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56035 1/16 RC Russian Heavy Tank JS-2 – Full Option Kit 1944 ChKZ

58556 1/10 RC Tractor Wheelie – WR02

58558 1/10 RC XV-01 PRO Touring Car – XV-01TC

58559 1/10 RC Ferrari F2012 – F104

84431 1/10 RC The Grasshopper Kit – Candy Green Edition

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RC Models
58556 1/10RC Wild Willy tractor (WR-02) [tentative]
58558 1/10RC XV-01 On Road PRO Chassis Kit [tentative]
58559 1/10RC Ferrari F2012 (F104 chassis) [tentative]
84315 TRF511 4WD Racing Buggy Upgrade Set
84331 1/10RC Candy Green Grasshopper [tentative] SP (Limited)
1/16RC Soviet Heavy Tank JS-2 1944 ChKZ full operation model year set [tentative]
XB Toyota 86 (TT-01D chassis TYPE-E) Drift Spec
XB 2WD ATV lunch box Black Edition
XB 2WD ATV Midnight Pumpkin Black Edition
[OP] 18T aluminum pulley (TA06, XV-01)
[OP] XV-01 Aluminum Steering Arm
[OP] XV-01 Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
[OP] XV-01 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
[OP] 3x38mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shaft (XV-01)
[OP] 06 hard coat aluminum pinion gear (14T)
[OP] 06 hard coat aluminum pinion gear (15T)
[OP] 06 hard coat aluminum pinion gear (16T)
[SP] 1/12 Mazda 787B # 18 1991 Le Mans Spare WR-02 Gold plated wheel set (F · R) (Limited)
WR-02 Red Plated Wheel Set (F · R) (Limited)
M-chassis black super grip adhesive radial spokes 11 (Limited)


Scale Models
1/72 Ilyushin IL-2 Shutorumobiku
1/35 Soviet tank BT-7 1937 model year
1/48 Germany Sd.Kfz.232 Wheeled Heavy Armored Car
1/12 Porsche Carrera GT [tentative]
1/35 German Marder III self-propelled anti-tank gun (with etching) [tentative]
1/35 German Tiger Jagdhof (with etching) [tentative]
1/35 German III set line command field type Rommel L No. [tentative]
1/35 U.S. Working Iraq war Infantry (Set of 8 dolls) [tentative]
1/12 Racing rider [tentative]
1/12 Straight-run rider [tentative]
1/12 Starting riders [tentative]
1/35 German Panther Tank coating sheet set early type G
1/72 Italeri Short Sunderland Mk.l [tentative]
1/35 Italeri quay [tentative]
1/35 Italeri pier with stairs [tentative]
1/48 U.S. “Mounted grenade launcher” multi-purpose wheeled vehicle working [PVC]


Aero Manta Ray (AR chassis) [tentative]
Four wheel drive mini new type machine body (MS Chassis) [tentative]
Stratford vector (each with 4 13mm ball bearings for roller) (Limited Mini 4WD)
Thunder Boomerang W10 (each with 4 13mm ball bearings for roller) (Limited Mini 4WD)
Dash X1 Proto Emperor premium (Super ll chassis)
Top Force Evolution RS (VS Chassis)
Asuchuto RS (Super ll chassis)
Two-stage low-friction plastic roller set (13-12mm, red, and blue) [GP]
[GP] AR chassis side mass damper set
Power Champ GT (12 bottles)
[GP] Mass Damper Square (6x6x32 / Silver) (Mini 4WD Limited)
[GP] Mass Damper Square (8x8x32 / Silver) (Mini 4WD Limited)
[GP] Mass Damper Square (6x6x32 / Black) (Mini 4WD Limited)
[GP] Mass Damper Square (8x8x32 / Black) (Mini 4WD Limited)
[GP] Super Hard Low-Height Tire (Black) (Mini 4WD Limited)
[GP] Front Under Guard (Blue) (Mini 4WD Limited)
[GP] duralumin multi Wide Rear Stay (Blue) (Mini 4WD Limited) [tentative]


Tool & Paints
Tamiya epoxy putty molding 100g (type high density)
Tamiya chocolate decoration set [tentative]
Tamiya set decoration Madeleine [tentative]
Tamiya catalog 2013 (edition scale model) [tentative]

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TAMIYA Expert Built Series On-Road Cars 2012

TAMIYA Expert Built Series Off-Road Cars 2012

TAMIYA New Item Slide-Show 2012 Autumn & Winter

TAMIYA Fair 2012 Promotion Video

TAMIYA GP Promotion Video 2012

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Tamiya RC wheelie car soccer


Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRX STI Team Arai (XV-01 chassis) with GoPro HD HERO2 on-board cam


Tamiya Off-Road Championships 2012


Tamiya TRF 2012

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