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Subject to the military model Tamiya has released so far, and “items of memories” = “kit like remain in my memory” of everyone of fan model “kit you want recommend to people, I want to make come” = “Recommended Items” mean? . Opinions that we have recruitment website at Tamiya . Replies were analyzed and were received from the fans in 40 countries, including Japan, will introduce 10 points were the top item of the vote.


It shone proudly in both the 1-position of the two sectors was “Flak36/37 88 mm cannon 1/35MM Series No.17 in Germany”! . To 40 years after the long-selling kit from the sale of 1972, a large number of votes and impressive comments were received. Other, the “item of Memories”, rank in many popular kit 1/35MM series and masterpiece of yesteryear. Were many comments that “I made many times” that left a strong impression to make a child “” the same kit. What many people it is not “this is! May be made” it. “Recommended Items” is many things both ranked in the memory department, the kit was released in each age from age 60 until recently has been arranged. It is also interesting was aligned Germany, USA, USSR, UK, France, and Japan, is the vehicle to represent each country. Is attractive items that can only be “recommended”, respectively. Made to take this opportunity to look at if there is a kit of outstanding experience, try make sure that reason how is it?


Items of memories

# 1 Flak36/37 Gun 1/35 German 88mm
# 2 Tiger I type 1/25 Germany
# 3 Type F / G Panzer 1/35 German II
# 4 Tiger I type 1/35 German (late production type)
# 5 Panzer H type 1/35 German IV
# 6 Chiha Japanese Army Type 97 Medium Tank 1/35
# 7 1/35 British SAS Jeep
# 8 T-55A tank 1/35 Soviet
# 9 Early Production Tiger I German Heavy Tank 1/16RC
# 10 Kubelwagen Army 1/35 German


Recommended Items
# 1 Flak36/37 Gun 1/35 German 88mm
# 2 Tiger I type 1/35 German (late production type)
# 3 Early Production Tiger I German Heavy Tank 1/16RC
# 4 Dragon Wagon tank truck 1/35 U.S. 40 t
# 5 Type F / G Panzer 1/35 German II
# 6 Tiger I type 1/25 Germany
# 7 T-55A tank 1/35 Soviet
# 8 B1 bis tank 1/35 French
# 9 Chiha Japanese Army Type 97 Medium Tank 1/35
# 10 Matilda Mk.III / IV Infantry

Japanese original page and voters comments

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Update after a long time, let’s introduce exhibits open house was held at the headquarters Tamiya Tamiya Shizuoka Shizuoka Hobby Show this year and at the same time. Is “Tiger Panther anniversary sale exceeded 1,000,000 units.”

The salvation like a revival of the dead while the Tamiya Tiger tank produces a synergistic effect with Panther tank was released in January 1962 showed the explosive sales, was released after six months, seemed to fall into financial crisis. Anniversary sale is made to place it round and three years passed since release and.

Was aware of the existence of the sale that our laboratory is shamefully from the 21st century, was a small cutout image we saw in an online auction. One day, I have been a seller may (!) Tamiya Big 1/21M40 shot, orange ticket of the exhibition image of an unfamiliar corner of the state opened the box I saw. Please tell us politely was all the characters are printed on the face and to ask the seller. An attempt was made to bid “this is! Very” and, in our laboratory owns the M40 big multiple shots already, in the bid fondness for just for one ticket that has a natural limit, sorry I would have ended in results. Assistant laboratory can not give up was contacted again to the exhibitor, if you could reason such “, the goods were would send it to the highest bidder, feel free to use so there is a picture of the ticket was taken when exhibiting image has been sent with the message “Please. Although it was not completely positive what respect was also clear character image to read a great article.

I was able to get those amazing few years later. Tamiya is the poster of the tattered state was put on the store model has been around for a long time in a certain prefecture on the Sea of ​​Japan. What I like from the perspective of the end of 1964 lineup? Is a valuable document of Ultra S class, and dirt from sticking paper violently removed, while carefully addressed to the vapors, framed affixed to mount, it was finished the restoration.

Then, to obtain the same model is also open-reel tape recorder hit the premium image had been listed in the poster, set polished carefully also: Exhibition “Shunsaku Tamiya (July 2006)” I was allowed to be exhibited. Incidentally, you have seen the open-reel tape recorder and this poster President Shunsaku Tamiya impression (at the time) “This is as hard again N ~ s. I came out, more information – I wish I do not remember” was.

In April 2008, has passed when even “moving tanks Tamiya Plastic Model Encyclopedia” and have to re-organize your roundup of hand Upon publishing the article, I realized that serious. It is that it is not what is written in this ticket and poster that represents the contents of the same sale. But did not realize that I wonder why you think that from now this simple, but it is written “anniversary sale exceeded 1,000,000 units Panther Tiger” to the ticket, “hit in the tank of Tamiya tape recorder” in the poster and it was written, there was a will and prejudice another thing from the nose. It is also one of the causes had been a safe place because it was different dimensional image management rather than have the actual tickets. But has been emphasized that prizes such as 1 is stereo and the “Solo Stereo” on the ticket is above all, in the poster is that the tape recorder of prizes, etc. and 2 Dekadeka has been appealed greatly in the title image and for some reason there will be also.

In the “Encyclopedia of Tamiya Plastic tanks move” safely, but I was able to introduce with the integrity to put into the Japanese model newspaper article announced lottery results all told, at the timing immediately after the Koryo, on an online auction just I found a great thing. Although it is M48 Patton was the Tamiya 1/35 of the state junk, familiar orange ticket of the corner of the image of the state opened the box you will see this also. It was bid at the risk and does not need to say! “Was here 100 years.” And M40 Big Shot Fortunately, that the degree of popularity is different, there also was not aware of anyone or perhaps those ticket represents what, including its existence, to be sold at reasonable prices, and that was junk I was able to.

The M48 Patton, but I do not apologize, it was confirmed that the goods arrived first thing is a ticket. The print shop because it was after the manuscript has been sent already, and I was allowed to reflect on the occasion of the reprint. Also took strong for reprint sales Fortunately, in the “Encyclopedia of Tamiya Plastic tanks moving” version 2 or later replacement there are those that are set scanning the original ticket (see p21).

When the flow has been doing for days to get a prize such as a further finally. I appreciate your reply who to ask when the person in charge of the Tamiya and certain! “I want to exhibit all together” so called “Let’s create a place at the time of the Tamiya upcoming open house.”

As mentioned above, there are circumstances – not long, full reproduction of the “anniversary sale exceeded 1,000,000 units Panther Tiger” is now available beautifully. People who have actually carried the foot you probably do how? Seems quite a few in-house became a topic Tamiya In fact, the stereo is so old was a big old? “What is this”. Incidentally, how is selling one million units sold when Tiger and Panther is said at that time was 360 yen, will be at least 360 million yen in sales in a simple calculation. In the story of 45 years ago from now (^ ^ ♪. “N ~ I, ~ I’m thinking it ‘s was a cumulative total of all the tanks Tamiya” Perhaps I asked the President Shunsaku Tamiya even this area was that of the The · · ·.

Electronic translation and photos from

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Celebrating 50 Years of Tamiya Military Models!

Tamiya’s first plastic tank model, the Panther Tank, was released in 1962 and therefore this year marks the 50th anniversary of Tamiya’s military model products. During the course of these 50 years, Tamiya has released over 600 tanks and other military models in a wide variety of scales. These include the international standard 1/35 scale pioneered by the Panther Tank as well as the 1/48 scale, 1/25 scale, and of course the 1/16 scale of Tamiya’s famous R/C tanks. Thanks to the generous support of fans around the world, military models have evolved through half a century to become an indispensable hobby genre.


Much of the appeal of military models lies in the episodes and history behind the actual subjects of the models. A detailed investigation which includes visiting museums around the world to research existing vehicles and collecting information from various references and experts is essential for development of the model. In this way, the model that is created becomes the door into this historical world. Through the act of reading the instruction manual, assembling the parts, painting the model, and formulating a diorama, one can cross the boundaries of time and visualize scenes from far away lands. In this way, a Tamiya military model can almost be considered as a piece of history itself.

Panther Tank


The history of Tamiya’s military models is also a history of Tamiya as a company. The 1/35 Scale Tank Series was created in the 1960s, when a fledgling Tamiya was switching from producing wooden models to producing plastic models. From these early motorized models, the hobby expanded into the enjoyment of creating displays and dioramas with the 1/35 Scale Military Miniature Series in the late-1960s and 1970s. The late-1970s saw the birth of the radio control hobby genre and the creation of the 1/16 Scale R/C Tank Series. Through the incorporation of the latest technologies and ideas, Tamiya has constantly endeavored to raise the potential of plastic models. Half a century later, Tamiya’s line-up is still expanding and you can look forward to many more additions to this military history museum.


What is Your Favorite Tamiya Military Model?

One of the projects to commemorate this 50th anniversary is a survey in which we ask fans from around the world to name their favorite Tamiya military model, as well as name a military model which they would recommend to others. It could be the model which kicked off your modeling career, the first model that you bought with your pocket money, a model with which you won a contest, or a model which you are so fond of that you have built it multiple times. There are as many different reasons and memories as there are people, and Tamiya would love to hear your story!

Please go to the button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the survey form.

You may choose from any military model product that Tamiya has released in the past or is releasing currently.

(※Except for wooden models)

Choose one model product each as your “Favorite Product” and “Recommended Product” and include the reason(s) you have chosen them.

(※1 product each per submission)

Model products which have received a significant number of votes will be announced on Tamiya’s homepage and displayed at Tamiya events together with selected comments.

(※Not all comments will be selected for display.)

Survey Submission Period: March 30th to April 30th, 2012 (Japan Time)

Result Announcement (Planned):

May 17th, 2012 (via Tamiya’s homepage and at Tamiya’s booth during the Shizuoka Hobby Show)


Prize Drawing (Japan Only)

10 people will be chosen by lottery from among the submissions to receive a prize – the new 1/35 Scale Military Miniature Series product which will be displayed at this year’s Shizuoka Hobby Show (May 17th-20th).

※A list of new item announcements at this year’s Shizuoka Hobby Show will be posted on Tamiya’s homepage in mid-April.

※Prize-drawing is only for fans within Japan.


Choose From Over 600 Military Models

You may choose any of the military model products which Tamiya has produced to date. This includes static model kits such as AFVs, soft skin vehicles, figure sets, and accessories as well as R/C models. Which will you choose to be your favorite?

※Please refer to resources such as Tamiya’s homepage.

※Note that some series/products may not be listed on Tamiya’s homepage.


Notes Regarding Survey Submission

・Each submission may only name 1 Favorite and 1 Recommended Product.

・Your name (a screen name is acceptable), information regarding the product you have chosen (Item Number, Product Series, Product Name), and e-mail address are required.

※If you do not know the Item Number, please leave it blank and provide detailed Product Series/Product Name information.

※Age, Sex, and Shizuoka Hobby Show attendance fields are optional.

・Your comment may be chosen for display on Tamiya’s homepage and/or at Tamiya events (Your name will not be publicized).

・Winners of the prize-drawing will be announced when the prizes have been shipped.

・Only winners of the prize drawing will be contacted. Aside from the automated submission confirmation e-mail, other customers will not be notified.

・The submission form is optimized for personal computers. There may be cases where submissions via cellular phone/smart phone cannot be processed.

Item Number (Homepage)

Item Number (Package)

Proceed to Survey Form

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“Four wheel drive mini” world’s smallest motor sports. Memorial Year of Release: 2012 30th anniversary, we will start planning a variety of memorial. 30th anniversary slogan is “Let’s do it again Get Back on the Track!!”. Adults also played once in four wheel drive mini, but also parent-child rice feelings, that we would like you to experience the “fun play to devise to make” mini 4WD, and children. Four wheel drive mini has evolved with the times that appeared in 1982, 30 years ago from the “Ford Ranger 4 × 4″ is released the vehicle of at least about 420-total, record of more than 100 million sales. We have about 440 or more species also appeared grade up parts for the performance of the machine up. Experience as a hobby anyone can enjoy over the generations, we will continue to evolve further in the future.

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The team of had the chance to the see and drive the new Bruiser re-release at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2012. Our first observation was that the new gearbox drives similarly quiet as the old one and shifts gears very smoothly. Also although not many changes have been made at the steering (at a first glance we only noticed new steering knuckles) it seems to respond better and turn quite sharper which is probably also because of the differentials. Another observation was that it doesn’t have front free drive wheel hubs any more (as they aren’t really needed with a diff) and so climbing in reverse is significantly improved. The tires of the 2 running prototypes seemed also a bit softer then the old ones and the tires of the demonstration chassis were significantly softer. The new gearbox is shorter and elastically mount only in the rear (front mount is stiff) and it has 2 lugs which aren’t used, so maybe Tamiya has more future plans for it? Also in the end there is a rod which at first glance has no function but possibly is for easier servo rod alignment. The differentials have a screw and thread on the upper side which is probably for locking them. From what we understood from a Japanese employee the box won’t have blisters and that there won’t be a Multi Function Controller for it, the runners in the fair had just both TLU-01 and TLU-02 light units. The decal sheet has 4 blue squares to possibly cover the side bar screws, weird it didn’t have 6 or 8 for all the screws. All in all we were extremely satisfied by this unexpected re-release and the amount of important but well hidden improvements.

More photos of the fair can be seen here.

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Scale Models


1/32 North American P-51D Mustang

(Silver Color Plated)

1/35 Iraqi Tank T-55 “Enigma”

1/35 German Steyr 1500A Kommandeurwagen

HQ Staff Set (w/7 Figures) (Limited Edition)

1/35 U.S. Tank Destroyer M36 Jackson (Re-release)

1/35 U.S. Tank Destroyer M10 (Re-release)

1/48 Russian Heavy Tank JS-2 Model 1944 ChKZ

1/16 WWII Wehrmacht Officer

1/48 Avro Lancaster B Mk.III Special “Dambuster”/

B Mk.I Special “Grand Slam Bomber”

1/100 Space Shuttle Atlantis

1/350 Japanese Navy Submarine I-400 Special Edition (Re-release)

1/700 Japanese Battleship Yamato w/Detail-Up Parts (Re-release)

1/12 Enzo Ferrari

1/12 Ferrari 312B (w/Photo-Etched Parts)

1/12 Team Lotus Type 72D 1972

1/18 Subaru R-2SS

1/24 BMW 635CSi Jagermeister

1/20 Ferrari F1-2000 No.3 (Finished Model)

1/20 Ferrari F310B No.5 (Finished Model) (Tentative)

1/20 Ferrari F310B No.6 (Finished Model) (Tentative)


RC Models


1/10 R/C Toyota 4×4 Pick-Up Bruiser (RN36)

1/10 R/C MINI JCW Coupe (M-05)

1/12 R/C New Man Joest Racing Porsche 956


1/12 R/C Racing Truck Nissan Titan

1/10 R/C Toyota Celica GT-Four 1990

(TT-01 Type-E)

1/10 R/C Bush Devil II

1/10 R/C Stadium Thunder (2012)

1/10 R/C TA05 ver.II GLD Chassis Kit

40-Foot Container Semi-Trailer

for Tamiya 1/14 R/C Tractor Truck (NYK)

1/10 XB Blackfoot III

1/10 XB Mitsubishi Montero Wheelie

1/12 XB Nissan Titan

1/10 XB Tyrrell P34 1977 Monaco GP

1/10 XB MINI JCW Coupe (M-05)



[TRF] 44mm Double Cardan Joint Shaft (2pcs.)

[TRF] Drive Shaft for 44mm Double Cardan Joint Shaft (2pcs.)

[TRF] Axle Shaft for Double Cardan Joint Shaft (2pcs.)

[TRF] Joint Casing for Double Cardan Joint Shaft (2pcs.)

[TRF] 1050 Ball Bearing (3mm Thick, 2pcs.)

[TRF] Cross Joint for Double Cardan Joint Shaft

[OP] DB02 Carbon Reinforced A Parts (Gear Case)

[OP] DB02 Carbon Reinforced K Parts

(Upper Arm Mount)

[OP] DB02 Carbon Reinforced L Parts (Upper Deck)

[OP] DB02 Carbon Reinforced M & N Parts

(Damper Stay / Sus. Mount)

[OP] DB02 Carbon Reinforced S Parts

(Rear Gear Case)

[OP] RM-01 Roll Spring Set

[OP] RM-01 Carbon Damper Mount Plate

[OP] RM-01 Carbon Rear Body Mount Plate Set

[OP] RM-01 Aluminum Type 380 Motor Adapter (Blue)

[OP] RM-01 Pitch Spring Set

[OP] RM-01 Aluminum Motor Mount

[OP] RM-01 3x31mm Titanium Coated King Pin (2pcs.)

[OP] RM-01 Wheel Set (Fluorescent Pink)

[OP] RM-01 Wheel Set (Fluorescent Yellow)

[OP] RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor


For kids


Thunder Dragon Premium (VS Chassis)

Dash-1 Emperor Premium (Super-II Chassis)

Dash-01 Super Emperor Premium (Super-II Chassis)

Tridagger XX Clear Special (Polycarbonate Body)

Vanquish Clear Special (Polycarbonate Body)

Zenquish Progress (VS Chassis)

Azente Progress (Super-II Chassis)

Low-Profile Tire & Wheel Set

(For Super X & XX Chassis)

Low-Profile Tire & 1-Way Wheel Set

13mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless/Blue)

13mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless/Red)

13mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless/Purple)

Colored Carbon Multi Roller Stay (3mm / Silver)

Colored Carbon Rear Multi Roller Stay (3mm / Silver)

Front Double Aluminum Plate Set (Light Blue)

Rear Double Aluminum Plate Set (Light Blue)


Tool & Paints


TS-86 Pure Red

Tamiya Weathering Master Set (For Car Chassis)

Clear Plastic Beams 3mm L-Shaped (6pcs.)

Clear Plastic Beams 5mm L-Shaped (5pcs.)





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Tamiya really did it, it will come on the original chassis with some great improvements, tomorrow we will report from Nuremberg Fair with live photos.


58519 1/10 R/C Toyota 4×4 Pick Up Bruiser (RN36)

Tamiya’s R/C Toyota Bruiser was originally released in 1985 and Tamiya has answered fans’ calls to give this popular pick-up truck model the special re-release treatment. The original layout of the chassis has been kept while modern improvements have been discretely incorporated.

About the Model

*This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.

*Kit includes FREE BONUS PARTS (Cleaning Brush x1) which are for EXPORT ONLY and are subject to the FIRST PRODUCTION.

* Bonus cleaning brush features 2 types of bristles and an ergonomic handle. (Brush will not be available for purchase as a separate item). The form of the Bruiser, including the sleeper cab, has been reproduced with a durable injection-molded body.

* Metal ladder frame chassis keeps the original layout and features a black-finished surface.

* Newly-designed die-cast transmission is equipped with planetary gears for optimized gear ratio.

* Refined clutch mechanisms offer smooth gear changes and superb durability. 3 gears are possible (1st gear=4WD, 2nd & 3rd gears=Rear Wheel Drive).

* Newly-designed front/rear axle housings are equipped with differential, which may be locked for even greater off-road performance.

* Separately available LEDs can be installed in the light cases to depict realistic head and tail lights.

* Type 540 motor included.

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58515 1/10 CELICA GT-FOUR 1990 (TT-01E)


58520 1/10 MINI JCW COUPE (M-05)

58521 1/12 NEW MAN PORSCHE 956 (RM-01)

58523 1/10 BUSH DEVIL II

46617 1/10 XBS CELICA GT4 1990

57829 1/10 XB MINI JCW COUPE (M-05)




10009 1/18 SUBARU R-2SS






Will be updated permanently, Tamiyablog will be also reporting live from the Nuremberg fair at its start, 01.02.2012