tamiya official says the new customer is an adult who enjoyed 4WD cars as a kid.

Sales began to rebound in 2005.

A shop owner says sales tripled in the last five years.

A car that sold for 20 dollars in the 1980s now goes for almost 100 dollars.

Tamiya even commissioned a full-scale version.

Its top speed is 111 miles per hour.

The car is a hit with visitors.

A Tamiya spokesman says people appreciate the craftsmanship that went into the car.

Almost 200-million mini 4WD cars have sold worldwide.

What was once old, is new again.

Source NTV / NBC News Channel

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Tamiya won the special prize for the “mini four wheel drive” at the 28th 2015 Shogakukan DIME Trend Award


Publisher, Shogakukan announcement ceremony, Award formula of “28th 2015 Shogakukan DIME Trend Award” to the issue of product information magazine “DIME” is hosted is carried out on November 11, “four wheel drive mini” is a special award we won.

DIME trend grand prize, which was established in 1988, is what trend information magazine “DIME” that the businessman and the target is, to recognize based on the vote of readers such as product and service person, a phenomenon that has become a hot topic every year. It received a popularity resurgence is high evaluation of mini four wheel drive in recent years, and has been elected to the special award.


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Source: Speedhunters

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R/C Models
84422  1/10 R/C FF-04 EVO Chassis Kit Black Edition
84423  1/10 Glow-Engine R/C TG10-Mk.2FZ Racing Chassis Kit
47307  FF-04 EVO Titanium Screw Set
51583  1/10 Scale R/C Mazda MX-5 Body Parts Set
54676  GF-01 White 5-Spoke Wheels
54677  GF-01 Chrome Plated 10-Spoke Wheels
54678  GF-01/WR-02 F Parts (Black Plated)


Scale Models
24342  1/24 Mazda MX-5
35347  1/35 U.S. Tank Crew Set (European Theater)
21152  1/24 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (White) (Finished Model)


18643  Rise-Emperor (MA Chassis)
95231  Double Aluminum Rollers (13-12mm) Black
95233  Black Plated Screw Set
95236  Mass Damper Set (Black)
95237  HG 19mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless/Red)
95238  HG Lightweight 19mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless)


Tools & Paints
85095  TS-95 Pure Metallic Red
87181  Brush Conditioning Fluid
87182  Tamiya Extra Thin Cement (Quick-Setting)

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Featured chassis:


XV-01 / XV-01T / XV-01 PRO●TA06 / TA06 PRO / TA06MS●FF-04 EVO●FF-03 / FF-03 PRO●TB-04 / TB-04 PRO●TB-EVO.6●TA05 ver.Ⅱ TRF419●TRF418●TT-02●TT-02D●TT-02 TYPE-S●TT-01●TT-01 TYPE-E / ES●TT-01D TYPE-E MF-01X●M-05 / M-05 PRO●M-05 ver.ⅡPRO●M-06 / M-06 PRO●RM-01●TRF102●F104VerⅡ/ TRF101●F104 DT-02●DT-03●DF-02●DF-03●TT-02B●TRF502X●TRF503●DB01●DB02●TRF201XMW/TRF211XM●TRF201/DN-01●CR-01


Tamiya R/C Parts Matching List 2015

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Will be propably presented at upcoming Tamiya Fair 2015.

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Tamiya 92328

16th edition of the prize dedicated mini four wheel drive, has chose Ray Stinger you destroy the hero of Victory Magnum anime “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !!”. Its name appeared as “zero Stinger Night Seeker” (Planning: Corporation SK Japan).
The body of the four colors of red, black, blue, white, and prepared the original sticker gold line has entered the black base. While taking advantage of the underlying Ray Stinger of design, it is focusing on the figure which became a completely different image. Common wheel is adopted Red plating. In combination with each 2 pattern of tire-chassis, and it will be deployed in four types.


From late October, it emerged as a crane game prize in amusement arcades nationwide. Handling store, etc., refer to the more details SK Japan of prize information site “take character”. Co., Ltd. SK Japan Prize information site “Chara Toru”


Inquiries regarding this matter, Ltd. SK Japan TEL 03-5806-2122 AM Division Product Planning Division, addressed to
SK Japan website

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Top RC brand

tamiya rc


1/24 Renault 4 Fourgonette (Ebbro/Tamiya)

tamiya renault 4 fourgonnette


1/10 RC Mercedes-Benz Unimog 425 – CC01

tamiya 58609 unimog 425