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Tamiya really did it, it will come on the original chassis with some great improvements, tomorrow we will report from Nuremberg Fair with live photos.


58519 1/10 R/C Toyota 4×4 Pick Up Bruiser (RN36)

Tamiya’s R/C Toyota Bruiser was originally released in 1985 and Tamiya has answered fans’ calls to give this popular pick-up truck model the special re-release treatment. The original layout of the chassis has been kept while modern improvements have been discretely incorporated.

About the Model

*This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.

*Kit includes FREE BONUS PARTS (Cleaning Brush x1) which are for EXPORT ONLY and are subject to the FIRST PRODUCTION.

* Bonus cleaning brush features 2 types of bristles and an ergonomic handle. (Brush will not be available for purchase as a separate item). The form of the Bruiser, including the sleeper cab, has been reproduced with a durable injection-molded body.

* Metal ladder frame chassis keeps the original layout and features a black-finished surface.

* Newly-designed die-cast transmission is equipped with planetary gears for optimized gear ratio.

* Refined clutch mechanisms offer smooth gear changes and superb durability. 3 gears are possible (1st gear=4WD, 2nd & 3rd gears=Rear Wheel Drive).

* Newly-designed front/rear axle housings are equipped with differential, which may be locked for even greater off-road performance.

* Separately available LEDs can be installed in the light cases to depict realistic head and tail lights.

* Type 540 motor included.

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58515 1/10 CELICA GT-FOUR 1990 (TT-01E)


58520 1/10 MINI JCW COUPE (M-05)

58521 1/12 NEW MAN PORSCHE 956 (RM-01)

58523 1/10 BUSH DEVIL II

46617 1/10 XBS CELICA GT4 1990

57829 1/10 XB MINI JCW COUPE (M-05)




10009 1/18 SUBARU R-2SS






Will be updated permanently, Tamiyablog will be also reporting live from the Nuremberg fair at its start, 01.02.2012

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This is a project that has been in my head since the re-release of the Boomerang as I always liked the different coloured Mini 4WD Special versions of Tamiya classic buggies, Boomerang was my third Tamiya RC in my childhood and I like building the re-releases in alternative paintshemes which I wouldn’t dare on originals. Unfortunately this time I waited too long as Tamiya just released the first RC version of such a special, the Avante Black. Anyway, this is a 2008 re-release kit painted black and with blue plastic dampers to match the rest of blue parts (blue anodized dampers would perform better but not match so well), as well as a Black Motor Endurance with its black casing and blue endbell and quite rare vintage white tires. Unfortunately the weather is poor so photos could be better, still I hope it gives an idea of my plan.

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Looking back to the Tamiya RC 35th anniversary and introducing new items and promotions.
Unfortunately only in Japanese.

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Every older Tamiya RC fan knows that the Big Wig design was assigned to a famous external 1:1 race car designer to commemorate 10 years of Tamiya RC cars (1976-1986). Since this year we celebrate 35 years of Tamiya RC cars and Tamiya similarly assigned the design of its DB02 Leonis buggy to the TOM’s design team, we took the chance to link to the story of Takuya Yura and his company Mooncraft Co.,Ltd as its quite interesting and not broadly known.

About the company
Wind tunnel (opened in 1986, coincidence of the Big Wig design?)
Closed wheel race cars
Open wheel race cars
Sport cars
Other products

Source: Mooncraft Co.,Ltd

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The Tamiya Subaru Brat has a very important place in my heart as it was the first Tamiya I ever wanted. It all started in 1984 when my dad accidentally brought a Behringer (the German Tamiya importer till 1986) catalogue which a toy shop put in a shopping bag. I had seen already some nitro RC cars but the Tamiyas fascinated me immediately with their realistic look and superb action photos. On the cover of the catalogue there was a box-art Brat which looked so impressive to me, I imagined so often driving through mud and paddles with its block pattern tires. Unfortunately my local hobby shop had only a Holiday Buggy at stock so I got it on my 10th birthday. Later when I got older and visited more hobby shops the Brat was already out of stock, so I was very happy when I read in a magazine with the 1989 Nuremberg fair news that the Mud Blaster would be released. In June ’89 I finally got one of the first batch that came to Europe and really loved it. Later in the 2000s when I started collecting I also got a new build original Brat and later a NIB re-releas.

Seeing the upcoming Mud Blaster II I remembered that I have already its WT-01 chassis (Mighty Bull) so I got a lexan Brat body (like the Mud Blaster II has) and added it to it. I chose a bit more modern look with whole bumpers and sides painted in a second colour, also the window stickers weren’t used but windows were masked and stayed transparent. Chassis-wise full ball bearings, King Blackfoot wheels (front suspension needs to be modified as its normally for 4WD wheels), Super Stock TZ motor and longer (small instead of mini) CVA dampers were added as they give a better look and much better performance. The wheelbase problem needs still to be solved though, although for a runner I think it looks nicer then all previous WT-01 versions, but as said I am biased.

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Update 14.11.2011: Competition results posted

Update 1.11.2011: Competition is closed now, results will be posted on 14th November.

Exactly 5 years and 299 posts ago this blog was started by a small group of Tamiya fans to gather interesting information about our favourite company in one place, but we never thought it would be such a success with over one million page views in this time. Therefore we would like to thank you for your continuous and growing support, Tamiya INC. for keeping up releasing an enormous amount of superb new models and thus keeping us busy building and reporting about them as well as all other sites who sent or allowed us to use their material. In the past years we have received several offers to get sponsors and add advertisements, but we declined and decided to pay all the running costs ourselves to guarantee being as neutral and objective as possible. Something we hope you appreciate.


For the celebration of the 5 first years, we decided to give a new Sand Rover kit (also paid by ourselves) as the original version was released almost exactly 30 years ago (22nd August 1981) and also 5 years after Tamiya’s first RC-car and also because of being kit number 58500. To participate, please send only one of your own made Tamiya related photos or drawings (maximum size 300 kilobytes) together with your full name, age and country to the address shown in the below picture until the 31st October 2011. The team of tamiyablog will choose and present the entries they liked the most on 14th November 2011 and one of them will win the 58500 Sand Rover kit. The kit will be shipped to the winner’s address from Japan or Hong Kong at tamiyablog’s cost, but the receiver may have to pay for customs or taxes depending on his/her country’s import laws.


We are looking forward to your continuous support also during the next 5 years!

The team of