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Tamiya 67293-67296
Body of polyester material has excellent quick-drying, touch of silky even sweat is the perfect T-shirts and the like also good sports wear. Design is subjected to bright red and blue stripes on the logo of the TRF, back of Tamiya mark is printed in chic black and white. It finished in one outfit to shine in the race scene. Body color will be black. Size was available in four types. ※ body color: black Material: Polyester

Sizing chart S M L XL
Length (cm) 65 68 71 74
Width (cm) 47 50 53 56
Shoulder width (cm) 44 46 48 50
Sleeve length (cm) 20 21 22 23








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Tamiya 95281 (2)

Four wheel drive mini Special specifications that support the Kumamoto Prefecture] Japan in response to the earthquake, of course, have been reaching out a lot of hands from all over the world, but Tamiya will cheer the Kumamoto Prefecture in mini four-wheel drive. Do your best! Kumamoto mini four-wheel drive (kumamon version), special specifications driver doll kumamon was riding. The body is using the popularity of Raikiri in the four wheel drive mini race, it was made clear that the bear Mont drivers precompiled assembly and paint look better. Of course, marking is also a dedicated metallic type. Chassis is equipped with a double-shaft motor in the center of the vehicle body, adopted the MA of midship layout. Chassis body is black color made of ABS resin, rollers and rear skid bar A component is black color made of low-friction resin, such as. Set the 5-spoke black low-height tire of the wheel of the yellow, it was equipped with a high-rotation type double shaft motor that is suitable for many high-speed course of the straight. [Drive efficiency adopted MA chassis in pursuit of] the “MA” is, Midship stands for AERO (midship Aero). The double shaft motor mounted on the center of the vehicle body, “MS chassis” midship layout, the airflow during running (Aero) has been specifically designed to be aware “AR chassis”. Was put together each of the excellent features in one of the chassis is the “MA chassis”. Of course, until now taking advantage of the accumulated racing know-how to, such as standard equipped with six low-friction resin rollers and rear skid bars, driving performance was also polished thoroughly. In addition, the adoption of monocoque construction of integrated, also further improve ease of assembly and maintenance. In addition, from street corners race that takes place in the small of course, until the official competition of the large-scale special 5-lane circuit, is a wide range can be chassis. Body is black made of ABS resin, the gear cover and A parts black made of low-friction resin, such as a skid bar. Yellow color is equipped with a 26mm low height tire of the brilliant 5-spoke wheel, 3.5: 1 ultra-fast gear and a high-performance Rebuchun 2 motor PRO was standard equipment. ⇒ MA detailed information of the chassis, refer to the page of the blast Arrow (18635).

Tamiya 95281 (1)Basic Specifications 
● at completion of the full-length 156mm, overall width 97mm, height 43mm ● Rebuchun 2 motor PRO with double shaft motor ● kumamon doll is the assembly of the assembly and paint Zumi ● body telescoping of unnecessary adhesive purchase
Needed extras
● two AA-size batteries

※ profit full amount of this product, we will be donated from Tamiya in Kumamoto Prefecture.

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47321 1/10 Tamiya RC Porsche 911GT2 Racing TA02SW

Tamiya 47321

This classic model now gets a further limited edition release with a new number – Item 47321. Please note that the contents are the same as Item 84399; only the number is different. Porsche’s 1995 racing powerhouse 911 GT2 was driven by a rear-mounted 3,600cc flat-6 twin turbocharged engine that generated 430hp and 55.1kg-m of torque. When compared to the original 911, the body featured larger over fenders and air ducts built into the stay of the higher-mounted rear spoiler. This lightweight and powerful car featured in races across the globe.

• This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit.
• The classic, glamorous form of the 911 GT2 racing is recreated accurately in polycarbonate, including depictions of the bolt-on over fenders.
• Separate parts are included to recreate the rear wing/engine hood unit, plus door mirrors.
• The TA02SW chassis was previously only used on the original Item 58172 (and 84399). It offers a short (236mm) wheelbase and wide tread setup; similar to that so often employed by Porsche.
• 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is fitted with CVA oil dampers.
• Enclosed front and rear gear cases have built-in diff gears. The rear is fitted with a ball differential.
• Comes with 2-piece wheels, tires and inner sponges. The rear of the model uses wide wheels.


23800 1/14 Tamiya RC XB Grand Hauler Metallic Blue Full Option

Tamiya 23800

The 1/14 R/C Grand Hauler, star of the show at Spielwarenmesse 2015 in Nuremberg, is now being made available as a factory finished model.

• This is a 1/14 scale ready-to-run R/C model.
• Length: 692mm, Width: 192mm, Height: 330mm, Wheelbase: 433+103mm.
• The distinctive long nosed cab is pre-finished in the distinctive dark blue color with markings applied.
• Multi Function Control Unit (MFC-01) is pre-installed to provide various sound effects.
• LEDs are pre-installed to offer various light effects.
• The 3-speed transmission enables authentic gear changes while driving.
• Metal leaf springs and friction dampers enable realistic suspension movement.
• The included coupler enables connection with any currently available Tamiya 1/14 scale trailer.
• 4-channel R/C system is pre-installed.
• Battery pack & charger and batteries for transmitter are separately required.


1/14 Tamiya RC XB MB Actros 3363 Green Full Option

Tamiya 23801

The 1/14 R/C Mercedes Actros 3363, star at Spielwarenmesse 2016 in Nuremberg, is now being made available as a factory finished model with an eye-catching paint job!

• This is a 1/14 scale ready-to-run R/C model.
• Length: 538mm, Width: 195mm, Height: 305mm, Wheelbase: 237+103mm.
• The distinctive Actros cab is pre-finished in vivid TS-52 Candy lime green with markings applied.
• Multi Function Control Unit (MFC-03) is pre-installed to provide various sound effects.
• LEDs are pre-installed, including in roof and bumper auxiliary light pods.
• The 3-speed transmission enables authentic gear changes while driving.
• Metal leaf springs and friction dampers enable realistic suspension movement.
• The included coupler enables connection with any currently available Tamiya 1/14 scale trailer.
• 4-channel R/C system is pre-installed.
• Battery pack & charger and batteries for transmitter are separately required.
• Type 540 motor included.


58634 1/10 Tamiya RC HONDA NSX 2016 (TT-02)


Tamiya’s extensive line-up of touring car models has a welcome addition with the NSX (NC1)! This supercar is the second generation of the famed NSX model and was unleashed on an expectant public in 2015. Its lightweight body featuring aluminum and ultra-high tensile plate components is paired with the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD 4WD system, which teams up a longitudinally mounted midship 3.5-liter V6 twin turbo, and three electric motors. The result: next-generation performance with outstanding cornering.

• This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit.
• The sleek form of the NSX (NC1) is accurately captured in durable polycarbonate, with separate molded side mirror and front light case (please note that light cases are not compatible with LEDs) parts.
• The TT-02 chassis features a shaft-driven 4WD system to offer easy handling and great customizability.
• Stickers are included to recreate both Acura (U.S.) and Honda (Japan) spec car exteriors, as are masking stickers for use when painting.
• Utilizes gun metal color mesh wheels (those used on Item 58510 Ferrari 599XX).
• A wide range of option parts is available to tune the TT-02 chassis.


56039 1/16 Tamiya RC Jagdpanzer IV/70(V)Lang Full Option


The latest model in the thrilling big scale 1/16 R/C Tank Series depicts the Jagdpanzer IV /70(V) Lang tank destroyer. This German AFV which proved formidable following its introduction late in WWII, was a popular release in our 1/35 Military Miniature series of static models in 2014 (Item 35340). The “Lang” (German for “long”) in its name was added to distinguish it from its predecessor with a shorter L/48 7.5cm gun; the design featuring a wedge-shaped glacis plate and utilizing the Pz.Kpfw. IV chassis was largely shared by the L/48 and L/70 varieties. 930 Jadgpanzer IV /70(V) Langs were produced between August 1944 and March 1945, and fought bravely in last-gasp actions such as along the Ardennes front from December 1944.

• This is a 1/16 scale R/C model assembly kit.
• The chassis is powered by a pre-assembled gearbox with two Type 380 motors and features metal parts such as the chassis, suspension arms, drive sprockets and more, for excellent durability.
• Features a realistically weighty aluminum gun barrel.
• Included DMD Control Unit T-03 has two FET speed controllers for operating two running motors and allows control of various tank functions.
• DMD Multi Function Unit MF-05 connects to DMD control unit T-03 to provide many realistic effects such as main/machine gun firing sounds, muzzle flash and recoil movement.
• Compatible with the Battle System (Item 53447) for fun and interactive battles with friends!
• Requires a 4-channel transmitter with self-neutral function, battery pack and transmitter batteries.

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Published in 2000, it attracted enthusiastic support from plastic model fan “Tamiya model all work visual version”. Enlarged edition to me was must for fans of the series, all with box picture in a color photograph of the existing scale model is published. This year of 2016 to be a founding 70 years, the most recent version of this enlarged edition plus the sold model in the previous version after 15 years. Impressiveness of the finished product is published in color, in addition to the description of each model, and pick up some of the products, product introduction page of “Tamiya news” of the sale at that time was also recorded. Volume 3 is a ship and airplane models Hen. Japanese fighter, Zero Fighter and Shiden, night fighter moonlight, from such hundred equation headquarters reconnaissance aircraft, Spitfire, Mustang, Corsair, mosquito, the countries of the masterpiece machine also mustering such Shutorumobiku. 1/48 propeller action series propeller turns a built-in small motors was also introduced. Ship model battleship Yamato, aviation cruiser best, from Japan ship, such as a special type submarines Italy -400, British battleship Nelson, the United States battleship New Jersey, such as the German battleship Bismarck, big size is 1/350 scale of force, and in sailing was reproduced in the state, “water line” series, including the users had to introduce. Also, significantly revamped the contents page of the wooden model, which became the cornerstone of Tamiya establishment. The end of a book was also recorded special interview article of Shunsaku Tamiya chairman. Size: B5-size 257 × 182mm From item number about 600 points all 254 pages

63631 The Complete Works of Tamiya Expanded Edition 1 1946-2015 Military Models


63632 The Complete Works of Tamiya Expanded Edition 2 1946-2015 Car, Motorcycle Models


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64403 Tamiya RC Guidebook Vol.7


It is issued by Tamiya RC guidebook Vol.7 was posted with carefully selected major RC model of Tamiya. Buggy not anywhere to run, action full of running is fun comical model, high-speed running is attractive touring car and formula car, of the finished model trailer trucks and tank of big size is impressive, and ran right out of the box to enjoy XB such as, once published a major RC model of Tamiya. New product of attention that has been presented at the 2016 May of Hobby Show was also posted. QR code also popular print. If the jump in Tamiya home page using a smart phone or mobile phone, you can also enjoy the RC of the moving image. Others, in addition to introduce the compact RC car “Star unit series” running on batteries on the second page, explained in detail the running technique of RC buggy dynamic driving performance can enjoy the RC Start guide. Of course, the introduction of chassis-specific parts for the performance up, such as the guidance of the participants race, even pages that now serves as a reference of the fans to start the RC enhancement. At the end of the whole country and hobby shops, it was also guided Tamiya RC circuit. All color A4 size, hearty all 38

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subjected to hard chromium coating on carbon tool steel, is a small precision file that achieves the lack of high durability and clogging. With a wide range of metal such as stainless steel to plastic, smooth finish of the cut surface is the feature.
★ black color of the grip is a special coating finish to adapt to the hand slip. ★ with a plastic case.


bright fluorescent orange of the grip is directing the fun of modeling. Parting line finishing and the fine parts, ideal for such as the shaping of post-putty prime doll remodeling. Rich in delicate cutting edge tenaciously durability, is also active in the work to cut the plastic.
★ less likely to spill blade also work to cut make a blade, you can use a variety of processing operations. ★ protection cap and the blade 25 pieces.

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is the emergence Memorial model for the summer of the Japan Cup. It finished the popularity of Raikiri to white base of the pace car style. MA chassis having a high strength polycarbonate ABS resin. Battery holder and A parts is black made of low-friction resin, such as the gear cover. The super-hard low-height tire was printing the Japan Cup logo “JAPAN CUP 2016 TAMIYA” in white.
★ stickers, dedicated design that contains the Japan Cup logo. ★ wheel, three-dimensional design is impressive Y-spoke type (red). ★ gear ratio is 3.5: 1. ★ motorized.


“Dash! Yonkuro” in appeared in the dash corps only female, Sumeragiwako of machine is appeared in the premium specification. Vertical fin of the vertical and horizontal tail and side pontoons distinctive sharp form attractive. The chassis is made of ABS resin of dark blue. Turn switch, 2-point fixed rear stay, and the A component such as a 13mm roller, open locks one lock gear cover is yellow parts available at the touch of a button.
★ sticker new design of metallic tone. ★ fitted with slick tires on 5-spoke wheels. ★ high Super II chassis adoption of evaluation in the race. ★ gear ratio is 4.2: 1. ★ motorized.


is a carbon plate of straight bar shape that can be used in a variety of remodeling. It can be attached to 13mm or 19mm roller full provisions width. In Lacey carbon pattern, Tamiya mark and white print, such as a roller size shine.
★ 1.5Mm in addition to the carbon plate 2 sheets of thick, screws and nuts for parts mounting, washer, etc. also set.


is 9,11,13,19mm 1.5mm thick carbon steel stays of which is fitted with a roller to the full provisions width. Lightweight, high strength, white print, such as the unique carbon pattern and Tamiyarogo will boost the racing mood.
★ MA, MS, AR, VS, Super II, can be attached to the Super XX chassis. There are some things processing is required.


is attached to 9,11,13,17,19mm roller full provisions width, is a high strength 1.5mm thick carbon steel stays. In addition to the racy carbon pattern, was white print the diameter of Tamiyarogo and can be mounted roller.
★ MA, MS, AR, VS, super Ⅱ, Super X, Super XX, will be attached to the Super TZ-X chassis.


ideal for lighter remodeling that has become the mainstream in the race. Small is the Thunder shot clear body set of Jr. on the front projected area in the lightweight among successive clear body. Improved acceleration performance and maximum speed, also increase the running stability with a low center of gravity.
★ strong unbreakable polycarbonate body into shock. ★ with clear body dedicated transparent sticker.


is the motor that was to commemorate the popular annual Japan Cup. Produce a premium sense of backing and special design with larger layout characters JAPAN CUP 2016 to motor label. Even as a souvenir, it can also be used for the race.
★ motor label Gold & Green. ★ adopt the electrical efficiency and durability of excellent silver carbon brush in the balance.


Japan Cup special anniversary model of Expert mini 4WD PRO for high-performance motors. Mount and motor label in JAPAN CUP character largely laid out the features of 2016. It was to balance the electrical efficiency and durability adopted a silver carbon brush.
★ end bell is red, motor label Silver & Black. ★ adopt a silver carbon brush. ★ mini 4WD PRO only.


in 1/1 GIANT MINI 4WD PROJECT (Aero Avante vehicle of), is the wheel for four wheel drive mini with the image of the aluminum wheel that has been adopted in the actual vehicle. American style of design with the motif of “A” in the alphabet is attractive.
★ narrow tread type of silver plating specification. ★ 4 pieces of one minute. ★ four wheel drive mini PRO, you can use the mini four-wheel drive each car.


available in four wheel drive mini official competitions of Tamiya, is a high-performance AA alkaline batteries. Than the power Champ far, capacity and current discharge performance Gunto up. Strong run when power is needed, of course, stamina is also enough.
★ excellent in impact resistance, stable performance. Lacy design was based on red and white ★. ★ 2 bottles.


the second installment is snail ecological tool set that the battery also not be used motors. Flywheel (flywheel) is the energy of the inertia to rotation, go leisurely. Shell and polypropylene sheet body is a flexible. The person who crank attachment of, advance shaking his head and tail to the left or right, or you will be assembled to choose the two operations to proceed by moving back and forth the head. The maximum duration running time is about 35 seconds.
★ total length of about 155mm. ★ become the shape of the head is to guide, and well avoid the obstacle. ★ necessary parts are all set, screws and inset only in assembling OK. ★ power unit is made of a transparent ABS resin.


is a tool set of dolphins swim by moving the tail fin and the head up and down. Changing the rotational movement of the underwater gear box into a reciprocating motion in the crank, swim by moving the tail fin of a soft resin sheet up and down like a dolphin. Also possible to swim while turning to the left and right by adjusting the mounting angle of the dorsal fin and the sucker. If you change the mounting position of the crank or a float, you can also change how to swim and speed.
★ total length of about 180mm. ★ body and a soft resin sheet is pretty pink, such as the tail fin. All set the required parts ★. Easy assembly with a simple structure. ★ AAA batteries single use (sold separately).


is a special specification of mini four-wheel drive to cheer the Kumamoto Prefecture. Do your best! Kumamoto mini four-wheel drive (kumamon version), use a clear gray body of Raikiri. It is a specification that assembly and pre-painted bear Mont drivers look better. Of course, marking was also set the metallic type of dedicated. The double shaft motor mounted on the center of the vehicle body, MA chassis of midship layout is black color.
★ total length 156mm. Set the low-height tire of black 5-spoke wheels of yellow ★. ★ standard equipped with a high-performance Rebuchun 2 motor PRO, 3.5: 1 ultra-fast gear with. ※ benefit the full amount of this product, we will be donated from Tamiya in Kumamoto.


hero of the four wheel drive mini manga “Dash Boy heaven”, the car Astro boomerang of world peace comes a special color. Body and the front wing is refreshing clear blue with a rear shape of the image of a sharp nose and forward wing. Color ring for the sticker is also a specialized products of the clear. Super Ⅱ chassis white made of ABS resin, A component is made of blue ABS resin.
★ total length 150mm. ★ large diameter narrow lightweight wheels of white, we set the hard barrel tire of low running resistance Blue. ★ 4.2: 1 speed gear, motor with.


NEW BURNING SUN (Tentative Name) (Reference Exhibit)
the Tankuro new machines that appeared in “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro (Hiroyuki Takei teacher Author)” series in the Shogakukan comics magazine “Colo Aniki” was a reference exhibit at the clay model. While leaving the image of the primary burning San heavyweight machine, it is a straight two big nose and rear inclined wing characteristic of extending to before.
★ total length 156mm. ★ chassis fabrication assumes the MA of midship motor in pursuit of driving efficiency.


the machine on which the image of a GT car in Europe is the emergence in the mini 4WD PRO series. Was placed a large air outlets on the bonnet, the body of the long nose and short deck, form that was equipped with a large rear wing is the actual vehicle a sense of plenty. MA chassis is made of gray ABS resin, six rollers and rear skid bars, A component such as a gear cover is made of low-friction resin light gray.
★ total length 156mm. ★ the perfect fin design wheel racing car, we set the low-height tire of black. ★ 3.5: 1 ultra-fast gear, double shaft motor with.


in the four wheel drive mini cartoon “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! WGP”, the machine that Japan national team “TRF Victoires” J (Jay) is a favorite, is a premium version of the Proto Saber Evolution. Chassis high strength of the monocoque structure AR. Body color is purple. Chassis body is metallic gray made of ABS resin. Under panel and diffuser is made of low-friction resin of purple.
★ total length 155mm. ★ in Y-spoke wheels of silver, fitted with low-height tire of black. ★ sticker is only type of metallic tone. ★ 3.5: 1 ultra-fast gear, motor with.

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24343 1/24 Ferrari FXX K
Ferrari circuit racing only model which is said to production volume only 30 cars or so, FXX K is appeared in 1/24. Complex modeling and characteristic rear spoiler of the front-end, large diffuser, of course, reproduce the widening has been body realistic. Such as bucket seats and center console of the left-right asymmetry, such as to surround the head, and in-room reminiscent of a racing car is a three-dimensional feeling enough finish.
★ total length 204mm. ★ equipped with a slick tire on a sharp 10-spoke wheels. Side of the logo are available in the mark. ★ left and right doors and rear cowl can be opened. Also make Gotae enough V-type 12-cylinder engine ★


etching parts, such as the beginning of the air intake and outlet portions of the front and rear bumper for the radiator cover will increase the sense of precision of the finish. In addition, the seat belt is composed of a dedicated sheet and etched parts, to produce a three-dimensional appearance.
★ etching parts bridge-less specification that there is no need or disconnect the gate. ★ seat belt is sticker type.


body exterior from the engine room, FXX K. carbon up to the interior has been used abundantly Enhance the model of perfection more, it is a carbon-like slide mark. It was composed of three types of carbon pattern to suit the part.
★ printing in a state in which the combined shape to each part. ★ sticking with illustration. Mount size 130mm × 270mm.


Brazilian state-of-the-art small-sized passenger jet that Embraer has been the development of, Embraer 175 appeared in the 1/100 scale assembly kit. It was modeled without leaving the beautiful style. Cockpit interior, such as seats and instrument panel also three-dimensional realism finish. Fuji Dream Airlines set the large-format decals that can be reproduced by selecting a colorful aircraft from Unit 1 (FDA) has been operating up to 10 Units.
★ total length 315mm. ★ modeled in a tarmac state that issued the front legs and the main landing gear. ★ fuselage top and bottom of the antenna of any kind a sharp finish. ★ window of the cockpit is reproduced in the transparent parts. ★ also available weights to put inside the nose.


and M10 tank destroyer of the United States military’s popular along with M4A3E8 is awaited is the emergence in 1 / 35MM series. A powerful figure that has been constructed at an inclination armor with a large bolt, modeled realistically based on the actual vehicle coverage. Turret and combat the indoor part of the open-top also loading unit and the sight 3-inch guns, ammunition rack, such as three-dimensional feeling enough. It appeared in the North African Campaign late, also spread the width of the scene produced only in the continued fight M10 in a wide range of fronts. ★ total length 196mm. ★ casting pattern of the front portion of the vehicle body and mantlet, upper body and turret of the welding pattern also delicate finish. ★ T51 type track is handy belt-type realistic. ★ crew of dolls three bodies in the shooting preparation, decal two with.


is a set of various types of equipment that can produce a German field maintenance facility, which is provided to the front line. Simple cranes and work desk, welding gas cylinder, provides a broad range of accessory parts such as paint for the compressor. The crane using a metal chain of ultra-fine, also newly added hook portion. Two bodies with dolls of soldiers during the maintenance work. Scene production in combination with a wide range of German military vehicles, such as Kubelwagen can enjoy.
★ jack and drums, twelve early type jerry cans, oil cans, tool box, tooling, set well as Zatsugu box. ★ enameled wire and nylon yarn that can be used as a wire or wire rope was also prepared.


type 10 has attracted a great deal of attention as a fourth-generation Japanese main battle tanks of the Ground Self-Defense Force will join the 1 / 48MM series as the first of the working tank. Land do the actual vehicle coverage and thorough by the full cooperation of the Self-Defense Forces, updates to model the latest C4 specification which has been deployed from the second half of 2014 the respective units. 1/35 comparison of the type 10, the display of side-by-side uniform mainstay fighter F-15J of the Air Self-Defense Force in the same 1/48 would also be fun.
★ total length 199mm. ★ body inside of weights produce a sense of weight. ★ consolidated prefabricated track with one-piece straight sections. ★ tank length of the bust, decal two types with the first tank battalion and the eighth Tank Battalion belongs vehicles.


61114 1/48 Grumman F-14A Tomcat (tentative name)
carrier-based fighter F-14 Tom Cat of the United States Navy, which currently also boasts enormous popularity. F-14A is the initial production type is added to finally 1/48 masterpiece machine series. Characteristic variable wing is movable work together both wings. Fuselage as presumed dead, switch expression some parts, accurately models both of the wing forward state-recession state. When combined with missile set of simultaneous release, you can reproduce the powerful weapons mounted state.
★ total length 398mm. ★ cockpit interior and legs storage also sense of precision sufficient. ★ realistic RIO doll pilot and the rear seat is using the latest digital modeling technology. ★ marking two types with the VF-2, VF-84 belongs machine. Please enjoy the F-14A of the era was the most colorful.


61115 1/47 F-14A Weapon Set A US air-to-air missiles set (tentative name)
1/48 F-14A set of essential air-to-air missile not to Tom Cat aircraft and released at the same time. F-14 dedicated AIM-54A and the AIM-54C Phoenix, AIM-7E and the AIM-7M Sparrow intermediate-, AIM-9H and set the AIM-9L / M Sidewinder short-range.
★ each part of the fin and the details of the mold is also a sharp finish. ★ such as the fuselage of the band and the note was prepared decal.