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■ Dates
(March 29 Sat ) 11:00 to 17:00
(March 30 Sun ) 11:00 ~ 17:00
■ Venue
(Koto-ku, Tokyo) MEGA WEB


Held in MEGA WEB 40 anniversary events Tamiya RC model born!

Tamiya RC model was born in 1974 celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, the product of more than 800 has been released so far. 2014 to become the memorial this year, Tamiya will continue to expand the memory model and a variety of events.
Will be held “MEGA WEB (Mega Web” in the theme park the car in Tokyo’s Odaiba the “Tamiya RC Car Festival” as a first step the 40th anniversary of the event. “Try! Tamiya RC experience run meeting of the electric RC car can ride a large RC and trailers “” trailer riding experience Corner “, to run the RC car a rocky mountain and” rock crawling field “is an event that can be enjoyed with all one’s might the RC Hobby Tamiya.
course RC car race of spectacular full of “Tamiya pattern. race held, will be recording the event to be delivered at a later date YOUTUBE also RC Car Grand Prix. “the venue creator of Tamiya RC model, TRF works driver waterfalls and Dr. is also. then coming popular to” four wheel drive mini tool classroom “(fee required) will also enjoy an electric RC car of Tamiya weekend of Spring Break held at the same time.!
At the venue “child Motor Show Event Dates: 3/21 (Fri) – 30 (Sun)” . be held in a children of course, Please come by all means an adult can enjoy the “MEGA WEB”.
Incidentally at the same venue this time followed by, “Tamiya RC Car Festival” five times in the year 2014 in June, August, October, and December It is scheduled to be held., please stay tuned. ⇒ 1st Tamiya Grand Prix in MEGA WEB race report is here.


40th Anniversary exhibition Tamiya RC model
is the exhibition corner look back on the history of Tamiya RC model, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. The products are exhibited in the 1970s decorated with the early days of the RC model This was the first time. Please see tanks, F1, racing cars, such as off-road buggy, a model who full of personality.
(Even RC car festival in the future, make the 40th anniversary exhibition in a different theme each time)



Held talk show creator of the Tamiya RC car by the “Waterfall Doctor” and “RC Car birth secret story”! (Only March 30)
the finest cars of yesteryear No. 1 RC car electric Tamiya and “Porsche RSR 934 Racing” and “Avante”, a large number held a talk show “Dr. Waterfall” was designed and the design of RC car is attended. Will lecture on “RC Car birth secret story”. (Sun) 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. scheduled March 30



Tamiya electric RC car race ” Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix (only March 30) “holding
recruiting large participants first! Let appeared to WEB video with races!
The best part of the RC car race to run at the same time in a multi-volume, even if I say anything. for those who were previously thought to have a high threshold race events recommended is the “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix”. (Held in all five classes will be running the new car and “Junior Grand Prix” of elementary and junior high school students only and women only “Neo Frog,” “Buggy Grand Prix”, the unique MEGAWEB such as “Toyota Grand Prix 86″ entry is here ). In addition, the pattern of competition, will be published at a later date YouTube. !, Please join us
(Sun) 13:00 – 16:00 – qualifying race race 30 May ● 3


“Try! Tamiya RC” electric RC car experience run society (Join 29th of March, held on the 30th)
and! “try with all one’s might try to run the RC car of Tamiya! I can challenge the RC maneuvering with a simple mini game Tamiya RC “. Machine ready Tamiya course. Participation is free of course. Please join us and invite your friends.
● (Sun) 11:00 to 17:00 scheduled March 29 (Sat), the 30th


RC trailer passenger experience corner (Only 29th of March)
Let’s ride the 1/14 scale RC trailer. I will conduct the trailer riding experience that targets elementary school age or younger.
● (Sat) 11:00 to 17:00 scheduled March 29


The challenge to Rock Crawling! (Only 29th of March)
Let’s beyond an electric RC car a rocky artificial!
challenge difficult course in the crawling machines, such as “Toyota Land Cruiser 40″!
machine ready Tamiya course . I enjoy free anyone.
● (Sat) 11:00 to 17:00 scheduled March 29


Four wheel drive mini classroom work (Only 29th of March)
I made ​​on the spot, Let play! ! Accepted at any time! The vehicle can travel on a dedicated course the machine was completed. This time the popular “mini 4WD PRO Heat edge” I will hold the tool in the classroom. Upon assembly, the staff will teach you gently.
(900 yen tax included two AA batteries included)
Saturday, 11:00 to 17:00 schedule 29 ● March


Tamiya RC Car Festival will be held
(Sun) June 28, 2014 (Saturday), the 29th
(Sunday) August 23, 2014 (Saturday), the 24th
October 4, 2014 (Saturday), the 5th Sunday
December 13, 2014 (Saturday), the 14th (Sunday)


■ There is a pattern that the event is taking still images, or videos, and is published in various media such as print and website, Tamiya is involved. On your note, please join us. ■ The organizers will pay the best attention to accident prevention as possible, we do not accept any responsibility in the case of damage, such as accident, theft or injury has occurred. ■ Please refrain from drinking in the venue. And also people who have an act to be a nuisance to other customers, the person who can not follow the instructions of the staff, if you are asked to leave, too. Please be forewarned.

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Mini 4WD
19621 Aero Mini 4WD Phantom Blade Black Special (Super XX Chassis)
95018 Gunmetal Adjust Mass Damper (2.5g x 6 pcs.)
95019 Low friction Front Under Guard (Black)

56307 Mercedes-Benz 1850L panel van truck
56701 TamTech-Gear Frog 2.4GHz
56711 TamTech-Gear Hotshot 4WD 2.4GHz
57059 Ford F350 high lift full set
57060 Toyota Hilux igh lift full set
57061 Toyota Tundra high lift full set
58489 Avante (2011)

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CC01_Extension_Link 011

The CC-01/XC is still one of the most popular Tamiya chassis of all time due to it´s very scale look. A lot of different body types were released since. The latest car is the beautiful Toyota FJ Cruiser. But due to it´s age, the chassis has some downsides. We happily noticed the release of the CC-01 Extension Link last year and a nice CC-01 Aluminum damper set. The new extension link kit helps to give the rear axle of the CC-01 a lot more travel while climbing over obstacles. We´ve installed the kit to our trusty tamiyablog Mercedes Unimog and tested it on rough terrain. The extension links itself are made of high quality black anodized aluminum with integrated ball bearings. Too make it short, it works so much better than the standard setup. The car benefits a lot. But see yourself. The tamiyablog team hope for more CC-01 Hop Ups in the future. Maybe a ballraced steering kit to reduce the play in the steering linkage ?

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56339 1/14 RC Freightliner Cascadia Evo Full Operation Set (Electric RC Big Truck Series)


★ It is modeled as a 1/14 size top model of Freightliner’s proud of the North American No.1 market share of heavy-duty trucks, the Cascada Evolution. ★ Realistic body of surface entity in pursuit of aerodynamic. Size is also a series maximum overall length and 648mm. ★ Chassis built-in 3-speed transmission, standard equipment ★ (MFC-01) Multi-function unit to reproduce the various actions sound, light, and body vibration. ★ 2.4 GHz stick 4 Channel RC attached


84378 TA06-R Chassis Kit (RC limited)


★ Adopted from TRF418 for the popular upright and suspension arms and suspension mounts. ★ Equipped with front and rear stabilizer. TA06-R-only parts that match the suspension of TRF418. ★ Attached a dedicated carbon damper stay short TRF damper, to follow the road surface property. ★ The built-in aluminum middle pulley mount for TA06MS, raises the rotation efficiency. ★ Adopts a universal clip-on shaft of TRF417 type back and forth. ★ Carbon reinforced type parts dramatically improve chassis rigidity (A · J · T · N parts).

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Confidence of current Tamiya, built only good point of the body of the model can simply. We are working closely amazing after-sales service, public relations, market research, to try to study and look back. It is from the very beginning that it also turned as plastic model manufacturer. I will publish a poster of the oldest our laboratory is currently saved here. Lineup of tanks great success since 1/35 Panther tank, sold to sell are aligned, we can also classify the three 1/21, 1/35, and the World Series tank. It is a lineup of imposing together with automatic Jaguar culmination of the movable gimmick or 1/50 Japan Aircraft series expert evaluation was also high. “It ‘s made ​​is which and which” is easy to imagine the place is that it became a sensation “made to it” and “‘ll make this” between the children and if I put it in a toy store in the catch copy of is. Attention will be that “American Light Tank Destroyer” is introduced as a new product of 1/35 series. It is written up as “x2 use TKK25 motor, C battery” models and dimensions as 1/35 carefully, and was trying to modeled clearly tells you. In fact, there is also a version in 1964 General Catalog this description. But Kit No that is not released in fact, was left blank. That the speed competition M41 was in a hurry is as you mention earlier to 10. Vast material that would have been collected new T92 Destroyer of pocket museum series was utilized to. In addition, as a mere typographical error, it is printed on the name of the Crusader replaced Stalin and World Series tank is wrong. By the way, I think that it is hard to see in this photo, but the Bulldogs and Patton poly caterpillar how! (Original rubber caterpillar of course) is. As a result of to ask the president previously for this, such as Patton and I thought “Well, Hey not in time, I’ve had also Nantes had used it to shoot a kit ○ ○ companies” whether only “…” caterpillar sprocket wheel until I’m a Nani. No, If you look closely. . . Is that 35 years ago, it is aging frankly. By the way illustrations of Japanese soldiers at the bottom is KOMATSUZAKI Shigeru artist, but the vehicle of the person in the right but have been released one after another, the person on the left is not ride a vehicle I have to wait ten more years after this could not.


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It is the electric RC · 2WD buggy that is easy to assemble with simple structure, where even enjoy a light run.
★ The long wheelbase of 287mm, I adopt the DT-03 chassis of the new design that produces a run with a sense of stability in a rough road surface.
★ suspension, four-wheel independent double-wishbone long arm to capture flexibly on a rough road.
★ polycarbonate body slim, was the motif of the Frog a collection of popular been released in 1983.
※ use prop: Fine spec 2.4G RC electric drive set


4 double wishbone independent suspension


Built-in differential gears in sealed gear box

Dustproof cover removable one-touch

Stickers such as trade mark and frog logo common was in the first generation Frog is attached.

Body because it is transparent polycarbonate, painted in the color of your choice, stickers finish can enjoy.