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July 20, 1969, the human race at the Apollo 11 stood for the first time month. Just 30 years since then, let’s introduce the memorable kit. The world’s first space flight success of Soviet Gagarin astronaut, President Kennedy was impatience. What remains there is no support, “the United States is committed to! To return to and safely stand a man on the moon in the 1960s,” I had declared. February 1966, the rocket of the Apollo program will start is complete experiment. But next January 1967, astronaut occur accident on the ground test of the Apollo 1 are all dead, you will stumble from the beginning. October 1968 after a review of the significant planning, manned test flight is resumed by the Apollo 7, will head to the moon in the Apollo 8. It topped for the first time the atmosphere in the human race, through the success of Apollo 8, which was traveling around the splendid around the moon, finally July 1969, the human race at the Apollo 11 is to stand on the moon. It is President Kennedy said, “the 1960s” was the last chance. Just real-time in the United States as well, took place is very Apollo boom in Japan.


Plastic industry various kit just to be among good company as “Apollo” and the name is sell it with from each manufacturer comes out into the world. Meanwhile, Tamiya news Vol. 18 on the inside front cover of the (1969 / November) for the “importance as a wake-up call and science model teaching materials to the simplistic model of” message rests, that Tamiya confidently awaited was spun off this kit is. Was that just after 2 months from the success of Apollo 11. The Apollo series There are three types. It is the “command ship”, “lander” and the combined two “spacecraft”. Scale 1/70, but I think that it ought to have to 1/72 if anyway at that time it seems did not worry too much. The exact scale down is of course that, but the troubled is Tamiya is power gimmick is the mainstream at the time. In order to reproduce the movement in space, I chose the form of a ceiling hanging flight. Command ship body in a built-in RE-14 motor, it was with a small propeller of transparent acrylic plate to protrude the shaft to the rear. Of course, even when combined with the lander is possible “flight”. Command ship is ¥ 300 of the single item, lander is ¥ 250, but does not match the calculation for a moment in this spaceship is ¥ 700, which coalesced, exhibition and the distal end portion of the Saturn 5 rocket, named space craft is here table marked with. Probably you can see those who have seen the movie “Apollo 13,” but, for the success of Apollo 11 was just too sensational, then interest of the people will go away from the rapidly Apollo program. Model industry just as it is, this kit is also what makes the production stopped in 1971. Just life for two years, contrary to perfection as a model, also because “no longer sell” seems to have been fatal. But also look at the current eye proportions and the moon diorama base of “lander” is I think sufficient pass, age did not allow it.


As an aside 1/100 space shuttle will be launched in February 1979, after 10 years, initially contrary to this also great can seems did not sell as much model. However become a topic ironically to at the time of the accident and Japanese astronaut et al., Of the 1986 Challenger it seems to have quite sold. This such as reflection and science and technology model sales to easy manufacturing stop learned in Apollo will be felt Shunsaku president’s policy of social obligations as a model maker. This is It is a reason to go to the heat-resistant tiles of genuine Japanese version of the space shuttle HOPE. But a chance to even the day falls on a hapless kit of this Apollo came to after 25 years. In 1995, the movie “Apollo 13”, which boasts a huge hit. Came out in the movie is exactly in that this kit, it says that there is talk of limiting resale in Tamiya house was up course. But pain unfortunately die violently part, resale has been shelved. Or the other of you think that a significant number were sold if this time sold about you ?? As can be resold in the resale impossible and said the 1/12 roller T-70 also refurbishment also sorely is mold, I think that can not somehow Apollo resale can be what this year’s 30th anniversary (1999)?

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Tamiya Jr. News Vol

Tamiya Jr. News Vol_01

The racer mini four-wheel drive, which was born as a little brother of the RC car in 1986 of 30 years ago, the series of four wheel drive mini manga “Dash! Yonkuro” begins the following year,
It became a popular hobby. So this time, gonna introduce a unique style of former racer mini four-wheel drive to representing those days! Now, racers mini four-wheel drive
And premium specifications popular machine has performance up, the model also appeared which adopted the new design. Also a fun of mini four-wheel drive to race on a machine that was timeless.

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10 RC Blackfoot 2016 Assembly Manual

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Model of Tamiya is coming to the museum.
Tamiya, which began from the wooden model will celebrate the 70 anniversary of its founding this year. “Model of Tamiya came” Exhibition plastic model from wooden model is, the model moves, such as a radio control model and mini four-wheel drive, will introduce the charm of the model culture while tracing the history of Tamiya, such as scene work of model writer. In addition, and it works exhibition towards our local model club is the venue, the popular “four wheel drive mini Workshop” as a work event of the summer vacation, the movement to make fun Robo Craft series “ROBOT classroom”, popular with women of Suites also held decoration experience make such events. Tamiya original goods such as and events product sales there is also a shopping corner. Please by all means experience the Tamiya in the museum this summer.


■ Period held
August 6, 2016 (Saturday) to September 4 (Sunday)
10:00 to 18:00 (Admission until 17:30) ※ During the exhibition days a week
■ Venue Shichinohe Municipal Takayama Uichi Memorial Museum 〒 039-2501 Aomori Prefecture kamikita district shichinohe character bear within 67-94
■ Admission general and university students 850 (650) yen in, high-production 500 (400) yen elementary school students 300 (200) yen ※ () in the advance tickets and more than 20 people in the organization, residents College student, discounted rates such as JAF member. ※ Advance tickets, you can purchase at i.JTB ticket handling of the convenience store each store. i.JTB Item Number ⇒ 0243635 ( “Ticket Pia” Can not be handling.)
■ the contents
1) Tamiya and history of the model history a model of Tamiya celebrating this year its 70th anniversary from the product of the wooden model era to the latest model introducing while tracing. At the time of the interview photos and the finished product, package, such as the original article in the exhibition. Learn more about the world of the model.
2) scene exhibition exhibition to bring together the work of scene artists decorate the magazine, such as a model professional journals. To simple work to attract people to see from the large scene work and powerful, it is the corner of the impressive perfect score.
3) Aomori Modeler’s Club Exhibition local, is the work exhibition of model club that has been active in Aomori. Cooperation: Aomori plastic Modeler’s Club
4) Summer vacation work classroom in advance please make a reservation by phone

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Translated text from his Facebook page


In the late 1970’s, asked Los Angeles Kaneko clan in the house he lived in 1956 ford f100 twice to buy impulse and brought back to Japan.
A few years are psion, how to get down to size replica was built.
Later Model Hercule Poirot ‘Midnight Pumpkin’ as it also became a model.

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Author: Tsubakiyama Kazuo
Source: Car Watch


Tamiya June 29, held a new product briefing of 1/10 electric RC Car Series “TA07 PRO Chassis Kit”. TA07 PRO time release date is July 2 of the chassis kit, the price is 31,104 yen.


TA07 PRO chassis kit, chassis length 370mm, chassis width of 187mm, wheelbase 257mm. Frame material fiberglass reinforced nylon resin, shape composites type that combines Lower Deck and the upper frame. Drive system is a 4WD by horizontal motor and single-belt drive.


In the “touring car” category of Tamiya, become the seventh generation of the chassis of the TA series that follows from “TA01” appeared in 1991, with the current line-up, located in the upper level of the entry class of shaft 4WD “TT-02”, shaft both “TB-04” in the 4WD, the positioning of the chassis of the middle class.


With a briefing to introduce the history and evolution of the company’s touring car, Seiwa Suzuki of Takanori Aoki of Tamiya planning and development section Section 1 and Tamiya Planning and Development Department Section 1 is about the development concept and features of the “TA07 PRO Chassis Kit” story did.


In the development of the TA07 PRO chassis kit, it listed three goals and “element should be as a middle class machine,” “combat power more than its predecessor,” “there is no other car new features and design”, the optimization of the left and right of the roll characteristics together with the frame design and Symmetrical design in order to achieve, Giyadefu and suspension arms, adopted parts of the high-end model (TRF419 system) such as the upright. In addition, the assumption that arouse the curiosity as well as playability, remembering the functionality to choose from three motor mounting position.


In the new product briefing venue and became Tamiya Circuit, the machine is ready for three TA07 PRO chassis kit for changing the motor mounting position, which is also available time that can actually feel the difference of the running sense.


For most of the features and made motor mounting position of the product, Mr. Aoki is the difference between handling that had you feeling “today, mainly is due to gyroscopic effect of the motor. In the motor rotor is housed as a rotating object and How can have, higher is the most number of revolutions in the vehicle, it has also become a large mass as a rotating object, “and a description.


In addition, “Actually the fact that handling is changed by changing the position of the motor had been found from the time of the 2000 year. Model at the time 2000 is shaft drive various layouts such as a motor in a vertical position are mounted Although there was, in the scene, such as the world Championships and now, each manufacturer in the form such as TRF419 spoke almost the same layout has been adopted. ”


Then, for it to finish in the middle-class machines that get to enjoy a wide range of layer, Mr. Aoki is because the categories that are exhausted to know whether the run well, “the RC car enthusiasts of the world is what shape the most is the most difficult as the development of products It revealed and did was “the place.


The difference about threefold motor mounting position, Aoki said, “become a strong layout of out kicks to mount the motor behind most, point recommended if the case of the competition,” he said.


For other positions, layout Mr. Aoki to be mounted before the “most is the point unprecedented up to now, and the point of the recommended time because a higher sense of stability direction of the grip of the course layout and the road conditions are difficult you say. in addition, since the layout to be mounted on the middle can be exhibited at any time the characteristics to bend relatively light, I think that the point where the taste is divided. again, RC car enthusiasts with a self-confidence in the arm is the most behind we expect to be taken the motor layout “was and commentary.

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Thanks to Tamiya will celebrate the 70 anniversary of its founding this year. And we put the feelings of gratitude to the people who are our patronage on a daily basis, you will receive a souvenir of stuffed special design of the 70-year history.

June 11 (Saturday) Start!
Customers Tamiya product you purchase 3,000 yen or more in the first arrival will receive a commemorative sticker or decal in the shop.


This over-the-counter poster is a landmark.



● handling of the prize of sticker or decal will vary depending on the store. In addition, because the prize is by holding store-like it may have been the end, details, thank you so you will contact us in advance to hold shop like.
● The number of prizes is limited. No longer it will be as soon as the campaign ended.
※ This campaign about the inquiry Tamiya Customer Service 054-283-0003 (weekdays 8 am to 20 pm / Saturday, Sunday, and holidays 8:00 am to 17) up. ※ The photograph is an image by all prototype. The actual prize might be different.

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tamiya 844312016 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the Vaillant-liveried Tamiya Porsche 934 (Item 58001). It was the first ever Tamiya R/C car model and one which would kick off a major worldwide trend that still continues to this day. This kit is part of the celebrations of that anniversary, and recreates the 934 in distinctive Jägermeister livery. This highly detailed body runs on the short wheelbase and wide stance TA02SW chassis. The kit includes a plethora of option parts to make this a very special release.


tamiya 84431 2The TA-02SW exhibits a short-wheelbase and has a wide track to accommodate the scale form of the real sports car. It normally features a tub chassis with 4-wheel, fully independent suspension coupled with a rear ball differential and a front gear type differential. This special edition is fitted with a double deck FRP chassis for increased rigidity.

Option Parts Included:
Item 53142 Aluminum Motor Mount
Item 53166 FRP Chassis Set
Item 53194 FRP Rear Damper Stay
Item 54608 CC-01 Assembly Universal Shafts
Item 53152 Hard Propeller Shaft
Item 53193 FRP Front Damper Stay
Item 53806 Ball Diff Cup Joint for Universal Shaft



The 934 is recreated stunningly in durable polycarbonate, with separate side mirror and wing parts. Separate light cases are also included.
Comes with an LED light unit to light up headlights and taillights for the ultimate realistic appearance.
The TA02SW chassis was previously used on the 911 GT2 Racing (Items 58172, 84399 and 47321). It offers a short (236mm) wheelbase and wide tread setup; similar to that so often employed by Porsche.
This kit uses the FRP chassis set, which transforms the chassis into a double deck unit using rigid and lightweight FRP material parts.
FRP front and rear damper stays ensure optimum performance from the CVA oil damper-fitted 4-wheel double wishbone suspension.
The stainless steel propeller shaft is highly durable and offers efficient transmission of power.
Includes front and rear assembly universal shafts, which come with ball diff cup joints.
Enclosed front and rear gear cases have built-in diff gears. The rear is fitted with a ball differential.
Comes with 2-piece wheels, tires and inner sponges. The rear of the model uses wide wheels.
Full ball bearings included.


1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit
Length: 435mm
Width: 202mm
Height: 130mm


Source: Tamiya

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Source: Ceiling Gallery


Girls und Panzer, Kantai Collection, the upcoming Gate–the current crop of military anime are an ugly reminder of how far the industry has declined. No, I’m not talking about the left wing claim that cartoons are raising a generation of war mongers, or the cynical notion that anything will sell as long as it has cute girls and guns. What’s most disturbing is the lack of animators who can actually draw the hardware being fetishized. Need a tank, fighter jet or battleship? Better call a CG artist, because nearly everyone with the skills to put precision parts to paper has vanished into sakuga history.


Fujita Yukihisa is one such forgotten hero, an unsung great who could handle moe just as well as mecha. Throughout the 80s he was the face of model kit maker Tamiya where his family-friendly mascots, Moko-chan and rabbit companion Rabi-kun, waved to consumers from packages as if to say, “Don’t be afraid, modeling is FUN and EASY. Give it a try!” Build-it-yourself RC cars and Gundam kits were hot with kids–why not also sell them on something with real firepower?


If Moko-chan and Rabi-kun look too cute to be hawking military armament, that’s sort of the point. Their smiles gave a soft edge to hardware that the typical airbrushed box art lacked. They were even wholesome enough for Comic BomBom, a mecha-centric monthly manga anthology, where they indoctrinated their early elementary readers on the basics of the hobby.


I don’t know if Fujita himself could rebuild an engine block but he could certainly draw a diagram that told you how. His illustrations show a technical understanding of how things work, what parts move and why–the soul of modeling. So it’s no surprise to see him credited as a mechanical designer on classic films and OVAs like Char’s Counterattack, Riding Bean and…Relic Armor Legaciam? Well, they can’t all be blockbusters.


His most important contribution to fan culture is also his most obscure–1984’s Awake, a four-minute short that welcomed visitors to sci-fi convention Tokusatsu Taikai with animation from Asari Yoshitoo (Space Family Carlvinson), Morino Usagi, Toyoshima U-saku and other artists like himself who dominated the dojinshi scene only to vanish along with the VHS market.


It’s not clear what happened to Fujita. Both he and his aesthetics were left behind when the OVA business packed up and anime migrated to the late-night broadcast model in the mid-90s. Soon after Pokemon exploded onto the scene and kids became too busy trying to catch ‘em all than to bother building kits. With models no longer selling, anime needed a new product to advertise and bishojo scale figures fit the bill. The audience that bought into pre-assembled collectibles grew into the current generation of animators who couldn’t draw their way out an armed conflict if their lives depended on it.


I’ve managed to track down some of Fujita’s work from a time before CG graphics or consumption tax. The following pages showcase that mix of cartoony cuteness, cold steel and slapstick humor that makes 80s anime fascinating years after the fact. According to Japanese bloggers Fujita still runs a booth at Wonder Festival, the bi-annual figure trade show. If you run into him amidst the garage kit faithful and soft vinyl hustlers do me a favor and ask, “Where the hell are you now that we need you the most?”

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