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We had presented some development photos2 one and a half year ago, now its ready:

※RC mechanism, wheels, tires etc. are sold separately.
Length: 377mm. Image shows assembled kit. ※Enlarged image
※This item includes a ticket with special offers regarding the use of the Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit in Shizuoka, Japan (terms and conditions apply)


Looks, sounds and performs the part!
This glow-engine R/C car chassis provides great performance, and an engine sound to match! The shaft-driven 4WD TG10-Mk.2 Chassis is fitted with the new Tamiya FS-12FZ engine. 3mm-thick lower and upper decks are made from duralumin and resin respectively, while the resin R/C mechanism deck is compatible with the Tamiya LF Battery LF1100-6.6V Racing Pack (M-Size). 4-wheel double wishbone suspension features oil dampers with aluminum cylinders and a special fluorine-coated interior for impressively smooth movement, and geometry has been optimized for use with rubber tires. Likewise, full ball bearings offer smooth drivetrain movement. The 75cc fuel tank includes a special filter and offers up to 8 minutes of running time.


The FS-12FZ Engine
The Tamiya FS-12FZ engine has a capacity of 2.1cc and features tapered sliding carburetor, plus an efficient heat sink for heat dissipation. It offers an excellent combination of linear torque and high output, while being easy to setup and maintain. It features a 2-speed transmission.

The 2.1cc Tamiya FS-12FZ engine is fitted with a 2-speed transmission, and can be started with minimum fuss using the handily-sized recoil starter unit.
Tapered sliding carburetor helps ensure that the chassis enjoys linear torque without compromising the high output needed for hi-speed circuits.
A durable polycarbonate cover is in place to protect the spur gears untilized in the 2-speed transmission.
The slimline TM-8 exhaust drastically cuts the chances of contact with the body shell.
4-wheel double wishbone suspension utilizes ball connectors. Oil dampers feature aluminum cylinders.
●Length: 377mm●Wheelbase: 257mm ●Double Deck Chassis (3mm-Thick Aluminum Lower & 3mm-Thick Reinforced Nylon Resin Upper Decks) ●Shaft-Driven 4WD ●F/R Tread 172-176mm (adjustable) ●Differentials: Front 4-Bevel, Rear 2-Bevel ●Front & Rear Fluorine-Coated Aluminum Dampers ●Gear Ratio = 7.02:1 (1st Gear), 5.42:1 (2nd Gear) ●TM-8 Exhaust ●FS-12FZ Engine (2.1cc) ●75cc Fuel Tank
Separately Required Items
●2-channel R/C system ●Glow Engine Fuel (nitromethane content: 16-20%) ●Fuel Pump ●Plug Heater ●Body ●Wheels
Includes ticket allowing you to drive your car at the Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit!*
Included ticket entitles you to:

Non-members of Kakegawa Circuit
1. Free membership and card allowing entry to Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit
2. Vouchers allowing free use of Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit on 10 individual days

Existing members of Kakegawa Circuit
1. Free renewal of Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit membership
2. Vouchers allowing free use of Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit on 10 individual days

*Terms and conditions apply. See ticket for further details.

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Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro 8F exhibition space (1-3 addresses)
Tuesday, 29 July 24, 2014 to Thursday from 8:00 to 17:00, last day 10:00 am to 20:00

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24355 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Street Custom
60787 Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II

42283 Buggy Double Cardan Drive Shaft (Front, 2 Pcs.)
42284 Buggy Double Cardan Drive Shaft (Rear, 2 Pcs.)
51562 Eneos Sustina RC F Body Parts Set
54599 Tamiya LED Light (3mm, Halogen White)
54600 Tamiya LED Light (5mm, Halogen White)
54601 TB-04 High Gear Aluminum Motor Adapter
54603 WR-02 Monster Spike Tire (1 Pair)
54604 Body Mount Extension Set
57875 XB Eneos Sustina RC F (TT01 Type-E)
84390 TG10-Mk.2 FZ Chassis Kit
84391 DB01 Integrated Aluminum Pulley 18T

Mini 4WD
95035 Shining Scorpion Premium Pink Version (Super II Chassis)
95048 13mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless/Pink)
95050 Duralumin Wide F/R Plate (Pink)
95055 Stainless Steel Screw Set (15/20/25/30mm)

Tools & Paints
65543 Tamiya News No. 543
74549 Spray-Work HG Trigger-Type Airbrush (Super Fine)

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Tamiya 92285 Magnum AR-14 Turquoise Special Bunka Limited – Fully Cowled Mini 4WD Special Model Beat (AR Chassis)

- Base Kit is full cowl four wheel drive mini beat Magnum TRF.
- The body made of ABS turquoise blue reflecting.
- AR chassis chassis, orange made of ABS. (Not fluorescent)
- Tire height low tire hard type of light blue. White letter of [TAMIYA RACING MINI 4WD SPORTS] will contain the side.
- Low height wheel of red five-spoke wheels.
- Type 130 motor included.
- Stickers will be metal-like stickers, a dedicated color ring.

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42280 Fluorine coating agent
○ It is the item which is obtained simple fluorine coating effect just paint.
○ The excellent lubricity using high density semi-wet oil is applied to the driving system and the movable portion of the suspension chassis RC mainly
The smooth movement by. In addition, it is also open use also has the effect of dust is less likely to run out.


42282 TRF Series 4mm Serration Wheel Nut (Black 8 pcs.)
○ serration is applied to the bearing surface made ​​of steel, it is possible wheel nut tightening firmly wheel.
○ Due to the high strength, possible to tighten the high clamping force in steel
○ serration is applied to the bearing surface, I (hard to loose more than nylon nut) prevent loosening.
※ Due to the serration, it is hard to loose, wheel shaved, it is an item of expert direction.


54597 OP1597 Aluminium Gear Case Support (GF-01, WR-02)
○ left-right split (Wild Willy 2, etc.), GF-01 of (Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up 40) WR-02
It connects the front or rear of the city, it is the UP chassis rigidity.
○ Even if excessive force is applied, that the chassis is opened is eliminated, the anti-intrusion of dust into the gear case in
○ There is a dress-up effect of blue anodized finish.
○ products are entering one piece. It becomes two sets required if you are installing back and forth.


54598 OP1598 Lock Block Tire Soft 2 pcs. (CC-01)
○ as an optional part of the (Toyota FJ Cruiser, etc.) cross-country chassis CC-01 of popular,
Lock block of soft tire type comes up.
○ Depending on the size of the large diameter and soft compound, and cross-country is a feature of the CC-01 chassis
I further enhanced the performance.
○ performance is up, overcome by Kurosuka (diameter 94mm) larger in diameter to normal (diameter 88mm)


84388 6mm Snap Pins (Blue) (10pcs.)
○ as a color variation 6mm snap pin (black), blue version comes
○ snap pin of blue plating the accent of the body as a dress-up parts


94840 FM Buildup Chassis (Red)

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