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This exciting drift spec TT-02 assembly kit recreates the Honda Civic SiR (EG6). The EG was known as the “Sport Civic” in Japan, and was the fifth generation of the famous car. It had a vibrant look, said-to-be inspired by the famous Brazilian carnival atmosphere. The Civic had a 170hp inline-4 DOHC VTEC engine under the bonnet of the top-spec SiR hatchback, which made for plenty of power at the time. The car was a regular sight in Japanese and international racing competitions.


The TT-02 chassis on which this Honda Civic is mounted on is an amazing machine. The TT-02 chassis is an entry-level 4WD full independent suspension assembly kit that offers ease of assembly and easy maintenance. The TT-02D is the Drift Spec variant that includes special parts to make it a fun to drive drifting machine.


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This Radio Control assembly kit model recreates the NEXT GENERATION NSX supercar. The full-size car is a highly technical and utterly thrilling supercar. With weight-saving construction, a hybrid powertrain that has three electric motors and a mid-mounted twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 making a combined output of 573 HP, the NSX offers pulse-pounding performance paired with everyday usability. The power plant is mated to a nine-speed dual-clutch automatic, which moves an all-wheel drive train.

Tamiya has faithfully reproduced this sleek racing machine in 1/10 scale on the TT-02 entry-level on-road chassis. The TT-02 chassis is the successor to the TT-01 as it incorporates many new features to make it even easier for the new R/C kit builder to assemble and learn from. The TT-02 chassis performs well as cornering and overall speed has been enhanced to take advantage of new electronics available on the market. In addition to the TT-02 being an ideal platform to start from, R/C hobbyists can expand its potential by adding many of the Hop-Up Options available to increase the cars speed and performance.

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Item No: 63637 7 May 15, 2016 (gold) Release 620 yen (base price of 574 yen)
A5 size  issue: Shogakukan [large adult Colo comic! Colo Aniki No. 6] In addition to the comic newly written by the waist Tetsuhiro teacher “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! return Racers”, the latest work drawn by the cartoonist Hiroyuki Takei teacher of up-and-coming “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro” Ask me. In addition, four wheel drive mini team “TMFL Nitsu star driving dynamics laboratory” is also included. From the series end of 1994 to the beginning of a book, that popular manga to be a whopping revival of 22 years “Obotchamakun” (Yoshinori Kobayashi) has appeared in full New! ! Completely new work also posted further Beyblade “. ⇒ “Colo Aniki” official site is here.


Cartoon published title
● “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro” (Hiroyuki Takei original / Tokuda Zaurus)
● “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! return Racers” (palanquin was Tetsuhiro)
● “TMFL / Nitsu star driving dynamics Institute “(Kentaro Hayashi)
●” Obotchamakun “(Yoshinori Kobayashi)
●” Beyblade Rising “(Takao Aoki)
● new series” Go Go Godzilla Tsu !! Matsui kun “(Junji Kawai)
● Colo launched legend (Nomura Jimbo )
● Kazuo 198X Memories (Inoue)
● black Knight story (Motofumi Kobayashi of rabbit)
● Colo era (Shibuya right angle)
● death .tv (Kanedakazuya)
● Tranquilo! Naito-kun (Oda door)
●’ll sweet! man Shingo (Moo . Nentaira)
● Y of the ark (original / Tenju Seimaru animation / crested leopard HS)
● Duel Masters Overlord Den Gachi !! (Seijin Fujisaki)
● Future card Buddyfight dark game Iden (Masaki Yoshida)
● Den Jiyara to Lehman wicked (Kazutoshi Soyama)
other, four wheel drive mini & Takahashi Meijin & Bikkuriman & Zoids color article on page 67! in addition to fulfilling


Aniki Special Appendix
● Obotchamakun 160 page Supplement
super masterpiece 5 episodes + both the A-side specifications! Of large tea magic word dictionary
is to tea magic word dictionary also recorded celebrities 31 people tribute tea magic words!
● Aniki limited burst Bay Doraiga S Gold Ver.
100 people present silver peel
● Puzzle & Dragons serial code “high pre-Dora”
and “high pre-Dora” is to sell, will be 10,000 monster point.
(※ Android is a user-friendly benefits)
● specter watch Punipuni Aniki limited “Robo G”
● Duel Masters limited card “Heaven’s gate”
Obotchamakun Ver.
● buddy Fight limited card “Daredevil” return “”
※ expiration date of the serial code of the appendix at 2016 December 14 23 59 to the minute


Previous Colo Aniki parts 1-5 here


19mm aluminum bearing rollers (Colo Special)
Colo logo and limited of blue anodized aluminum roller that Tamiya mark has entered the Bishitsu!? !! Absolute that tried to run while noticeable wearing a mini four-wheel drive

Colo Aniki Special Parts Set J-CUP2015
fully qualified special collaboration items set with three of four wheel drive mini grade up parts of Colo Aniki bespoke!

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10 RC Blackfoot 2016 Assembly Manual

Click on cover page to open

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Source: K-Tai Watch


Cerevo has announced the remodeling kit that can be used to remotely operate the “mini four-wheel drive” from smartphone “MKZ4” of Tamiya. Price is ¥ 5980 (by four wheel drive mini, tax). Tool set “MKZ4TS” (¥ 9980) required for the assembly of MKZ4 is for beginners are also available.


The company site in the reservation acceptance has been started, shipping is beginning on or after mid-July. “MKZ4” is handled in Akizuki electrons in the Akihabara, Tokyo.


MKZ4 and Wild mini four-wheel drive. It white PLASTIC PARTS this time, but the production version will be black parts
“MKZ4” is, Wi-Fi module or servo, a dedicated substrate, a kit and a battery box is set. Assembly writing the software, and attached to the Wild four wheel drive mini of Tamiya, you will be able to operate the mini four-wheel drive from the smartphone app. In use, incorporate a “MKZ4” to the original chassis in half.


Interface of the operation for the app, radio control of Propo (transmitter), not the wind, to swipe the screen of the smartphone and tablet, thing. If you want to move forward tracing toward the top of the screen, swipe diagonally right if you want to turn right.


Customize the app, for example, it is also possible to use an acceleration sensor of the smartphone. But will be able to operate in only tilting the smartphone if it is this, can not actually operate to try the inclination and direction of consciousness well go the vehicle, accustomed is needed so. App development of these operations system also is one of the best part of “MKZ4”.


Generally mini four-wheel drive, but can only move forward can be operated to and fro By using the “MKZ4”. PLASTIC PARTS is a material called POM, may be utilized in the general PLASTIC PARTS, with sufficient strength and durability.

“MKZ4TS” of the tool set, a soldering iron and solder sucker, tester, are precision nippers, driver, such as masking tape are combined. Program writing kit to the wireless LAN module “MKZ4WK” separately, is required. MKZ4WK is if there is one, can be used in multiple “MKZ4”.

MKZ4, MKZ4WK, set three models worth of Wild mini four-wheel drive (one model 30 only) are also available. The selling price is 8888 yen.

As a package for educators, “MKZ4” 20 formula as “MKZ4WK” equation (1) is provided in a 99,980 yen (including tax).


E-work, as a beginner’s kit to learn programming
Raised the concept of “global niche”, but do not expect a lot of a lot, so as not to be caught up from companies such as China, stocks in the high-mix low-volume a unique product, will offer a variety of country Cerevo (Serebo ).


“IoT (Internet of Things),” is not a buzzword which disappear in a few years, In the course of personal belongings of thing becomes more and more smart in the period of the future 20 years to 30 years, and now the children may support the future of Cerevo may not – is Takuma Iwasa of the Cerevo representative director said.


So Iwasa said, and the hard development of making things, it is an important software development to enjoy by connecting to the net, I began exploring whether not Kakaware something as Cerevo. However, Arduino was noted in such as electronic tools, also products such as Raspberry Pi, is not a few people who would be happy if ask is lit by connecting the LED. Even turned an eye on the software development, when to learn programming, there is a hurdle for long-lasting will close only among the screen.


So held the DMM.make AKIBA In Cerevo, 11 May 2015, a workshop that uses a mini four-wheel drive. In addition to become a full house in a few tens of minutes from the announcement, after another inquiry after also held across the country, feel the height of the needs. Even parts that were made with 3D printers in the workshop caused the mold, such as the PLASTIC PARTS of POM material, was supposed to be commercialized as “MKZ4”.


The relationship with Tamiya?
Released from the passed more than 30 years, the …… such a challenge that can maneuver freely “mini four-wheel drive” to continue to collect a constant support as a hobby from adults as well as children only by now, so that you can experience at home rather than in a workshop “MKZ4” the case for this time to. Mini four-wheel drive is easy to buy anywhere in Japan, this time, because the wild mini four-wheel drive, which was the subject can overcome even a little obstacle, even more enjoyable. On the other hand, what if are positioned from Tamiya to provide a mini four-wheel drive.


Iwasa said, “as the relationship between the Tamiya san, is essentially non-certified products. All the responsibility lies in Cerevo” and comments. However, street suggest is possible to provide a set of a wild mini four-wheel drive, the Tamiya side while consultation efforts of Cerevo, that he has also obtained a certain cooperation.


The remodeling of the racer mini four-wheel drive?
Generally speaking the “mini four-wheel drive”, in racer mini four-wheel drive to pursue the speed, variety of remodeling parts are available, thriving customize.


Or to appear the future kit that can steer the racer mini four-wheel drive, “the racer mini four-wheel drive (running) speed (very fast) difficult,” Iwasa said the question and was commented that technically there is a difficulty .


Provide a manual in the Kindle, even further modifications such as a brake lamp LED
Apart from the accompanying instruction manual, it is also provided manual at 1000 yen as a book for the Kindle. Cerevo engineer who was involved in the development in this book that emerged as the brand of books, than was ignoring the cost of 1000 yen, and to have become the dark content enough to suspect.


For example, by that there is a port that is surplus to the substrate, by adding the LED is lit as a brake lamp, gimmicks and AD such as – the contents, such as using the (analog-to-digital) conversion to adjust the steering is introduced ing. Furthermore, Toka is also introduced a mechanism to remotely operate a mini four-wheel drive incorporating a “MKZ4” through the server.

Again in August, workshop using the “MKZ4” will be held along with the DMM.make Akiba.

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R/C Models
58635  1/10 R/C Mercedes-Benz G 320 Cabrio (Silver Painted Body) (MF-01X)
42300  Double Cardan Joint Shaft (M-Chassis, 2pcs.)
42304  Damper Piston Drill Bit Set
54694  Rubber Anti-Slip Sheet
54706  TA07 Aluminum Counter Pulley


Scale Models
35350  1/35 U.S. Tank Destroyer M10 (Mid Production)


Mini 4WD
18645  Silwolf (MA Chassis)
95094  Hard Large Dia. Low-Profile Tire & Carbon Wheel Set J-Cup 2016
95095  HG 19mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless) J-Cup 2016
95271  Mini 4WD Multipurpose Tape (10mm Width/Black)

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This 4WD R/C touring car chassis assembly kit is endowed with a design influenced by data from the TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) team’s top level racing activities. It is based around a composite structure that consists of a narrow lower deck and an upper frame, and gives optimal torsional rigidity which can be further adjusted by removing the frame center section. The highly efficient single belt drivetrain offers 3 motor positions, each with its own performance characteristics suited to different tracks and setups. Proven TRF419 suspension, gear differential units and steering components are joined by TRF dampers and universal shafts to make this chassis a hi-spec racer!

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This big scale 1/16 R/C Tank Series kit depicts the Jagdpanzer IV /70(V) Lang tank destroyer. The German AFV, which proved formidable following its introduction late in WWII, was a popular release in the 1/35 Military Miniature series of static models in 2014. The “Lang” (German for “long”) in its name was added to distinguish it from its predecessor with a shorter L/48 7.5cm gun; the design featuring a wedge-shaped glacis plate and utilizing the Pz.Kpfw. IV chassis was largely shared by the L/48 and L/70 varieties. 930 Jadgpanzer IV /70(V) Langs were produced between August 1944 and March 1945, and fought bravely in last-gasp actions such as along the Ardennes front from December 1944.