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Tamiya Tokyo Hobby Show 2000 (1)

58004 1/12 RC XR311 Combat Support Vehicle
49154 1/10 RC Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler
58267 1/10 RC TB Evolution Limited Edition Chassis
58266 1/10 RC Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge (TA04)
58269 1/10 RC Loctite Zexel Skyline GT-R (TA04)
58263 1/10 RC Opel V8 Coupe DTM2000 (TL-01)
58260 1/10 RC Mercedes Benz CLK DTM2000 Team D2 (TL-01)
44028 1/10 Glow Engine RCC Mercedes Benz CLK DTM2000 Original Teile (TG10-Mk.1)
49173 1/ 8 ESSO Ultron Tiger Supre (TGX) (Factory Assembled)
56011 1/16 RC Tank Tiger I Early Production (Chassis Set)
53446 Multifunction Set (for 1/16 RC Tiger I)
53447 Battle System
56012 1/16 Kubelwagen Type 82
57701 1/10 XB Mitsubishi Pajero Rally Sports (Factory Assembled)
57702 1/10 XB Ford SVT F-150 lightning (Factory Assembled)
58268 1/20 RC Mammoth Dump Truck
TRF414M (Reference exhibition)

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Tamiya RC classic fan meeting February 2015 1

Tamiya RC classic fan meeting February 2015 2

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21145 1/12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Mat Black Completed
21146 1/12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Red Completed




Allowance day young you look to devour the “guide book, it was made ​​a remodeling plan of the car that is not in hand yet Just seen the machine that …. every day you have nothing all day and night to tune up, that moment revives clear. has been hiding in the long, long history the RC model. Tamiya celebrates 40 years from birth in this year, his . “want you to find all means, the” at that time “of only Anniversary book look back on the history of Tamiya RC, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014 Japan.

★ Electric car model mainstay of course, tanks and trucks, glider, yacht popularity until, completely covering the RC model over 1000 that have been released in the past. One book of fan must-have. (ITEM 63488)
★ Special appendix: 1 / 2Scale Tamiya RC guidebook 1978 No. 1 reprint
★ B5-size 336 page
★ Publisher: Gakken Publishing

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– Anniversary book look back on the history of Tamiya RC, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014.
– Electric Car model of flagship course, tanks and trucks, glider, yacht popularity until, completely covering the RC model over 1000 that have been released in the past. One book of fan must-have.

– Special Appendix: 1978 No. 1 reprint 1 / 2Scale Tamiya RC guidebook
– B5-size
– 336 pages

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Mini 4WD Tamiya with a history of more than 30 years from the birth.
Successive machine of about 200 models will appear to the latest machine from the four wheel drive mini racer first of the video.
That four wheel drive mini ran with you at that time also, should be found among this kit.
Mini four wheel drive continues to run with you in the future. 30 years old and still going strong. Check out this video, which shows over 200 Mini 4WD cars from the original racing Mini 4WD releases to the latest machines. See some familiar faces from your Mini 4WD racing career, catch the buzz again –


Mini 4WD will keep on running with you!


175,000,000 Cars sold
Since 1982


In order of appearance:
Hot shot Jr., Hornet Jr., Fox Jr., Boomerang Jr., big wig Jr., Falcon Jr., Super Dragon Jr., Thunder Dragon Jr., Fire Dragon Jr., Saint Dragon Jr., Saint Dragon Jr. Ricky, Thunder Shot Jr., Super Sabre Jr., Emperor, burning sun, Shooting Star, Cannonball, Dancing Doll, Horizon, super Emperor, Great Emperor, Emperor Geo, Liberty Emperor, Thunder shot Black, Avante Jr., Grasshopper 2Jr., Rising Bird, Bird winning, Vanquish Jr., Sukocha Jr., Emperor (type 3), Burning Sun (Type 3), Neo Burning Sun, egress Jr ., Avante 2001Jr., Crimson Glory, Astute Jr., Manta Ray Jr., Super Astute Jr., proto Emperor ZX, Beahoku Jr., Aero Solitude, top Force Jr., top Force E Jr., Conqueror Jr., Dinah Storm Jr., super Shooting Star, Super Avante, Super Astute Jr. advance, Vanquish Jr., Sukocha Jr., egress Jr., Avante 2001Jr. (VS), Manta Ray Jr. (VS), Top Force Evo Jr. ( VS), Super Avante (VS), Maddoburu Jr., Bahakingu Jr., Avante RS, Thunder shot RS, Boomerang RS, Super Sabre RS, Vanquish RS, egress RS, Terrace code char RS (Super II), Super Avante RS ( Super II), slash Reaper, Super Dragon Premium (VS), Thunder Dragon Premium (VS), Fire Dragon Premium (VS), Saint Dragon Premium (VS), Emperor Premium (Super II), Emperor Super Premium (Super II), Horizon Premium (Super II), dash X1 Proto Emperor Premium (Super II), Great Emperor Premium (Super II), Top Force Evo RS (VS), Astute RS (Super II), Conqueror RS (VS), Dyna Storm RS (Super II), Beahoku RS (Super II), Copen RMZ (VS), Copen XMZ (Super II), Tom Godi special, Xiao Byron, big bang ghost, 10 Boomerang, Boomerang gamma Black, Astro Boomerang, Stratford vector, black stalker , Thunder boomerang double ten, Ray Hawk gamma, Tiger zap, the Big Bang Ghost GPA, Liberty Emperor GPA, Boomerang 10 GPA, Magnum Saber, Victory Magnum, Cyclone Magnum, beat Magnum, Lightning Magnum, Sonic Saber, Vanguard Sonic, Hurricane Sonic, Buster Sonic, Blitzer Sonic, Black Saber, Tridagger X, neo Tridagger ZMC, Rising trigger, spin Axe, spin Viper, Proto Saber JB, beak spider, Fighter Magnum VFX, Brocken Gigant, Ray Stinger, Brocken Gigant Black SP, Shining Scorpion, cyclone Magnum TRF, Dio Spada, gun blaster XTO, Berg Kaiser, Beak Spider Zebra, gun blaster Cusco Special, beat Magnum TRF, Fire Stinger, Dio Spada GPA, beat Magnum GPA, audio Mars Nero, Magnum Saber Premium (Super II), Sonic Saber Premium (Super II), Tridagger X Premium (Super II), Victory Magnum Premium (C super II), Vanguard Sonic Premium (C super II), Shining Scorpion Premium (Super II), Berg Kaiser Premium (Super II), Ray Stinger Premium (Super II), beak spider Premium (Super II), Max Breaker, Breaker shadow Z-3, phantom blade, knuckle Breaker, Storm cruiser, Blazing Max, knuckle Breaker black, vanishing Gaither, dessert Golem, Max Breaker TRF, Blazing Max Prism Blue SP, Blitzer Sonic Black SP, LM (Eruemu) Breaker, dessert Golem GPA, Max Breaker Black SP (Super XX), Rising Trigger White SP, Knuckle Breaker Blue SP (Super XX), phantom blade black SP (Super XX), Dyna Hawk GX, cross Tiger VR, Razor Gill, barrier Tron, synchronous master Z9, Nitro Thunder, Nitro Force, torr cruiser, Berudaga, Reiborufu, ex Florey, TRF Works Jr., Avante Mk.II, Manta Ray Mk. II, Avante XV, Neo Falcon, Keen Hawk Jr., Nitrage Jr., Thunder Shot Mk.II, bison Magnum, Sonic Rodeo, Savanna Leo, hot shot Jr. (MS), Emperor (MS), Avante Mk.3 azure, Avante Mk.3 Nero, Burning Sun (MS), Tridagger XX, Shooting Star (MS), spin Axe Mk.II, super Emperor (MS), rising edge, Astral Star, Blast Arrow, heat edge, Festa Jaunes, try Gale, Avante Aero, Aero Thunder shot, Aero Manta Ray, Shark shadow, flame Astute, Abirisuta